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Why Metal Laser Cutters are Great Machines

Metal laser cutter machines have proven their worth as one of the most useful industrial tools in the modern era. They’ve made cutting metal sheets so much easier. CNC metal laser cutters are the new must-have machines for industrial factories.

But do you go and buy just any metal laser cutter? You shouldn’t because even though they have the same function, a lot varies from brand to brand. That’s why you must get the best one for your venture. And, we’re going to help you find one!

Read along our article to help find out which metal laser cutter will suit you the best. We’re also going to discuss the points you should keep in mind before going out to buy something that expensive. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What is a CNC Metal Laser Cutter?

You’ve probably heard about CNC or computer numerical control system operated machines. You can program these machines to cut into a surface according to your choice. The precision they deliver is truly surprising.

These machines usually use fiber lasers or CO2 lasers to cut into thin sheets of metal. So you can grind through aluminum, brass, steel, iron, alloy, gold, or silver. Not to mention, you can easily cut through softer surfaces lime plastic or wood too.

Whether you’re working as a manager of an industrial plant or you want a small setup for your new startup in the related field, a small laser cutting machine will do you good. Industrial metal laser cutters are usually quite expensive and you probably wouldn’t want one for a small business.

But don’t fret. As the technology is developing, you can now get laser cutters for quite affordable price points. The software with the CNC system is standard in almost all of the machines, so picking an entry-level machine will get the job done.

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How does a Laser Metal Cutter Work?

Lasers can prove to be quite magical in a sense. Laser beams generate enough power by focusing and cut through tough surfaces with ease. Lasers can look pretty, but they’re equally deadly and you need to be super careful while working with them.

The laser beam gains or loses its intensity depending on the lens it goes through. So you can control the intensity with the focusing of the lens. From a distance, it might look like the laser is slicing through the metal sheet.

But in reality, the high power laser beam is vapourising the material with heat. The metal gets melted and a clean cut is formed. If you’re pre-drawn graphics are precise, you are sure to get the perfect cut and designs.

Affordable Laser Cutters

As we’ve already said, these machines come in all sorts of prices. But they all serve the same purpose. Some will offer you a bit of extra functionality for the extra price too. The software, the machine, and all the spare parts will cost you around $9000, to begin with.

Some fiber laser cutters might end up costing you a whopping $250,000 too. So you need to pick one that suits your business. You certainly don’t need to whip out that much cash if you’re running a small venture.

A CO2 laser cutting machine starts as low as $2,600 and they go up to as high as $60,000. The affordable CO2 laser cutting machines do the basics quite well and they offer great durability for the price too.

Benefits of Using a CNC Metal Laser Cutter

If you’re gone on workshop visits in the previous decade, you’ve probably come across one or two mechanical metal cutters. These were the traditional machines to cut metal. Laser beams have almost completely replaced them.

A single metal laser cutter can be configured to cut through wood, plastic, fabric, and of course, metal. The most notable feature about them is the precision. They can be far more precise than human hands, and you won’t be able to find a problem if you’ve input the dimensions correctly.

Laser beams work fast and use their laser focusing to cut through thick metal sheets in a few seconds. The best part is that the machine doesn’t even physically touch the metal, so there’s no friction involved that might lead to accidents.

The accuracy of CNC metal laser cutters makes them the top choice. Most businesses opt for CNC metal laser cutters if they have the budget for it instead of mechanical cutting machines. You won’t have to deal with accidental dents and scratches either.

How to use a metal laser cutter?

Now that we’re done with the basics, we’re going to show you how you can start cutting through thin sheets of metal with your new metal laser cutter. Follow the steps below to get things started:

  1. Start by laying the sheet of metal on the bench
  2. Make sure that the sheet is in place and doesn’t move
  3. Measure out the thickness and input them into the machine
  4. Pick out the required nozzle and lens for the specific type of metal
  5. Adjust the focus to control the intensity of the laser beam. Thicker sheets will require more power to cut through.
  6. Calibrate the cutting head and enter the commands into the machine.
  7. First go for a test run to see if the pattern is looking how you want it too.
  8. Gradually move the laser head to the starting point of the cut and then press start.
  9. The machine will do the rest for you and you will end up with a clean piece of precisely cut metal.

CNC Metal Laser Cutter for Sale

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Bottom Line

Lasers can look pretty, but you better be careful around them or you’ll get hurt. Metal laser cutters have made cutting through metal so much easier. You can get a CNC metal laser cutter for a comparatively affordable price. If you’re planning to start your venture centering on cutting metals, then you can surely check out a cheaper alternative. They all get the job done!

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