Application of metal laser cutting machine in automotive industry

The technological innovation in the automobile industry is endless, and the processing and manufacturing technology is changing with each passing day, and the innovation is constant. In this era of high technology, the traditional way of processing automotive parts has been unable to keep up with the development of the automotive industry. As a new era of processing methods, laser technology has epoch-making significance in the application of automobile manufacturing. This advanced processing technology has penetrated into all aspects of automobile manufacturing, covering welding, cutting, drilling, marking, heat treatment and forming, even to the fields of micro-machining of electronic systems.

Laser cutting technology basically covers all application areas of the automotive manufacturing industry, including automotive parts, automotive bodies, automotive door frames, automotive trunks, automotive roof covers, and others. In developed industrial countries, 60% to 80% of auto parts are completed by laser processing. Among them, laser cutting is one of the main laser applications. Laser cutting in the automotive industry includes flat plate cutting and three-dimensional three-dimensional pipe.

Processing advantages of laser cutting technology in the automotive industry

  1. The cost of laser cutting is 80% of traditional cutting. If laser metal cutting is used instead of traditional die punching, a lot of die manufacturing costs can be saved. When cutting medium and small batches, large areas and complex contour shapes, the fiber laser cutting machine is more flexible, meets individual needs, and shortens the cycle.
  2. Laser cutting machine is digitally controlled by computer, which can accurately cut complex patterns with easy modification and small error.
  3. The metal laser cutting equipment has a large processing surface, which can cut the entire board.
  4. The dimensional accuracy and notch roughness standards of laser cutting process are better than other mechanical cutting process.