Application of Laser Machine in ADVERTISING Industry

Laser processing technology is a product of high-tech fields, and the advertising industry is an information product from the market. The organic combination of the two can definitely play a clear advertising effect. At present, the processing method of laser in advertising is reflected in engraving and cutting, and the main processing industry is the production of signage signs in advertising, engraving and cutting of two-color plates, knife cutting of plexiglass, cutting and engraving of wooden boards, etc.

The advertising industry is closely related to our lives, covering various large and small industries such as catering, entertainment, automotive, communications, and industry. And the advertising industry’s processing involves a variety of materials, whether it is metal materials such as various metal characters and non-metal materials such as acrylic light boxes, laser machines can be easily implemented.

Application of Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine in Advertising Industry

The application of laser engraving and cutting in the advertising industry is mainly divided into three working methods: engraving, cutting, and engraving and cutting. For each working method, we have some differences in the operation process.

Engraving. The engraving is mainly carried out on the surface of the object. First, in PHOTOSHOP, we need to properly process the graphics we need to engrave and convert them to BMP format, and then open the graphics file in the dedicated engraving and cutting software. It is enough to set appropriate parameters according to the processed material, and turn on the engraving machine and it will engrave according to the dot matrix effect generated by the graphic file. In the advertising industry, it is mainly suitable for the processing of wooden boards, double-color boards, organic glass, colored paper and other materials.

Cutting. Cutting can be understood as the separation of edges. For such processing purposes, the graphics should be first made into lines in CORELDRAw and AUTOCAD, and then saved as the corresponding PLT, DxF format, open the cutting operation software to open the file. Set the parameters such as energy and speed according to the processed material and then run. After receiving the instruction from the computer, the cutting machine will automatically cut according to the flight path generated by the software. In the advertising industry, it is mainly applicable to the processing of materials such as wooden boards, double-color boards, plexiglass, and colored paper, and the production of crystal characters and three-dimensional trademarks.

Engraving and cutting. Engraving and cutting are mainly aimed at both graphic effects and model effects. For this processing method, first perform the steps of the engraving process, and then select “edge cutting” in the engraving and cutting software to achieve the goal. In the advertising industry, it is mainly suitable for indicative signs and handicrafts such as road signs, signs, signs, photo sets and so on.

Advantages of laser cutting machine in advertising industry:

  1. Flexible and fast. Adopting semi-automatic cutting, the material cut by laser cutter is flexible and fast. And the cutting is not limited by the shape, only the typesetting by software can be used for fast cutting.
  2. Save material. Through reasonable typesetting, laser cutting can make great use of materials, and the cost of metal plates is high. Saving production materials will undoubtedly save enterprises a lot of expenses and prevent waste.
  3. Save labor. Laser cutting is different from traditional cutting. It requires less labor. When laser cutting is used to make various materials, no mold is required. In addition, laser cutting produces less pollution to the environment and can easily deal with high noise and poor environmental conditions.