Jewelry is the ornament that people wear on the head and hands. Nowadays, more and more people choose to wear the laser cut jewelry to show their personality. For example, there are acrylic necklaces, wood bracelet with unique graphics, and rings engraved with letters. All of these can be processed by jewelry laser engraver or jewelry laser cutting machine, and called as laser engrave jewelry or laser cut jewelry.

The jewelry laser engraving machine can engrave almost all types of non-metallic and metal materials. This gives the designers and shops that specialize in jewelry justified to invest in this modern technology and to cut or engrave personalized jewelry. Therefore, no matter the laser cut jewelry or laser engrave jewelry, it makes significant progress in the jewelry industry.

Now the traditional jewelry processing is mostly done on soft materials such as wood, leather, gold, silver, and platinum. However, the new jewelry laser engraving machine makes it possible to engrave on a wider range of materials and harder surfaces. For example, the jewelry laser engraver can engrave the patterns and letters on acrylic, hardwood and stainless steel rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and watches.

Why people choose laser engrave jewelry and laser cut jewelry?

When we talk about the laser engraving and cutting, there are jewelry laser engraving machine and jewelry laser cutting machine. According to laser source, there are CO2 laser engraving machine and fiber laser engraving machine. The former is mainly used for engraving and cutting non-metallic jewelry materials, and the latter is for metal jewelry cutting and engraving. Their working principles are similar.

Features of laser engrave jewelry

The jewelry laser engraving machine is a very flexible processing method. The users just input the specifications or design patterns in the software of the jewelry laser engraver. And the jewelry laser engraving machine can engrave the required patterns and letters in a few seconds, giving the unique beauty of the customized laser cut jewelry.

The jewelry laser engraving machine adopts non-contact marking processing, using a high-energy-density laser beam to locally irradiate the surface of jewelry. In this way, the surface material of jewelry vaporizes or undergoes a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. The whole process of laser cut jewelry machine is also similar. The difference is the power of jewelry laser cutting machine is higher than the one for engraving.

During the process of producing laser cut jewelry, the jewelry laser engraving machine generates laser to heat, melt and vaporize the jewelry, till cut through the material, and form the designed shapes. The laser cut jewelry has smooth cut surface, high precision, and very narrow cutting seam.

The cutting or engraving head of the jewelry laser machine have no direct contact, no mechanical friction, and no damage to the jewelry. Furthermore, the laser spot of the laser cutting machine for jewelry is very small, and the thermal effect is also very small. The laser cut jewelry will not have thermal deformation. And the design patterns or letters engraved on the laser engrave jewelry are exquisite. The jewelry laser cutting machine or jewelry laser engraver has no damage to the laser cut jewelry or laser engrave jewelry itself.

Characteristics of the processing of laser cut jewelry

The laser provides a clean, environmentally friendly technology that is free of chemicals and residues and will not come into contact with jewelry.

The technology of jewelry laser machine gives jewelers the opportunity to make exquisite designs without causing any risk to the item itself.

And the jewelry laser engraving machine can produce precise details and be more precise than traditional engraving.

Through laser engraving or cutting, the jewelry laser machine engraves letters or graphics on the jewelry or cuts at a very specific depth. And the engraving or cutting effect is long-lasting and wear-resistant.

In the past, the traditional jewelry processing techniques such as steel stamping,  melting method, and wood grain metal, took a long time and high cost. At present, the laser cut jewelry is now widely based on earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other products. The high-precision characteristics of the jewelry laser engraving machine are very suitable for engraving wear-resistant and durable letters on the appearance of precious and small rings and necklaces. For example, by using the jewelry laser engraver, the wedding rings and engagement rings can be made more special. They can be engraved with some messages, dates, or images that are meaningful to the buyers.

Let’s take a look at the effect of the laser engrave jewelry by using the laser engraving machine

Typical applications laser cut jewelry and laser engrave jewelry

Laser cut acrylic jewelry

Acrylic jewelry is becoming more and more popular among young people. The uniqueness, creativity, and fashion are their styles. They wear laser cut acrylic jewelry to express themselves. Traditional jewelry design cannot meet these needs. The emergence of laser cut acrylic jewelry provides a perfect solution to this problem.

Laser cut acrylic earrings and necklaces

Laser cut acrylic earrings are a kind of modern and fashionable laser cut jewelry . Besides, they are also both cheap and delicate. Most wholesale services for laser cut acrylic jewelry can provide customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. Using a jewelry laser engraver can process the complicated patterns of earrings.

People usually wear name necklaces with personalized functions. This kind of jewelry can also be seen as a personal logo. In addition, the name necklace designer also created a necklace composed of couples, family members, or some friends. This laser cut acrylic necklace is just like a tie, connecting with the family members and friends.

Name necklaces are usually larger and heavier than other necklaces. If your name has long letters, the design of your own name necklace will be longer. Laser cut acrylic jewelry is a light and durable material with bright colors. Therefore, young people prefer the acrylic name necklace because of its light weight, durability, and bright colors.

Laser cut jewelry box made of acrylic

According to the computer design drawings, the laser equipment cuts out the specifications and dimensions required to place the items, and produces a crystal clear, simple and stylish acrylic storage box, which makes the storage products clear at a glance and convenient to receive.

The precision of the laser process can reach within millimeters. The cut acrylic has smooth edges and corners, no burrs and no damage to the hands. The non-contact processing method will not damage the acrylic material, which is beautiful and practical.

The laser cut jewelry boxes made from acrylic are layered and full of the sense of design. Thus, the high-value jewelry can also shine in a closed box.

The laser cut jewelry box has various forms and is very creative, so that the daily accessories can be stored in an orderly and neat manner. Users can quickly find the accessories and match them with suitable shapes.

Laser technology creates an exclusive space for jewellery, giving play to its extraordinary charm.

The laser cut jewelry box contrasts with the jewellery and embellishes each other, making the storage of jewellery become so easy.

Laser cut wood jewelry

Wood is a commonly used laser processing material and is easy to engrave and cut. Laser engraving and cutting equipment can make wood products into earrings, necklaces, rings and other jewelry. Moreover, using the feature of unlimited graphic processing of laser engraving and cutting machine, wood can be cut into any shape, and any creative image can be engraved with laser on wooden ornaments. The laser-cut wood jewelry is beautifully processed, and the patterns carved on it are very clear. Laser deduces another fashion style of wood products.

For example, the use of birch wood to make geometric shape earrings with laser cutting machine has eye-catching design features. After laser processing, laser cut wood jewelry not only has a sense of fashion, but also has a retro style. Laser cut wood jewelry meets the needs of customers pursuing personalized jewelry, highlights the unique brand characteristics of jewelry manufacturers, and also are attractive in price and quality.

Laser cut leather jewelry

Leather is durable, soft and beautiful, has many practical values, and is also a kind of material usually used in jewelry. Its processing requires professionalism and precision. The jewelry laser engraving machine has the characteristics of accurate and high-precision processing. It vaporizes the material on the leather surface through the irradiation of the CNC laser beam, so as to produce non-fading image patterns, gradual flower shapes, perforated hollows and other effects on various leathers.

The laser cutting and engraving on leather realize graphics cutting or marking without scratches and cracks. The leather jewelry after the laser cutting has no burrs, wrinkles and high precision, which is better than plasma cutting. It is especially suitable for engraving and hollowing processing of fur, vegetable leather and various kinds of leather. The laser cut leather jewelry that we commonly see and wear includes leather bracelets, choker necklaces and other accessories. These exquisite leather jewelry also provide a brand-new solution for product beauty and added value.

The above laser cut acrylic jewelry, laser cut wood jewelry and leather are mainly processed by CO2 laser engraving machine. The CO2 laser engraving machine can engrave and cut almost all the non-metallic materials. And the price of this kind of jewelry laser engraving machine is relatively low compared with other types of laser machines. This jewelry laser machine is suitable for the processing of wood, plastics, leather, cloth, acrylic and other non-metallic materials. It solves the problems of processing many different materials by using one machine. And it also realizes the high degree of customization in the processing of jewelry. The jewelry laser machine becomes an indispensable tool in the jewelry processing industry.

Laser cut metal jewelry

The engraving and processing of metal jewelry is mainly completed by fiber laser engraving machine. The whole structure of the metal jewelry laser engraving machine is simplified, and the key accessories are imported. And the optical system adopts a fully sealed structure and a more beautiful appearance. The operation is more convenient; the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high. Furthermore, the beam quality is high, the lines are fine, and the spot is small; the machine adopts air-cooled cooling and low energy consumption.

The fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable for jewelry cutting and engraving. The machine uses a laser beam transmitted in short pulses to achieve high-quality engraving results. The equipment generally has a long service life and hardly consumes any consumables. Choose a laser cutting machine for jewelry that includes laser engraving software, which contains a variety of fonts and images, allowing you to perfectly personalize any jewelry for your customers.

Jewelry laser engraving machine can not only engrave jewelry but also apply to other industries, such as vehicle signs, mobile phones, keyboards, electronic components, home appliance panels, metal bottle caps, furniture decoration, buckle signs, and so on.

DXTECH’s jewelry laser machine on laser cut and laser engrave jewelry

Jewelry are used to decorate the human body and also have the meaning of showing social status, wealth and identity. And the laser engrave jewelry with unique design patterns not only decorate yourself, and also make your life more colorful.

If the manufacturers adopt the traditional processing technology, it will not only make the processing cycle very long, but also make customers without a good product experience. However, the applications of DXTECH’s jewelry laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine in jewelry are so “handy”. Over the years, DXTECH laser cutting technology has been continuously innovating. It can solve the processing problems faced by jewelry processing manufacturers.

First of all, the laser cutting machine directly skips the step of mold opening, which saves the cost for the manufacturer. Secondly, the cutting and engraving process of the laser cutting machine of DXTECH is controlled by computer. The computer with professional jewelry engraving software is very intelligent and can meet the manufacturing requirements of customers for different shapes and design graphics. Even if there is a customer’s requirement for private customization, it is not a problem for jewelry laser cutting machine.


Generally speaking, jewelry is a high-end consumer product. And laser cut jewelry becomes popular because of its unique style and convenient processing. For manufacturers, of course, they hope that the cost can be kept to a minimum while still meeting the needs of the consumers. The traditional cutting process of jewelry requires the use of molds for processing, which invisibly increases the manufacturing cost of the manufacturer. In addition, some gold and silver jewelry has very strict requirements on the processing technology. And the small details of the jewelry must be carved and surface treated very finely. The traditional cutting process cannot meet the cutting requirements of jewelry products.

DXTECH’s jewelry laser machine meets the diverse manufacturing requirements of users and saves costs for manufacturers. At the same time, it can also shorten the production cycle of jewelry to a minimum. It may only take a few minutes or even 10 seconds to complete the laser engraving or cutting. DXTECH is an excellent laser equipment manufacturer, welcome to contact us for more information.

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