Manufacturers use fiber laser engraver and laser marker commonly for laser marking applications, and both of them create a mark by the laser beam removing on the metal surface. As the government requires that industries’ parts should be identified, the processes of two laser marking machines are increasing in popularity.

We may see the mark in the parts of the automobile engine, or the small mark of some machine’s parts. Most of them are created by the fiber laser engraver and laser marker.

This article is a specific introduction about fiber laser engraver and laser marker, and also listed the significant differences for your clearly reading.

What Are the Fiber Laser Engraver And Laser Marker?

As the marking technology, fiber laser engraver and laser marker have similar processes to operate. Create a engrave pattern, put them into the computer, then the cutting software will start to engrave the metal material following the pattern.

Fiber Laser Engraver

2 Types of Fiber Laser Engraver:

A fiber laser engraver can create two types of laser engraving: light laser engraving and deep laser engraving.

  • The light fiber laser engraver: it can create the shallow trench where has the depth between 5µm and 25µm, the precise depth was decided by the engraving material and the power or the dwell time of the fiber laser.
  • The deep fiber laser engraver: it is usually used to make molds, stamps, etc. The exact depth it created was decided also by the metal material and the dwell time of the laser. Generally speaking, it is a long and slow process.

Both of the light and deep fiber laser engraver can deal with different metal material or some plastic. And fiber laser engraver consumes the surface material when it carries the pattern on the surface of objects.

4 Process of Fiber Laser Engraver:

  1. Creating high heat to melt or mostly vaporize the material.
  2. Each pulse can vaporize the material quickly.
  3. Cavities were created in the surface, which is noticeable by the eye and touched
  4. Repeat several times for deeper marks.

The fiber laser engraver can deal with materials such as wood, nearly all kinds of metal, plastic, leather and glass surface. It can engrave the complex patterns on the surface of the objects.

Laser Marker

The laser marker is also called as laser dark marking or laser coloration, and annealing for metals or charring for plastic materials.

4 Types of Laser Marker:

This kind of laser marking technology has four types: annealing, foaming, coloration and carbon migration.

  • Annealing: it is a heat treatment that can alter the physical or chemical properties of materials. With this process, we can increase the ductility of material and reduce its hardness, make it more workable. Heat the material, and cooling it at an appropriate time.
  • Foaming: this kind of technology use a laser beam on the polymer material to melt it for form foaming-like bubbles. The bubbles exist in the material structure where the laser marked, and create a negative relief.
  • Coloration: just like the name of color laser marking, this process using color laser marks the surface of objects.
  • Carbon Migration: this process will create a dark, sometimes even a black, permanent mark on the surface of objects. It happens during the heating of metal, and the metal chemically bonds with traces of carbon molecules at the metal surface.

The laser marker is achieved by discoloration. The laser creates a low powered beam, moving slowly across the surface of the material, then it creates a high-contrast mark without any disruption of the material.

3 Processes of Laser Marker:

  1. Heating the material.
  2. Creating a oxidation under the surface of materials and turning the material black.
  3. Using low temperatures to anneal the surface.

All the laser marking process is done with the keeping of intact surface. If you have needs to create bar codes, UID codes, QR codes, logos and other identification on the surface of your products, using a laser marker is a good idea.

Fiber Laser Engraver VS. Laser Marker

The main difference between fiber laser engraver and laser marker is whether it destroys the surface of materials.

What Does Fiber Laser Engraver Do?

The fiber laser engraver can deal with different kinds of metal materials. A beam was created for melting or vaporizing metal to make a visible cavity in the surface of objects.

Operator control a computer to adjust the direction and speed of the laser. In some cases, the fiber laser engraver has a blower to blow along the surface for removing some debris which could prevent the laser operating on the surface.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Engraver:

Computer operation: you can design and create your unique pattern, and programmed it into computer. The computer software will help you to create a precise engraving process. It will be more efficient and can deal with any complex pattern.

Having compatibility with different kinds of materials: traditional engraving using a small blade to engrave materials. While some materials like the glass are very fragile and have no resistance to heat and pressure. This kind of material may not engrave by traditional engraving. Fiber laser engraving process can deal with this kind of material: metals, glass, finished leathers, ceramics, plastic and acrylic materials, organic materials.

Extremely precise engraving: operated by computer software, fiber laser engraver is precise and efficient than traditional engraving. And it also can create a very thin, clear lines to provide a very precise and sharp pattern for you.

What Does Laser Marker Do?

Laser marker creates a low powered laser which slowly moves across the material, and make oxidization of the material below the surface. This process can make a contrast pattern without disrupting the material surface.

Advantages of Laser Marker:

Permanent marks: laser marker create an oxidation process under the surface, it is different from other types of marking, such as paints or graving. You can not scratch the marks off the surface, and this kind of mark can also not be altered by the tear and wear of the object.

Not damage the surface of objects: laser maker can create a pattern without damaging the surfaces. It creates the laser oxidation process under the surface. Therefore you will get a clear, smooth surface the marked pattern.

Customized and precise: most of the laser markers allow customized marking. With the operation of the computer, the laser marker will have a precise process to create a designed pattern. Bar codes, UID codes, QR codes, or logos can be created by this kind of marking method.

Applications of Fiber Laser Engraver And Laser Marker

Fiber Laser Engraver

Materials can be dealt

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Finished leathers
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic and acrylic materials
  • Organic materials, like woods.

Laser Marker

Application industries:

  • Automotive
  • Primary metals
  • Extrusion
  • Manufacturing
  • Converting

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

This kind of machine creates a non-contact process and releases the laser beam to irradiate on the surface, and the laser can melt and vaporize the surface of the material. It is a precise and high-speed process and can deal with various materials and complex patterns. These types of machine can deal with materials, such as carbon steel, galvanized sheet, and other metal materials can be dealt with by this machine. And this kind of machine can be used in industries of sheet metal processing, electrical appliances, aviation, and other industries.

Laser Marking Machine

The fiber laser marking machine is the most advanced laser marking machine. The fiber laser marking machine is composed of laser, vibrating lens, and marking card. This kind of laser marking machine has a high beam quality, usually small size, high-speed process.

Compared with another laser marker, the fiber laser marking machine has more than 28% electro-optical conversion efficiency and 2%-10% conversion efficiency. It is very outstanding at the aspect of saving energy and environmental protection. And this type of machine is widely used in aerospace devices, auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, and wires.

Choose the Right One

If you want to create a marking business, you should invest one or more marking machines. Fiber laser engraving machine or laser marking machine, which one you should choose? There are some suggestions that you can referent.

Which the result you want to create. Fiber laser engraving usually creates a cavity on the surface of the objects. Laser marking makes a pattern under the surface of objects.

The cost. Just like any investment, you should consider the cost and return when you buy the marking machine. This aspect includes the consideration of process, materials and machine maintenance, and very important for the machine selection.

Using the fiber laser engraving and marking machine. Nowadays, many fiber laser manufacturers can combine the two technologies into one laser machine. Just like our fiber laser marking and engraving machine for metal, and desktop fiber laser marker and engraver. This type of machine combines the engraving and marking as a whole, you can choose this machine for engraving and marking.

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