acrylic cutting machine: The Complete Buying Guide

Laser cutting is an incredibly popular application used in acrylic cutting machine or acrylic laser cutter, thanks to its high-quality results. The results produced highly depends on the type of acrylic. However, smoothness & polished flame edges are guaranteed.

Acrylic laser cutter comes in a few different types to offer various laser cut acrylic services. Let’s talk about what acrylic cutting machines can do, some features of high-quality acrylic cutting machines, and the prices of the acrylic cutting machines.

Types of acrylic laser cutter/Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

DXTECH’s acrylic sheet cutting machine includes:

  • CO2 laser acrylic engraving machine.
  • Nonmetal CNC acrylic engraving machine.
  • Small acrylic laser engraving machine.
  • Small acrylic laser cutting machine/Mini acrylic laser cutting machine
  • Mixed cutter CNC machine acrylic.
  • Acrylic cake topper cutting machine.

Those CNC acrylic cutting machines can both provide acrylic laser cutting services.

Fiber acrylic laser cutter

Today, acrylic laser cutting machine has become popular because of their wide applications in cutting materials. At its core, the function of acrylic laser cutter is to use laser cut acrylic. A high powered laser beam is irradiated onto the metal surface, which melts and vaporizes the metal.

Applications of this kind of acrylic cutting machine include cutting Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, alloy, and many other metals. It’s not just the variety of metal materials where a fiber acrylic laser cutting machine offers versatility, but a huge range of industries also uses the acrylic cutting machine. Some common industries include aviation, sheet metal processing, electronics, automobile, machinery manufacturing industries of all kinds, ships, etc.

What makes fiber acrylic laser cutting machines so popular are its energy-saving capabilities, eco-friendly nature, high-quality beam that gives fine cutting lines, better cutting speed, low maintenance cost, and much more.

An acrylic laser cutter works by emitting a high-intensity beam that changes the acrylic state from solid to liquid, transforming into vapors. During the process, chemical degradation occurs, but it’s of a very low level. The vapors formed in are handled by a strong vacuum system to prevent flammability—the speed and smoothness of cutting depending on the laser power. Generally, the more the power, the faster & smooth the cutting.

More information about how to cut acrylic with acrylic cutting machine.

Acrylic Laser Cutter Service

An acrylic cutting machine is the best choice for processing laser cut acrylic. Acrylic cutting machines can process CNC acrylic quickly and accurately.


Acrylic CNC Cutting Sheets
Acrylic sheets for laser cutting/CNC acryli laser cutter acrylic sheets


Laser engraver acrylic

DXTECH’s laser engraver acrylic product


Cricut engrave acrylic

Engrave acrylic cricut


Acrylic cake topper machine:
cnc router acrylic cutting/laser cutter plastic sheet

Laser Cutting Acrylic Sheets

An acrylic laser cutter can cut and form 2d designs on any acrylic sheet. Cutting acrylic sheets is a common acrylic laser cutter service.

Two of the most common acrylic materials used in acrylic laser cutting are cast & extruded acrylic. Cast acrylic sheets are made from liquid acrylic, which is then engraved by an acrylic laser cutter to form designs & shapes. Extruded acrylic forms through a higher volume of acrylic.

An acrylic laser cutter form two types of cuts on acrylic:

  • Frame polished cut
  • Separation cut

Both types of cutting work on both cast & extruded acrylic.

Acrylic laser cutter designs

Acrylic laser cutter machine can form a wide range of simple and intricate designs on acrylic materials.

The most common application of acrylic laser cutter design services include:

  • Laser cut acrylic letters
  • Laser cut acrylic signs

Acrylic is widely used in design projects. Some of the most common uses include home improvement projects, cabinets, awards, glass signboards, picture frames, sales displays, and so on.

With an acrylic laser cutter, letters & signs are engraved on it to make quality design products.

Acrylic Laser Cutter for Sale

Let’s look into a few acrylic laser cutters for sale by top acrylic cutting machine manufacturers.

● CO2 laser engraving machine with double head

This CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine is great for engraving. Having 2 laser heads, it offers great efficiency. If you are looking to scale to your thriving laser engraving and cutting business, this CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine is ideal for you.

The best part is both laser heads work simultaneously, giving greater production time & processing efficiency. Apart from offering acrylic laser cutter service, it offers cutting & engraving services for wood, plastic, stone, and other materials.

features of acrylic laser cutter include:

  • Computer-controlled variable-speed cooling fans
  • Two laser heads
  • Motion control

advanced features of acrylic laser cutter benefit you by:

  • Providing quality detail engraving
  • With a visible laser beam, you can determine where the beam is going to fire
  • Both laser heads can work at the same time, enabling higher efficiency

● The most popular CO2 laser engraving machine

This CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine has an open processing platform, allowing you to effectively manage and control the machine. You can make adjustments to the design & cutting process whenever you want. Its ability to process several non-metallic materials like rubber, paper, plastic, leather fabric, glass ceramics, etc., makes it a versatile machine.

It’s used in a huge range of industries like advertising, decoration items production, and handicrafts, making it a great machine for running a profitable business.

Its features include:

  • It has a lubrication system, making it highly durable by reducing abrasion of mechanical parts
  • Y-axis dual-drive transmission structure
  • Reliable electrical system

Its benefits include:

  • Thanks to its lubrication system, the machine runs smooth
  • It has a low-maintenance rate & a low-failure risk
  • It’s easy to operate and offers great flexibility
  • It comes with a strong load capacity

● Exchange platform fiber laser cutter

This laser cutter machine has two work tables that can work at the same time. Businesses having a higher workload relies hugely on this machine because of its higher efficiency and time-saving features.

It has the following features:

  • It comes with 2 processing platform
  • Easy & broad movement
  • It features a positioning device
  • All equipment is made to last long

It serves the following benefits:

  • Thanks to its automatic exchange platforms, the load & unload time is only 10s
  • It has better processing efficiency, which lets you operate it with lesser manpower
  • It offers quality machining accuracy because of its positioning device

Acrylic Laser Cutter Price

Acrylic laser cutting machine price varies from brand to brand and type to type. Machines manufactured by a top acrylic laser cutting machine manufacturer comes at a much higher price than a machine made by a lesser-known manufacturer. The price of a hobbyist acrylic laser starts from $250, and an industrial acrylic laser cutting machine price can go as big as $7,000 or above.

Acrylic laser cutting machines come in different sizes, from regular printer size to 12000 mm table size. The smaller the size, the smaller the cost.

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