As acrylic, a versatile material used in a wide range of uses, becoming more and more popular in industries such as jewelry, decoration, or daily necessities, the investment of acrylic laser cutting machines has been arranged on manufacturers’ business plans.

Traditional acrylic cutting machine makes a rough edge acrylic product, and the after-process like flame polish will spend many cost of manufacturing.While, now, we have an acrylic laser cutting technology and acrylic laser cutting machines that will cut acrylic sheets for a shiny, smooth, finished edge without any necessity of flame polish.

What Is Acrylic Laser Cutting?

As we talked before, acrylic laser cutting is a technique used for a wide range of industry, for cutting acrylic. This kind of machine is a bidimensional machine because it uses two axes, X and Y, to cut objects. Operators need to make the machine connect with the computer, transfer the digital file into the computer, then the laser cutting machine will move as the order.

Through a beam of radiation, an acrylic laser cutting machine will cut, fuse, connect and evaporate materials. The core of the acrylic laser cutting technique is high speed and precision.

Prepare a correct file is an important step for the acrylic laser cutting process. The acrylic laser cutting machine follows the designed single-line vector file to move. It is efficient to create a vector file with the help of computer software tools.

Application of Acrylic Laser Cutting

With smooth, finished edge, acrylic laser cutting has become the commonest cutting machine of acrylic and is used in many industries. From acrylic jewelry, sign and mirror sheet, acrylic laser cutting machine can nearly deal with all kinds of acrylic. Manufacturers invest acrylic laser cutting machines for their cost-saving for no after-process like flame polish.

At specialized application, there are some examples of using acrylic laser cutting:

Laser Cut Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are usually used in public places to notice people something, or in some unique places to create a special circumstance for working or relaxing. You can see the acrylic sign in a restroom, acrylic led signs in a big meeting, or some signs combination for the company brand. Acrylic laser cutting machine can deal with these acrylic signs.

Laser Cut Acrylic Signs:

Acrylic laser cutting machine makes laser cut acrylic sign along the edge of the letters. With the polish, shiny, finished edge, people just need to make a combination of the letters as their willing. This is a very flexible way and is commonly used in the decoration industry. You may see the signs in the lobby of a big company, or coffee shop. Any place where want to create its own unique culture may take this kind of sign as its decoration.

There is an example of a laser cut acrylic sign.

Laser Cut Acrylic LED Signs:

You may see a wonderful transparent acrylic gift with LED. They are placed in the showcase, and you can take them for your desk and workplace or present your friends as a gift. These kinds of acrylic signs are laser cut acrylic LED signs which also can be dealt with by acrylic laser cutting machines.

These holo-tablet looked signs are made by etching into a transparent acrylic sheet according to the design they have and diffract light to enter through the side.

There is an example of laser cut acrylic LED signs.

Laser Cut Acrylic Earrings

Nowadays, the youth prefer the light, delicate earrings. Acrylic is a hard, smooth, elegant materials, which is very suitable to make earrings. Using the laser to cut acrylic for making acrylic earrings is more exquisite and efficient. Acrylic laser cutting machine has a quicker speed and precise practice than other cutting methods. Therefore, laser cut acrylic pendants wholesale service has become a great investment for some jewelry manufacturers.

Laser cut acrylic earrings are modern and fashionable, besides, they are also cheap and fine. Most of the laser cut acrylic pendants wholesale services can provide high-quality products with an acceptable price for their customers. Using an acrylic laser cutting machine can deal with complex patterns that the earrings have.

Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry

Mention jewelry, there may have an elegant necklace with rare material like gold in your mind. They are elegant, delicate, and expensive, and usually demonstrate the status of their owners. While if you want to have many kinds of unique, creative, special, artistic jewelry, laser cut acrylic jewelry is a good choice.

Acrylic jewelry has become more and more popular among the youth. Personalized, unique, creative, and cool are their styles. They wear jewelry to express themselves. Traditional jewelry design has not satisfied these needs. The appearance of acrylic jewelry has provided prefect solutions for this question.

Manufacturers who want to create laser cut acrylic pendant wholesale and wholesale laser cut acrylic jewelry businesses prefer the quick process of production and lower cost of edge dealing. With acrylic laser cutting machine, they can produce all designs of pendants in a quick and precise way.

Laser Cut Acrylic Mirror Sheet

As a reflective, lightweight thermoplastic sheet material, an acrylic mirror is usually used in retail, advertising, and security applications. Manufacturers using the acrylic mirror to enhance the safety and look of fabricated parts, signage, and displays.

You may see some videos that cut acrylic mirror sheet by hand, while it can be achieved in small manufacturing. If you want to create a mirror sheet business, choose a kind of suitable cutting equipment will help you lots.

Cutting Mirror Sheets by Laser:

Compare with the traditional cutting machine, the acrylic laser cutting machine has a precise cutting process, stable cutting environment, and quick cutting speed. All of the features promise an efficient work of acrylic mirror sheet cutting. Moreover, laser cut acrylic mirror sheet will have a smooth, polish, one-time-finished edge. Without extra spend at after-process, acrylic laser cutting machine is more preferred by acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers.

Laser Cut Acrylic Name Necklace

People usually wear a name necklace for their personalized function. This kind of jewelry also can be seen as an individual sign. Besides, name necklace designers also create a kind of necklace that is a combination of a couple, family, or some friends. This kind of necklace just like a connection, connect with the member of the couple, families, and friends.

Name necklace is usually larger and heavier than other necklaces, and if your name has long letters, the design of your own name necklace will be longer. Acrylic is a light, durable material with bright colors, and the acrylic name necklace has a succession of the features of acrylic. Young people prefer the acrylic name necklace because of its light, durability, and bright colors.

Laser Cut Acrylic Name Necklace:

Cutting acrylic name necklace by laser is a common method for acrylic manufacturers because laser cut acrylic name necklace has a shiny, elegant, smooth, polish, finished edge, which helps manufacturers save the cost. Besides, acrylic laser cutting machines can also deal with the complex design of the name necklace.

Choosing Acrylic Sheets for Laser Cutting

Acrylic, also called plexiglass or lucite, is a substitution of glass, while is lighter in weight about 50% with better transparency. It is a result of the chemical reaction between monomer and catalyst.

2 Types of Laser Cutting Acrylic:

Most of the acrylic sheets we saw in the material market with a polish, finished edge, is cut by laser. Generally speaking, laser cut acrylic sheets include two types: cast acrylic and extruded acrylic.

Cast Acrylic:

Cast Acrylic is made by mold. Pouring the liquid acrylic into the mold, when the material cooling, there will have various shapes and sizes of cast acrylic sheets. Cut cast acrylic by a laser will create a flame-polished, elegant, smooth edge. Most manufacturers prefer laser cut cast acrylic.


  • More user-friendly for fabrication.
  • Wide range of colors available.
  • Low order quantities of each color.


  • High thickness tolerance.
  • Slow production process.

Extruded Acrylic:

Extruded acrylic is also a popular laser cutting material. It is made through a high-volume production method. Therefore, it has a lower cost than cast acrylic to produce. This kind of acrylic material will have different performance according to different cutting methods. When it was cut by laser, it will have a smooth, polish edge, while when it was engraved, it demonstrates a frosted look.


Very good for high volume thermoforming applications.


High order quantities for every color or texture limited variety of colors

Choosing Right Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

If you are an acrylic manufacturer, the acrylic cutting method should become an important factor that you should consider. Compare with traditional acrylic cutting way, laser cutting is a better choice without a doubt because of its non-after-process cutting. If you want to choose the right acrylic laser cutting machine, there are some factors you should consider.

Two Things to Consider:

  1. Software compatibility: The software of the acrylic laser cutting machine will help you make a precise and perfect laser cut acrylic. CAD or Adobe property will help you create some cutting templates, and transfer it over to the laser cutting machine.
  2. Connection with Your Computer: Nowadays most of laser cutting machine has wireless technology, while, some of them still have a USB connection. Before you buy a laser cutting machine, you should have a clear idea for the connection of the cutting machine.

Why Choose Acrylic CO2 Laser Cutting Machine?

  • Acrylic CO2 laser cutting machine takes X Y axes. With the two axes, this cutting machine will have stable and precise work.
  • Acrylic CO2 laser cutting machine has a square tube framework design for resonance, quivering, and distortion resistance.
  • This kind of laser cutting machine has a red dot position system for simple and precise laser cutting work.
  • Work with the DSP control system, acrylic CO2 laser cutting machine can create a high-speed curve cutting and the shortest route selection.

Types of Laser Cutting Machine 2020:

  • Higher detail engraving with motion control.
  • Quietest-operation laser machine in its class.
  • Visible laser beam for setting up projects.
  • Two laser heads work simultaneously for shorting the production time.
  • Advantage transmission component from German for good running cutting and stability.
  • Lubrication system for reducing the abrasion of moving parts.
  • Y-axis dual-drive full rack and pinion transmission.
    • Equipped with blade table for rigid advertising boards process.
    • Imported high-precision ball screws and guides are adopted for stable driving and high working accuracy.

    How to Clean Acrylic after Laser Cutting?

    Most laser cutters will meet a situation like that, cutting acrylic is very simple, while clean off the residue of acrylic after laser cutting will be a problem. There are some suggestions for you to clean acrylic after laser cutting.

    3 Notices for Clean Acrylic:

    1. Clean acrylic with non-abrasive fabric, such as microfibre or lint-free anti-static cloth.
    2. Mild detergent to clean dirty surfaces. Most of the time, a small amount is enough. Don’t use any detergent that contains alcohol, ammonia, or bleach, such as window cleaner.
    3. When you clean the acrylic, don’t put too much pressure on it.

    How to Laser Cut Acrylic at Home?

    3 Steeps to Cut Acrylic by Laser at Home:

    1. Acquire an acrylic laser cutting machine.
    2. Prepare your voter file to cut.
    3. Send the file off to acrylic laser cutting machine.

    It is seemed like an easy process to use an acrylic cutting machine, while there are many factors you should consider when you operating the equipment. And every factor is related to your health and safety, so they are very important.

    When you operated a laser cutting machine, you should wear protective gear any time to protect you away from the acrylic cutting fumes. This kind of fumes was made by extremely high temperatures laser cutting the environment and will damage your health. Otherwise, the extremely high temperatures may burn your hands. It is necessary to wear protective gear such as gloves.

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