We often see and use paper products such as packaging boxes, greeting cards, invitations, and calendars with artistic design. But do you know how these paper products are produced? The paper laser cutting machine is the “master of the art” which manufactures these laser cut paper products.

Why choose the laser cutting machine for paper processing?

The paper materials are usually soft and thin, and easy to be processed. And the working principle of the laser cutting machine is to the high-energy-density laser beam to cut through paper and produces a hollow pattern. Compared with the ordinary die stamping processing method, the CNC laser cutter has incomparable superiority on laser cut paper products.

The superiority of laser cutting machine on laser cut paper

Firstly, it is non-contact processing and no direct impact on paper products. Therefore, there is no mechanical deformation for laser cut paper products.

Secondly, there is no “tool” wearing during the laser engraving and cutting process. Therefore, the loss of paper materials is small, and the defect rate of the laser paper cutting machine is extremely low.

Thirdly, the CNC laser cutter has the characteristics of high processing precision and a high degree of automation. And the machine also has high processing efficiency and is simple and convenient for operation.

Moreover, in the laser engraving process, the laser beam energy density is very high, and the processing speed is fast. The laser cutter has no or minimal impact on the non-laser irradiation parts of the paper.

During the process of the laser cut paper products, the laser cutting machine does not need any mold. It has the features of rapid shaping, and the cutting graphics can be in any shape.

The laser cutting machine belongs to a relatively new post-press processing technology. This laser paper cutting machine can mainly cut and engrave various design graphics on paperboards and other paper materials.

Characteristics of laser cut paper

The laser cut paper products, such as the greeting cards through laser hollowing, have a strong three-dimensional effect, flat incisions, and own novel styles. And the cutting graphics of the laser paper cutting machine are exquisite and non-yellowing. Moreover, the laser paper cutting machine adapts to the trend of paper production technology.

Therefore, laser cutting technology in the paper processing industry is getting promoted and popularized at an amazing speed. It can completely overcome the shortcomings of the time-consuming and environmentally unfriendly printing process of traditional greeting cards and creative paper-crafts.

Differentiation of laser cut paper products by using a laser cutter

The laser cut paper products through the processing of a CNC laser cutter can expand the differentiation of products and enhance product value.

The differentiated laser cut paper products are different from ordinary paper products and different from others in the same industry. The basic requirements for the differentiated paper products include the conformance with popular aesthetic habits. And they need also to own a wide range of application markets and can help customers grow.

Market effects of the differentiated laser cut paper products by using a CNC laser cutter:

  1. CNC laser cutter helps to quickly establish a product brand of laser cut paper products. And it avoids the positive competition of homogenized printed matters.
  2. The laser cut paper productscan more appropriately satisfy consumers and enhance their loyalty to the manufacturers.

The ultimate goal of the differentiated laser engraving paper products is to gain the recognition of the users. And thus, they can help the manufacturers to consolidate their brands, and obtain better profits.

How is the laser cut paper produced?

The principle of the laser paper cutting machine is to use the high energy density characteristics of the laser. The laser is generated to irradiate the surface of the paper, cut paper through, and produce a clear hollow pattern. But the traditional paper cutting process is an artistic creation performed manually with scissors, which requires many years of experience. While the laser paper cutting is performed using a laser cutting machine. Compared with traditional paper cutting, the process of manufacturing the laser engraving paper is faster, simpler, and less time-consuming. The users only need to transfer the desired graphics to the computer and can easily make the desired laser engraving paper products. With the progress of the times, people’s aesthetic standards will become higher and higher. And the demand for beauty will be stronger. The laser cut paper is just the beautiful goods created by a CNC laser cutter.

Typical applications of laser cut paper

The laser cut paper has wide applications in the crafts industry, paper processing, and packaging and printing industries. Many people use a CNC laser cutter for laser cut paper art and create a lot of paper artworks. In recent years, the application cases of laser paper cutting machine mainly include the following categories.

Personalized laser cut paper art products in the crafts industry

In the decoration industry, the exquisite paper sculptures are cut and hollowed with a laser paper cutting machine. It is not only a piece of laser cut paper art crafts, and can also be used as a light, which is very beautiful and practical.

Using a laser cutting machine for paper craft can realize the creative design of paper products and develop high-end paper cultural tourism products. The three-dimensional architectural landscape is condensed into a tiny and exquisite paper craft through laser cutting. The themes could be world-famous historical sites and urban landmarks. It can be torn layer by layer through the buyer’s own efforts, gradually revealing the panoramic view of the building. The unique design and interactive experience of the three-dimensional architectural notepaper create a new form of regional culture.

Used for the page design of the graphic design and printing companies

The laser paper cutting machine helps graphic design and printing companies to produce laser cut paper or laser engraving paper to use in customer’s brochures. So that the readers can see the beautiful pages as soon as the cover is opened. The brochures through the processing of the laser cutter can enhance the reader’s desire to read and increase the visual aesthetic value. At the same time, it helps customers to spread the corporate image, and also plays a role in promoting the brand of graphic design companies. Many customers are willing to accept this design method by using a CNC laser cutter. The laser cutting machine is used to engrave and cut very delicate small holes and diamond-shaped graphics on the paper. Such a laser paper cutting machine fully considers the flatness after laser engraving and is also convenient for secondary printing.

Used for the production of personalized business cards

Business cards are the laser cut paper products of the integration of artistry, creativity, individuality, and diversification. In addition to elaborate graphic design and unique production techniques, business cards are more focused on expressing personal aesthetic preferences. And they also attract the attention and collection of the users with an eye-catching purpose. The proper application of laser cutting machines to make personalized business cards can make the cards more impressive. When applying the CNC laser cutter to business cards, pay attention: the laser engraving area should not be too large. If the engraving area is slightly larger, the manufacturers shall use the paper with better stiffness. Especially the color-coated paper should not be used. The virgin pulp paper should be used to avoid the white edges after laser engraving. At the same time, the paper with a basis weight exceeding 350g/m should not be used.

Applied to the product packaging industry

The laser cut paper products are mostly used in packaging, such as candies, cakes, wine, and bottle labels. And the laser paper cutting machine is also applicable for the crafts packaging. Because in many cases, the sale of goods is the “packaged sale” at first.

The variety of gift packaging on the market is dazzling. In many cases, the meaning of packaging has surpassed the product itself. When choosing gifts, more people will choose the packaging that looks unique and high-end. Creative and exquisite packaging is always welcomed by customers. At this time, the design of the packaging box is particularly important. The laser cutting machine for paper craft can hollow out and engrave any desired pattern to make the packaging exquisite and unique. And the production cost is low and the efficiency is high.

The attraction of carton packaging through paper laser processing is that the laser cutting machine realizes intricate and delicate pattern carving. The carton has relatively simple shape and printing. Through the processing of the laser cutting machine, its appearance has been greatly improved, becoming more attractive.

Laser cutting and engraving technology are used in the packaging industry, and the function is still very powerful. It can be used to engrave images, trademarks, and logos on the surface of packaging boxes without any consumables. The materials of packaging could not only be paper, and also be plastic, cloth, and wood.

Used for the invitation letters and greeting cards production

In recent years, the laser cut paper products have been frequently seen in personalized greeting cards and invitation letter products. This technological process of laser engraving paper is more novel than the traditional letterpress process. Especially for the color matching of the art paper and inner paper, the artistic effect of laser cut or laser engraving paper is better.

Applied to scene design and creation of the cultural atmosphere

The laser cut paper art products applied to scene creation is generally suitable for the decorations on certain specific occasions.

For example, there is a paper laser cutting service for kindergartens and party activities.

We believe that the post-printing process of laser cutting machine will continue to introduce new ones.

And the CNC laser cutter can be the application promoter of the new post-press technology.

Advantages of DXTECH laser cutter on laser cut paper processing

DXTECH focuses on producing laser cutting machines for the users engaged in paper laser cutting service, laser hollowing, and drilling services. The users use DXTECH laser cutter for the processing of paper packaging boxes, laser engraving of cardboard and various paper laser cutting service. The CNC laser cutter needs no mold, with the minimum aperture size 0.1mm, and no yellowing paper edges after laser engraving.

The new generation of laser cutting machine produced by DXTECH has a better optical system and a more stable control system. It has changed the slow speed, low precision, and small cutting size of traditional paper die-cutting machine. The CNC laser cutter adopts all-digital control technology, which has strong control driving ability and good anti-interference ability. And the machine is equipped with a newly upgraded optical system and has a better output. The high-energy single pulse effectively improves the stability of the laser output power and the fineness of the light spot. When cutting the engraving paper, it can effectively avoid problems such as yellowing of the edges and the squished edges. At the same time, the engraving speed is faster, reducing labor costs and improving effectiveness.

At the same time, the smoke exhaust system can be equipped. This is the reason why the DXTECH paper laser cutter will not produce yellow edges when cutting paper.

The DXTECH laser paper cutting machine can also reduce errors, quickly complete marking, and adopt an integrated design. It can achieve better beam quality, smaller spot diameter, good uniformity, high consistency, space-saving, and reduce the floor area.


There are indeed many differences between laser cut paper processing and traditional paper cutting production. What traditional handwork requires is many years of experience and superb skills, which will take a little longer. The application of laser cutting machine in paper cutting and engraving can be said to be advancing with the times. It makes complex graphics that cannot be made traditionally. Therefore, more users who are not proficient in paper-cutting technology and craftsmanship can make their own favorite paper crafts. Furthermore, using a CNC laser cutter to produce laser cut paper can reduce more technical and experience problems. And thus, more and more printing and packaging factories use laser cutting machines instead of traditional die-cutting machines.

DXTECH has standardized management systems and manufacturing procedures on the production of CNC laser cutter. Welcome to contact with DXTECH for more information about laser machines.

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