While purchasing the laser cutting machine, customers often ask about the use of laser cutting software for laser cutting. And which software is suitable for the laser cutting machine. Here we mainly introduce the laser cutting software to meet your daily laser cutting demand.

What software the laser cutting machine uses generally?

At present, FastCAM, SIGMA NEST and CutMax are laser cutting software normally used. They have the comprehensive and powerful function of editing and drawing.

The process of using laser cutting software

The process of using the laser cutting software in the laser cutting machine is as follows. Firstly, the operators use CAD software to draw the part drawing to be cut. And it needs to save it in a format that the laser cutting machine software can read and edit. For example, it could be dxf format. And then, the operators can import it into the laser cutting software for processing. After converting it into the corresponding NC code, you can put the laser cut program into the laser cutting machine for processing. The video at left shows how fiber laser cutting machine cuts metal sheet, the speed is very fast.

Many people may not have access to drawing software and laser software before buying a laser cutting machine. But the operation of a laser cutting machine requires users to master certain drawing software and skills. And the proficient use and operation of the laser cutting software are essential for laser cutting operation.

Laser cutting software

The drawing software used by laser cutting machine equipment is generally CAD. And some laser cutting machine users combine laser cutting software and CAD according to the complexity of the processing. In addition, some customers of laser cutting workshops may have the need to modify the drawing. Therefore, if the drawing is simple it is good to draw it with CAD at first. But when it is relatively complicated, the users can draw complex drawings with the professional laser cut program. After saving them in DWG or DXF format, the users can start laser processing!

The laser cutting machine is pre-installed with the computer operating system and laser cutting software before the delivery. And the users can directly import drawings into the laser software for cutting and other processing. Usually, the software pre-installed on the laser cutting machine can open DWG, dxf and other format files. So in fact, understanding the use of some laser cutting design software is very important. Absolutely, the more you learn about laser cutter software, the more efficient your work will be in the future.

Now we will introduce the three major types of laser cutting software as follows.

Laser cutting Software CutMax

CutMax is a laser cutting software launched by Shanghai Friendess. This laser software integrates multiple functions such as file reading, design, output, and processing control. And such a laser cutter software provides flexible laser cutting process parameters and powerful working router editing.

Compatible with various file formats, this laser cut program has practical features of lead-in and lead-out, bridging, spot compensation, curve smoothing, segmentation, merging, and automatic differentiation of internal and external molds. The laser software CUTMAX can also be compatible with various types of laser cutting machines.

Support input format

DXF AutoCAD DXF standard graphics interchange format.

This laser cut program also supports most CAD software including AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and so on.

.PLT HPGL plotter drawing file; AutoCAD plot drawing file, and Gerber logo making software.

The file with the extension .AI is the default format of Illustrator. And the users can open with Illustrator, Photoshop, or CorelDraw.

.LXD is directly generated by CutMax.

CutMax laser cutting design software provides a wealth of drawing and design functions. In line with the operating habits of AutoCAD and CorelDraw, this laser software is easy for users to handle quickly.

.NC CNC standard G code commands

It supports interpolation and arc commands, as well as various G and M commands. For example, there are tool selection, plane selection, speed setting, coordinate system selection and starting point definition.


Gerber files are files that can be generated by all circuit design software. They are also called stencil data in the electronic assembly industry, and gerber files in the PCB manufacturing industry.

Support output format

.LXD CutMax programmable file. The users can directly open and edit through CutMax, set parameters, perform simulation, idling, and processing.

Laser cutting software CutMax features

1. Multiple formats available

The laser cutting software CutMax supports graphics data formats such as AI, DXF, PLT. And it accepts international standard G codes generated by software such as Mater Cam, and Type3. When importing DXF graphics, this laser software can directly extract the AutoCAD text outline.

After loading the graphics and image data, the users can use laser cutting design software for editing and typeset. And it is available to zoom, rotate, align, copy, smooth, and combine the data for laser cutting.

2. Automatically check the validity of the imported data

This laser cut program can check the validity of data automatically, such as closure, overlap, self-intersection, distance detection between graphics. Furthermore, it automatically calculates the lines of the laser cutting graphics according to cutting type, internal and external relations, and interference relation.

According to the requirements of the laser cutting, it can modify the starting position and processing direction of the graphic cutting. Moreover, this laser cut program also dynamically adjusts the position of the lines of laser cutting graphics.

3. Optimization of laser cutting sequence

The laser cutting software CutMax optimizes the laser cutting sequence automatically when the file is imported. And it also supports manual adjustment. Such a function reduces processing time and improves processing efficiency.

And this laser software also supports processing local data at any position, which is particularly useful for replenishment. At the same time, you can use the cutting function of this laser cut program to carry out partial processing.

4. Unique breakpoints memory

This laser cutting design software has unique breakpoints memory. The laser head can move forward and back along the route, flexibly handle various situations in the laser cutting process.

Laser cutting Software FastCAM

FastCAM software is a kind of CNC laser cutting software system for two-dimensional cutting. It adopts fully automatic operation and achieves functions of drawing parts of any shape, automatic nesting, cutting command generation, and cutting track verification.

This laser cutting software FastCAM has four modules. They are respectively FastCAM drawing module, FastNEST nesting module, FastPATH automatic programming module, and FastPLOT verification module.

FastCAM drawing module

FastCAM drawing software module is specially developed for CNC cutting. It is also a good laser cutting software that can draw various graphics suitable for laser cutting easily and quickly.

  1. This laser cut program supports DXF/DWG files, can clear and compress AutoCAD images, and removes redundant and overlapping  It can also optimize DXF/DWG files.
  2. The laser cutter software module extracts and sorts up DXF/DWG graphics. Therefore,it connects AutoCAD software and FastCAM laser cutting software automatically and efficiently. This laser software is mainly used to import DXF/DWG part drawings in batches and generate single part specifications.
  3. With batch processing of laser cutting, it automatically achieves compensation of cutting seam and automatic transition of fillet angle. 
  4. Arbitrary bridging and continuous cutting function developed for laser cutting, and matrix and continuous cutting function.
  5. Simple and convenient drawing function specifically for the laser cutting machine industry.

FastNEST cutting module

This laser cutter software module is a professional optimization cutting engine, with automatic, manual, matrix, interactive cutting, and other optimization methods.

  1. File nesting in multiple formats, including DXF/DWG/CAM/NC files
  2. Single or batch reading or import of files for fast and automatic cutting
  3. Automaticsetting ofthe parts to be cut in row, column, and matrix mode
  4. Editing and management of the remaining work-pieces, and laser cutting for remaining or irregular plates
  5. Automatic continuous cutting of single and multiple boards specially provided for plasma and laser cutting effectively. This function of the laser cutting design software FastCAMsaves lots of consumables for the users.

FastPATH automatic programming module

The laser cutting design software FastPATH module is the professional cutting programming software. It is available to automatically and manually set up and edit the laser cutting path and process.

  1. This laser software supports flame, plasma, and laser cutting, powder spraying and marking, and multiple-layer cutting process.
  2. General programming settings: laser cutting mode, start point setting for laser cutting, and nesting options, etc.
  3. Cutting process settings: seam cutting compensation, reserved seating, and center perforation.

FastPLOT verification module

The laser software module FastPLOT can simulate the actual cutting process, verify graphics and dimensions, and calculate cutting cost.

  1. Cutting track display and simulation of the actual cutting process.
  2. Automatic positioning function, designated program line check, and modification.
  3. ProvidingEnglish printing templates for drawings.
  4. Automatic calculation of laser cutting length, time, utilization rate and other costs
  5. Inspection of the cutting size of the NC cutting program.

Laser Cutting Software SigmaNEST

SigmaNEST is a professional data programming software, mainly used as a laser software in the field of laser cutting and mechanical processing. And SigmaNEST 10.2 version is the latest version at present, very suitable for laser cutting/punching machine tools. Furthermore, SigmaNEST supports the most advanced laser cutting, including automatic power adjustment, and feed rate adjustment.

Software features

  1. This laser software SigmaNEST can save 1~15% of production materials. It greatly reduces materials waste and processing time through changing cutting parameters under the premise of ensuring the cutting quality. Furthermore, this feature is especially useful for laser cutting machine.
  2. It is fully automatic software for laser cutting, which can be completed from design to production with one click. This laser cutting design software greatly saves labor costs.
  3. In addition, the production efficiency is very high. Firstly, this software greatly shortens the editing and cutting time, and automatically generates the most effective cutting route. And secondly, it reduces the processing time and laser cutting machine quantity demanded by 20%.
  4. Automatic generation of management tables such as board utilization list, machine utilization list, production schedule, and consumables quota table.
  5. Automatic completion of data exchange with ERP, MES, and other systems.

As an advanced laser cutter software, SigmaNEST has automatic cutting technology to closely arrange various parts, and achieves minimal waste of materials. And thus, the users can use less material, reduce the cost per workpiece, and increase production efficiency, while obtaining the same output.

The laser cutter software SigmaNEST has comprehensive material inventory management functions. Therefore it can promote the use of surplus materials and monitor material inventory in a timely manner.

Laser cutting parts quality

SigmaNEST uses special functions such as corner power change, automatic hysteresis, and timely stop to make the produced workpieces more accurate.

And this laser cutter software allows adjusting the cutting quality among multiple parts on the same layout.

Furthermore, SigmaNEST ensures the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece and makes the parts have higher quality.

Material management and safety

SigmaNEST fully supports automatic cutting and residual material cutting functions. Using this laser cutting design software, the users can cut the whole piece of board into workpieces as required. Furthermore, it can also effectively utilize residuals to cut into suitable shapes as needed.

SigmaNEST also owns the functions of avoiding workpiece deformation, the partial arrangement of the workpiece. These can ensure the operation reliability and safety of the machine.

The optimization of SigmaNEST is convenient for the loading and unloading of workpieces and the management of raw materials.

This fast automatic laser cutting software SigmaNEST allows users to cut in real time. And SigmaNEST can integrate different cutting tasks of multiple sheets, calculate the best cutting specifications, and facilitate users to complete production efficiently.


Generally speaking, when the manufacturers sell laser cutting machines, they will train clients about the use of laser cut program. Usually, the users can operate the laser cutting machine within one or two weeks of training about the whole machine. During the training, the users can master more knowledge about laser cutting software systematically.

Laser but not least, the after-sales of laser cutting software is more important than its price. If any questions about laser cutter software, they can consult the after-sales service department of the laser cutting machine manufacturers.

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