Laser cutting technology is a great way to craft several kinds of materials into new shapes, sizes, and styles. In woodworking or woodcutting, cutting with a wood laser cutting machine opens up possibilities to craft the wood into extremely elegant pieces. It’s something missing in older wood cutting technologies or equipment.

Wood laser cutting machine has become very popular equipment, not because of its novelty but the features and versatility it carries. Without worrying about flying wood chips & sawdust, a wood laser cutting machine makes perfect cuts, engrave elegant letters, and help create graphics on wood pieces.

Let’s talk about all those things you should know about CNC laser wood cutter.

How does a wood laser cutting machine works?

Also known as a laser CNC machine for wood, a laser cutter is Computer Numerical Controlled machine. The maker creates designs and feeds them into the software that comes with the wood laser cutting machine. Depending on the design, laser technology cuts the wood into a similar shape and size.

A laser wood cutter works on laser technology that emits a high power & high-temperature beam with pinpoint accuracy. The laser burns the wood and evaporates it to prevent the burned-look on the wood under treatment.

It enables quick and sharp cutting, which brings smooth and fine shape to the wood. A wood laser cutting machine works automatically, meaning you won’t be using sharp objects.

For laser-etching, both soft & hard words but softer woods are perfect for laser cutting to craft it into artistic pieces. Softer woods like balsam & pine are used because of the low heat requirement in their cutting.

However, laser cutting can be applied to any wood. All you need is to calibrate the laser properly. When the material contains consistent grain and resin, a laser wood cutter machine gives great results.

How laser technology makes a perfect wood design cutting machine?

When it comes to making beautiful wooden pieces with intricate cut-out designs, laser technology is helpful. It helps to craft tighter & smooth curves & corners without even touching wood. The wood quickly turns into smoke, preventing the burned-out appearance on the wood.

A wood laser cutting machine helps in elegant wood engraving and the creation of complex art designs. Using an industrial laser cutter, you can establish a highly profitable business. However, make sure to have the best laser cutter for the wood cutting & crafting business.

What types of wood can you cut and engrave with a wood laser cutting machine?

A laser wood cutter is capable of cutting and engraving any wood. But depending on softness and density, certain types of wood are easier to cut and engrave. Wood has resin and sap content, which serves as the basis to determine if the wood will burn lighter or darker. Working with wood types having higher resin content will leave a darker burn. On the other hand, the wood having lighter resin will experience lighter burn.

Softwoods: Softer woods like pine and balsa makes perfect wood types for laser cutting and engraving. It’s easier and faster to cut softer woods, and a great benefit that comes with them is less contrast.

Hard woods: Hard woods like cherry & oak are relatively harder for laser cutting and engraving. A high-powered and high-temperature laser beam is required to cut hardwoods. These woods offer more contrast than softer woods.

The versatility of a laser wood cutter

What makes a wood laser cutting machine, one of the most sought-after woodworking equipment, is its versatility. It offers a wide range of applications. You can use it to cut, design, and engrave a comprehensive range of projects.

  • Due to its precision and fine cutting abilities, a wood laser cutter is widely used to make art pieces out of the woods.
  • Laser cutting makes beautiful custom furniture pieces with intricate designs made by laser engraving.
  • An industrial laser cutter is used by woodworking businesses to create decorative pieces for commercial interior.
  • All kinds of personalized designs, texts, and pictures can be created on wooden pieces with a laser CNC machine for wood.

Laser wood cutting machine manufacturers

If you’re looking to buy a wood laser cutting machine, you should buy the best laser cutter for the woodworking business or hobby you plan to start. Before you buy a laser wood cutter, it’s important to determine your needs and wants. Ask yourself a few questions to find out if you need a laser wood cutting machine to work as a professional or hobbyist. Then, look for the best laser wood cutting machine manufacturers, compare a few options, and go for the one that matches your budget and requirements.

If you are a carpenter by hobby and want a laser CNC machine for wood to craft custom wooden pieces, consider buying a small wood cutter machine with laser technology. On the other hand, if you plan to provide laser wood cutting and engraving services, buy an affordable and high-quality industrial laser cutter.

Laser wood cutting machine price

A laser wood cutting machine’s cost varies from brand to brand, with a substantial cost difference. You can get a small woodcutter machine for $200 and an industrial laser cutter for $10,000. It all comes down to what you seek from a wood laser cutter, the scale of business or hobby you plan to manage, and the features you want.

A few factors that affect the laser wood cutting machine price are as follows:

  • Engraving area

The foremost thing that affects the price is the engraving area that the machine can cover. The more the area, the higher the price. If you want to engrave designs on wooden pieces of larger sizes, you’ll need a machine that covers a larger area.

  • Motor

Motor affects the precision of the laser as well as the price. A higher-quality motor by a reputed brand will make the cost go higher. It also affects the quality of the engraving.

  • Laser power & lens

It refers to the power of the laser. A laser machine with 60W laser power will cost lower than the machine with 80W laser power. The quality and power of the laser lens also affect the price and service that the machine offers.

  • Laser tube

It’s the single most crucial factor that can create a substantial price difference. A good quality laser tube has a service life of about 3000 hours.

  • Equipment difference

The difference in equipment installed inside a wood laser cutting machine impacts the price. The quality and speed of a laser wood cutter depend on the equipment installed in it. When the equipment is of high quality, the price is generally higher.

  • After-sales service

When buying an industrial laser cutter, after-sales service is a big concern. A machine needing more after-sales service is generally lower in cost, but it puts a burden on your pocket in the longer run. On the other hand, a machine that doesn’t require after-sale service too often is typically higher in price.

  • Mechanical assembly quality

To reduce the laser wood cutting machine price, some manufacturers use low-quality or thin iron sheets. At the same time, a machine with high-quality mechanical assembly comes with a higher price but offers better durability.

Final Words

Since you’ve come down here, it can be expected that you have got a fair idea of a wood laser cutting machine. You can use the above information to determine your requirements and expectations from a laser cutting machine for woodworking.


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