Laser cutting is getting popular in recent years and there has been a rapid increase in the need for laser cutting materials. In this article, we will discuss the Laser cutting on MDF so let’s cut to the chase and discuss the details.

What is MDF?

MDF stands for medium density fireboard. It is a synthetically engineered wood product made up of softwood or hardwood residuals mixed with resin binder and wax.

It is not only cheaper than its alternates, but MDF is also free of knots and kinks which are typically present in other wood substitutes. However, the most noteworthy quality of MDF is that the material is stable in terms of expansion or contraction. So, it is very suitable for climates where the temperatures change drastically.

Moreover, it is more environmentally friendly as it is synthetically manufactured. So, it saves trees. The material can be colored, painted, or even lacquered to give it the desired look, hence it is very versatile in terms of appearance. The smoothness of MDF also means that you can cut it in various intricate designs

How to cut MDF?

As we have mentioned above, MDF can be cut to produce detailed and intricate designs involving scallops, straight cuts, and even asymmetric holes.

When it comes to cutting MDF, there are mainly two mainstream approaches. You can either cut it via a variety of blades which is the traditional cutting process. Alternatively, you can use laser cutting on MDF.

The traditional cutting of MDF releases a lot of dust, so you need to wear protective gear, or mask to prevent yourself from inhaling the dust. Moreover, you need to choose a blade with the most teeth. The more teeth a blade has, the less MDF would chip and the process would be a lot smoother with excellent finishing.

Generally, it is a good idea to use Carbide tipped blades for cutting MDF in straight lines. A jigsaw, on the other hand, can be used for a curved MDF cutting design. A handheld rotatory tool or a drill can be used to make holes and routing can be done with a simple carbide blade.

Of course, you can always resort to laser cutting on MDF, which does not save time, but also allows for more precision. This process involves an MDF laser cutting machine which is essentially a beam of light. The light beam or laser heats the wood and burns it so that it breaks from the heated point.

Traditional cutting on MDF vs. Laser cutting on MDF

As mentioned, the traditional cutting involves various tools to cut and carve the MDF surface. These include carbide-tipped blades, drills, or rotatory tools. The process is often accompanied by a plethora of dust, so it cannot be carried out anywhere. You need to set aside a room, cover all your furniture, and cover yourself to go through with it. Plus, you also need to hold the MDF over something so you can cut it neatly. This process usually takes a lot of time too.

With laser cutting on MDF, you can quickly cut the surface within minimal time. There are no core gaps, and it releases less dust. However, the density of MDF sometimes hurdles the process of laser cutting. If the material is too dense, creating neat and flawless cuts can sometimes pose to be a problem.

Benefits of Laser cutting on MDF

Laser Cutting of MDF or MDF cutting machine gives you quite a lot of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. The laser cutting on MDF panels or other designs are extremely accurate and it easier to position the MDF.
  2. Each piece cut by laser MDF cutting machine is similar to one another. So, if you need to produce exact replicas, laser cutting on MDF gives you just that. Traditional methods of cutting MDF often give a slight difference in each cut.
  3. Laser cutting on MDF can be controlled by computer programs and software. This not only makes the job a lot easier, but it also saves you valuable time.
  4. As the process of cutting MDF with laser is more or less, an automated process, the chances of injury are substantially less.
  5. The process is so much quicker than the traditional method of cutting MDF with blades and handheld devices.

Applications of Laser cutting on MDF

  • Products

MDF can be a good substitute for wood for small crafts such as MDF boxes instead of cardboard boxes. Toys and other products in which durability is not a relevant factor also use laser cutting on MDF.

Engraved products such as wall designs, pen holders, and sometimes even jewelry are also products of laser cutting on MDF. Another distinguished product of MDF produced by laser cutting is coffee mats. As it expands and contracts minimally in response to heat, it is the perfect material for coffee mats. It is also lightweight which further aids this.

  • Industry

Many industries make use of laser cutting on MDF. For instance, the furniture industry makes extensive use of laser cut MDF for decorative purposes. The crafts industry is another example. From tiny packaging boxes to toys and decorative items, many things are made up of MDF or medium density fireboard, which is then cut by laser.

What kind of laser cutting machine achieves the MDF laser cut?

You can cut MDF by different laser cutting machines. However, the best laser cutting on MDF can be achieved by CO2 lasers.

The MDF laser cutting machine price varies according to the machine and its functions. The following factors usually influence the cost of the MDF laser cutting machine:

Ÿ Can it be used on other materials?

Ÿ Whether it is fully automated?

Ÿ What is the size of the machine?

Ÿ How intricate are the designs and the quality of work?

Ÿ What is the technology used in the MDF laser cutting machine?

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