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CNC Wood Router

What is the CNC Wood Router

CNC Wood Router is also known as the CNC wood engraving machine or wood CNC machine. It embodies an automatic and mechanized production mode.

CNC Wood Router consists of the computer, a controller, and the main machine. The users can input the engraving graphics, texts, and other parameters in the computer, and transfer them to the controller. And then, the tool will engrave on the work-piece and form the graphics exactly as designed.

CNC Wood Router is specially used for engraving and hollowing wood parts, such as wood doors and cabinet doors, etc. It can also be used to engrave hard plastic materials such as acrylic and ABS boards. This machine has fast engraving speed, high precision, large bearing capacity, and long service life.

· Applications of the CNC Wood Router:

Applicable materials:

CNC Wood Router is commonly used for engraving wood. It is suitable for all kinds of softwood, hardwood, mahogany, solid wood board, composite board, and planed board, etc.

In addition to wood materials, CNC Router can also engrave the double-color board, acrylic boards, PVC, and PP boards. It is also applicable for density boards, ABS boards, and other non-metallic materials. 

Applicable industries:

  1. Woodworking industry

It includes furniture decoration, musical instruments, wooden handicraft industry, large-size plate engraving, solid wood furniture, and mahogany furniture. The machine is also applicable for engraving and cutting solid wood art murals, MDF, composite doors, cabinets, and windows, etc.

  1. Molding industry

Wood CNC machines can engrave various molds: wooden molds, aviation wooden molds, architectural model making, and automobile foam molds.

  1. Advertising industry

It is applicable to the production of advertising signs, logo production, acrylic cutting, and advertising decoration products of various materials.

  1. Other industries:

Wood CNC machines can also engrave all kinds of large-scale relief sculptures and shadow sculptures. It has been widely used in craft gifts, interior decoration, and musical instruments industries.

How does the CNC Wood Router work

The CNC Router adopts the method of material removal processing and its processing principle combines with CNC mill and drilling technologies.

The CNC Wood Router adopts special engraving software for design and layout on the computer. And then it transmits the generated file information to the controller. The controller generates pulse signals that can drive the stepper motor or the servo motor according to the received information. And it controls the main machine to generate a three-axis (X, Y, and Z) engraving path. At the same time, the engraving tool in the high-speed rotating engraving head engraves the material fixed on the worktable. The tool is generally configured according to the material for CNC engraving or CNC wood carving. And it can engrave different graphics and letters on various flat or three-dimensional relief materials, and realize the automatic engraving. Wood CNC machines realize batch production of engraving wood and shorten the processing time.


· Features of the CNC wood router

  1. Blue Elephant’s CNC Wood Router machine adopts the linear guide rail. The slider has the pre-tensioner, which can adjust if there is any clearance. And the machine frame owns high rigidity. The whole machine has good processing stability, high control accuracy, and very small machine vibration.
  2. The CNC Wood Router is very suitable for wooden panel processing. For example, there are many users from woodworking furniture manufacturing, woodworking handicraft manufacturing, and advertising sign processing industries.
  3. The CNC Router machine has a unique three-dimensional scanning system. It can quickly scan the shape of a complex template into an editable data curve.
  4. Blue Elephant also manufactures the CNC Routermachines with 4 axes or 5 axes CNC router kit system. Such a system allows the wood CNC machinesto process four or five work-pieces at the same time. This is suitable for mass production and achieves fast and easy operation.
How to use the CNC Wood Router

When using a CNC Router, the operator must be familiar with the operation process and know the operation steps correctly. If the operator is unfamiliar with the operating procedure or does not follow the procedure, it will affect the processing. And it may even cause the appearance of unexpected accidents. The following briefly introduces the operation of the CNC Router.

1. Starting up

When starting up, the operators have to check whether the machine tool has been connected to the computer normally. And then turn on the power of the computer and the power of the engraving machine. After the system starts normally, the operators enter the CNC system.

2. Mechanical reset

Before officially entering the working state, the system will judge whether the machine tool has returned to the machine origin. If not, after starting, the users will first see a prompt dialog box. Click the corresponding button, and the machine tool of the CNC Router will automatically return to the origin position.

3. I/O status

Check the input and output of the signal, and see if there is a fault signal. If not, the operators can continue the operation.

4. Processing program loading

Before the machine officially enters the working state, the operator must first load the processing program. If the processing program is not loaded correctly, the automatic processing function of the machine cannot be initiated.

5. Engraving

Edit the file that the operators will use for CNC engraving. And transfer the file to the engraving machine. The machine can automatically complete the engraving according to the design graphics in the file.

When the engraving is finished, the machine will automatically lift the tool and move over the starting point.

How to maintain the CNC Wood Router

In addition to the skilled operation ability, the users should also understand the daily maintenance of CNC Wood Router. Good maintenance of the machine can improve the working efficiency and increase the service life of the engraving machine.

Cooling water

It needs to try to ensure that the continuous operation time is within 10 hours every day. And the operators shall keep the cooling water clean. At the same time, the water pump should be able to work normally. The electric motor must not be lack of water. At the same time, the CNC machine operators shall replace the cooling water regularly to avoid high temperatures. The environment temperature in winter is low, and the users can add the antifreeze into the water tank.

Cleaning and lubrication of mechanical parts

After using the machine each time, do not forget to clean it. There may be dust on the transmission system. Be sure to clean it up at ordinary times. The operators shall lubricate the vibration system regularly every week. In the process of lubrication and oiling, pay attention to use engine oil to lubricate the axis. And uses high-speed grease for the screw. In winter, the weather is cold and the temperature may become very low. The users can clean the lead screw and rod with gasoline at first, and then lubricate them. Otherwise, the machine will be dislocated due to excessive resistance.

Check and maintenance for electrical parts

When doing maintenance and inspection for electrical parts, the operators must remember to cut off the power first. And wait until the monitor turns off and the indicator of the main power supply is off before maintenance.

The users need to pay attention to maintenance while using the CNC Router machine. Regular maintenance can increase work efficiency and extend the service life of the machine.


How to buy the CNC Wood Router

When buying a CNC Router machine, some customers may not know how to choose. Below we discuss how to buy a CNC Router from the motor, transmission system, and drive system of the machine.

Spindle motor

In regards of the spindle motor of wood CNC machines, it is not the higher the power, the better. The users need to choose a suitable spindle motor that can meet their processing demand. In this way, it can improve production efficiency and save resources.

Generally, low-power spindle motors are mainly used in the advertising industry and fine processing of small crafts. And it is mainly suitable for relief sculpture. Because of its low power, the ability to cut thick materials is relatively not good. And it is not suitable for cutting thicker materials. The high-power spindle motor is mainly used for cutting, engraving, and milling. Because of its high power, the cutting ability is relatively stronger.

Transmission system

Generally, the transmission system of the CNC Router uses a rack guide rail. The rack is generally divided into straight teeth and helical teeth. Compared with the straight one, the helical rack has better and higher precision.

Guide rails are generally divided into square one and round one. The load capacity and accuracy retention capacity of square guide rails are several times better than that of round ones. Generally, the CNC Route with a larger size is equipped with square rails in the transmission system. It can not only improve the processing accuracy but also prolong the service life of the machine.

Driving System

Generally, the buyers have two options for the driving system, that is, the stepper motor or the servo motor. The servo motor belongs to the closed-loop control method. It will measure the speed of the motor in real time during the working process. And its starting speed is fast, and the rated speed can be reached in a short time. In addition, its overload capacity is strong and suitable for frequent start-up and turn-off occasions.

However, the stepper motor is open-loop control, does not measure the speed, and starts relatively slowly. Generally, it does not have the overload capability. If the speed and the processing accuracy are relatively higher, the buyers can choose the CNC machine with servo motors.


Based on the above, the buyers need not only to consider the CNC machine price. They shall also consider the matching degree between the processing demand and the performance of the machine. And it needs to figure out the advantages of some important parts of the machine, especially the driving system. This requires users to make choices by combining with their materials and load conditions. Therefore, they can choose a more suitable CNC Router.