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The Most Popular CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

This is a CO2 engraving machine with an open processing platform, users can directly monitor the processing process and make timely adjustments. With the features of simple and easy operation, it is suitable for users with various processing requirements.

This CO2 engraving machine is suitable for users with diverse processing needs due to its flexible processing method. It can process most non-metallic materials, such as rubber, paper packaging, plastic products, label paper, leather fabrics, glass ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo products, PCB boards. And it is widely applicable in the advertising industry, handicraft production, decoration, rubber plate furniture, and other industries.


  1. The transmission components are introduced from German. Hence, it can ensure the good running cutting and stability of the equipment.
  2. The whole machine has a lubrication system, which can reduce the abrasion of moving parts. Such a system can ensure the movement speed of the whole machine.
  3. Y-axis dual-drive full rack and pinion transmission structure, strong load capacity, and fast running speed.
  4. Simple and classic electrical design, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.

Components of laser engraving machine

Laser tube

This laser tube has a variety of power 15W-80W for users to choose, and its working service life is can be up to 1800 hours. With long service life, complete functions, fast processing speed, high processing quality, high processing efficiency, stable performance, low maintenance costs, etc. Advantages have been chosen by many users.

Blade table

This kind of industrial laser cutter engraver blade table has a relatively large gap, and the contact surface with the material is relatively small, and the blade can adjust the density, which is very suitable for rigid advertising plates such as acrylic and MDF, reducing the diffuse reflection of the laser on the platform phenomenon to avoid leaving marks on the bottom of the material.


This motor is known for its stability and speed, high cost performance, and is the world’s largest sales brand. It has the characteristics of high speed and stable performance. The rated speed can reach 3000 rpm, which can ensure high speed and high efficiency while ensuring stable operation.

The Past Work


Is plywood more suitable for engraving or cutting?

This material is more suitable for applications in the cutting field rather than the engraving field. Because of the uneven texture and glue content of plywood. These will affect the sculpting effect.

Work with industrial laser cutter engraver you will have a machine for both cutting and engraving function. It is convenient to deal cutting or engraving materials.

What are the common industrial laser cutter engraver tables?

Cutting and engraving tables are the very important component and consumption of industrial laser cutter engraver. It is necessary that keep the industrial laser cutter engraver table clear, and maintain it regularly.

We recommend covering the surface of the wood to reduce the penetration of residues into the carved area and make it easier to clean.

CO2 industrial laser cutter and engraver has the advanced cutting and engraving tables. You will find instruction of how to clear and maintain industrial laser cutter engraver from our website.

What materials can laser cutting and engravin machines process?

As a professional industrial laser cutter engraver, CO2 cutting and engraving machine can work for various materials, such as acrylic, wood, leather, cloth, plastic, rubber version of printing, two-color plate, glass, horn, cardboard, marble, jade, etc.

Work with CO2 industrial laser cutter engraver help you deal with various kinds of materials.


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