General introduction

After the laser machine is manufactured completely and passes the factory test, we will send clients pictures or video of the whole machine. If everything is OK, the customer pays the balance, and we confirm the delivery with the customer. Either the laser cutting machine or laser marking machine with a smaller size, it belongs to machinery product. Usually, we will deliver the laser machine to our clients in other countries by ship.

Sea transportation is the appropriate and most economic way to transport machinery goods among all means of transportation. And generally, we suggest cooperating with a professional freight forwarder to transport the laser machines. Such a forwarder will help to complete the customs clearance and arrange land transportation from the destination port to the clients’ location.

Basic information of shipping laser machine

The following is about some basic information on the laser machine for delivery. Before the factory delivery, you should ask the exporter to provide the machine packaging list and related information. And then, you need also send such information to your freight forwarder for import preparation.

  • Package: Fumigation-free wooden box qualified for shipment
  • Volume: Taking the hot sale model CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 1325 as an example, its packaging dimensions is 3660mm(L)*2020MM(W)*1250mm(H).
  • Weight: 950KG for CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 1325
  • Time of shipping: 10-30 days depends on distance. For example, it usually takes 13-16 days to the west coast of the USA. But it needs 30-40 days to arrive on the east coast.

We will introduce the general procedures and matters needing attention for importing the laser machine below.

Preparation of import documents of laser machine

  1. The importer asks the exporter to provide a full set of import documents and also provides them to the freight forwarder. And the freight forwarder finds out which shipping company carries the goods, which shipping agent operates, and where to exchange the bill of lading.
  2. Import documents include the original bill of lading or telex copy with endorsement, packing list, invoice, and the contract.
  3. The freight forwarder should contact the container terminal yard in advance and confirm the fees. And the fees include the ones for carrying the container, for removing the container, and the loading fee, as well as the empty return fee.

Exchange of the bill of lading

The importer or the freight forwarder sends the original bill of lading with the endorsement to the shipping company or shipping agency in exchange for the shipment release form. If it is a telex release, the letter of guarantee can be provided with the telex release B/L.


  1. There are two forms of endorsement. If the imported column on the bill of lading shows “TO ORDER”, it will be endorsed by “SHIPPER”.If the importer column shows the real importer, the importer must endorse.
  2. The letter of guarantee is a written certificate issued by the importer to the shipping agent to request the release of the cargo. The guarantee includes the port of entry, port of destination, ship name, voyage number, bill of lading number, quantity, weight, size and importer’s signature.
  3. When changing the bill of lading, carefully check whether the copy of the bill of lading is consistent with the container number and title on the bill of lading.

Custom clearance

Use the exchanged bill of lading and attach the customs declaration documents for customs clearance.

Customs declaration documents: After releasing the laser machine, the customs stamp the release stamp on the bill of lading. And return it to the importer as proof of picking up the machine. Generally, it also needs to provide the original packing list, original invoice, and contract, import declaration, and various customs certificates.


  1. After receiving the full set of documents, you should confirm the commodity code of the goods. And then it needs to check the customs tariff, confirm the import tax rate, and confirm the supervision conditions for the goods. If the machine needs to go through various inspections, you should report to the relevant agencies before the customs declaration. The documents required for inspection generally include the application form for inspection, original packing list invoice, contract, and import declaration.
  2. When changing the bill of lading, the freight forwarder shall urge the shipping agency to send the shipping bill to the customs in time. If there is any problem, it shall contact the customs to confirm whether the shipping bill has been
  3. When the customs requires unpacking and inspecting the machine, it should contact the terminal in advance to transfer the packages.

Pick up laser machine

  1. The freight forwarder presents the exchanged bill of lading and the trailer company’s “container application” to the container management department. It needs to go through the procedures of picking up the container at the terminal. And then, the freight forwarder will arrange to transport the laser machine to the location of the importer.
  2. After receiving and unpacking the imported goods, the importer shall return the empty container to the designated return location.
  3. The empty container returns to the designated terminal yard. And then the freight forwarder should promptly go to the container management department to pay off the container fee.
  4. In case of less than contained load, the forwarder or the importer shall arrange the tow truck to pick up the goods at the wharf or yard designated by the shipping agent with the bill of lading.


In the above, we briefly introduce the basic information and customs clearance procedures of importing a laser machine. If you have your own customs agency, you can complete customs clearance by yourself. Or you can entrust the customs agency of the freight forwarder or other competent customs brokers to do customs clearance.

Last but not least, please check all the documents for customs clearance carefully. If any revise required, changes must be finished before the shipping day or the time specified by the shipowner. This is to avoid unnecessary bill modification fees.

If you have any questions about the laser machines and the shipping and importing details, please leave a comment below.

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