Box cutting was never as easy as it is nowadays. The advancement in tech has provided us with some of the best equipment for box cutting. Today we see some of the latest laser box cutters that cut with extreme precision and accuracy. The beautiful and complex shapes that you see nowadays have only been possible with laser box cutters. The laser box cut design is clean and provides an excellent finish. Another primary reason for using laser cutting is due to their comparatively faster cutting speeds as compared to the traditional methods.

There are several box materials and designs that can be cut and shaped using the laser box cutter. Some of them are as follows.

Materials &: Design of Laser Cutting Box

Laser Cut Box Materials

Laser Cut Cardboard Box

The cardboard material is one of the cheapest materials you can use in boxes; however getting the perfect shape and cut can be a little tricky if cut with the traditional methods. This is where the laser box cutter steps in. Using the laser technology, it is pretty easy to cut the cardboard. It is complicated with the laser machine to get some of the smallest and unique designs that we see commonly. Cutting of the thick cardboard boxes can be quite a painful process as they do not give the desired finish; however, with the laser box cutter, you can easily cut even some of the thickest cardboard pieces with ease.

Laser Cut Acrylic Box

Acrylic is a trendy choice among people when it comes to boxes. Acrylic boxes are more durable and provide a sturdy structure. The laser box cutter cuts the acrylic, just like a knife going through butter. You can make more designs using laser box cutters with acrylic compared to other materials combined. The reason is that acrylic is pretty easy to work on, and using the laser box cutter, the work becomes more manageable. The laser box cutter’s precise cuts combined with the minimalistic and attractive acrylic boxes design is a great recipe for some of the best looking boxes. Using the laser box cutter, you will not have to stay limited on the material’s thickness as it will easily be cut using the machine.

Laser Cut MDF Box

The Medium Density Fiberboard box, otherwise known as the MDF box, is one of the best materials you can choose for your box needs. The MDF material is known for its durability and water-resistant quality. The attractive looking MDF boxes might lure you into buying them; however, the main reason behind their fantastic look is the laser box cutter. The laser cutter cuts the boxes into the best shapes with zero rough edges, giving you the clean and elegant look you love. The MDF boxes have some tricky cuts and angles, which can only be achieved using the laser box cutter.


Laser Cut Jewelry Box

The laser-cut jewelry box is something every woman has. Jewelry boxes are expected to be attractive and awesome looking as the objects placed in are nothing less than elegant. Laser Cut Jewelry boxes provide the clean finish that every woman desires to have.

Laser Cut Storage Box

Storage boxes are meant to be sturdy and robust, due to which a thicker material is used in them. To achieve sturdiness, the box must be cut so that every edge of the box is precise with the other, which can only be achieved using a laser box cutter. Storage boxes are used in some of the roughest and harsh environments; therefore getting the one which is laser cut is a better option.

Benefits of Cutting Box with Laser

Following are some of the top benefits of using a laser box cutting machine

  • Accuracy and Precision

The laser box cutter is known for its too high accuracy and precision. With the sharp laser technology, even the smallest cuts can be made without making them look uneven. Laser box cutter is the way to do if you want to design some of the most complex and unique looking designs.

  • No Tool Replacement.

When you are using cutting methods other than a laser, you have to replace some components such as the machine’s blades to maintain the sharpness. The laser is a one-time investment and requires maintenance next to none.

  • Doesn’t Damage materials

One of the best advantages of using the laser box cutter is that it doesn’t damage the material’s surface in any way or form. Most box cutters tend to damage the box material, which can cost more money. Laser box cutter doesn’t warp or burn the material saving tons of dollars.

  • Sheet Utilization

There is very minimal wastage of material when using a laser box cutter. The laser provides clean and precise cuts, which can save quite a lot of material. You might think that the material saved is relatively insignificant, but add that to years of cutting, and you would be surprised by the money that laser cutters can save you.

How to use the Laser Box Cutter?

Using the laser box cutter is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any experience. The step is highlighting the lines on the material where you won’t cut. In this case, you should have a laser cut box design made, which have been measured already to lock correctly with other pieces. The next step is placing the board in the machine. The machine analyzes the highlighted lines and the total area of the board. Once the process is completed, all you need to do is press the start button, and the laser box cutter would automatically start cutting the pieces of boxes for you. Once all the parts are obtained, you can join all the sides together, and your laser cut box is not ready.

Laser Cutting Machine

The laser machines provide by DXTECH are state of the art laser cutting machines that provide the most precise and accurate cuts, irrespective of the material used.

Following are some of their top laser cutting machines

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