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Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This metal tube fiber laser cutter solved the problem of low efficiency and low accuracy of metal tube saw cutting. It is one of the best metal tube laser cutter. This laser cutting machine passed CE certification and is very safe for use. It can process round tubes, square tubes and similar tubular materials, such as water pipes, exhaust pipes, sports equipment, electric vehicle parts, baby carriages, etc. The size and power can be customized according to customer needs.

This DXTECH metal tube laser cutter can process a variety of metal pipes and tubes, including round tubes, square tubes and special-shaped tubes or pipes. It can do hole cutting, beveling, grooving, vertical cutting, carving on metal tubes with high precision and efficiency. This metal tube laser cutter is widely used in automobile exhaust pipes, water pipes, oil pipes, fitness equipment, medical bed, bicycle frames, electric bicycle frames, baby carriages, kitchen storage racks, kitchenware, etc.



  1. With the excellent metal pipe clamping system, the machine can stably deliver metal pipes and manufacture high-quality and high-precision products. And itcan be equipped with a slag removal device for the inner wall of the pipe.
  2. With the world-class Raycus/Max laser source adopted, the machine releases high-quality laser beam and processes materials precisely. The cutting edge is flat and smooth without any burrs.
  3. Manufactured with aerospace aluminum gantry, this machine has high processing precision, good toughness and high processing speed.
  4. The machine can perform various 3D processing effects on metal pipes, such as hole cutting, arc cutting, carving, slotting, etc. And it can deal with various special-shaped metal tubes, such as rectangular tubes, oval tubes, square tubes, round tubes, triangular tubes, D-shaped tubes and hexagonal tubes.

Components of metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutter


This laser head is fully optimized in terms of dustproof design and customer experience. An upper protective lens is added to the collimation assembly, which minimizes the risk of contamination of the collimator lens. At the same time, the structure of the protective glasses has been completely upgraded, and a dust cover has been added to the protective glasses. The double-layer protection design greatly improves the user’s experience of changing protective lenses, and the risk of lens contamination is almost zero.

CypCut Laser Cutting Control System

CypCut laser cutting control system is a software for plane laser cutting. It supports AI, DXF, PLT and international standard G codes generated by Mater Cam, Type3, Wentai, etc.
Except common editing and typesetting functions, it has unique processing sequence browsing and powerful material database to load the specification directly. Besides, operators can control the system through wireless handheld box and Ethernet conveniently.

The Past Work


Common processing materials for laser cutting machines?

stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, pickled plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipes.

What are the core components of laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser, stepper motor, servo motor, bed, laser head, water chiller, control system, etc.

What are the common fiber laser cutting machine consumables?

Protective lenses, nozzles, ceramic rings.

What factors affect the accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine?

The shape of the laser beam, the width of the slit, the accuracy of the table, and the material of the work piece.


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