Are you surfing the Internet for the best laser cutter for small business 2020? How lucky you guys are! This laser cutting design guide almost covers the latest laser cutter information for you to know about before you make a purchase.

Before getting into the topic, let us get familiar with the history of the laser cutter. The laser cutting machines were once exclusively available for the large business. Because they were produced at a very high cost. However, with the rapid development of the economy and science, quite a number of small businesses can also afford to buy the laser cutting machine. Up to date, it is widely popular among people as follows product developers and private hobbyists. Because the laser cutter can almost cut off any material.

Let us turn back the topic. In this laser cutting design guide, the editor makes an in-depth market survey and finds 15 cost-effective laser cutting machine design.
Let us together have a look!

In the current market, there are mainly three types of laser cutting designs, namely CO2 laser cutting design, fiber laser cutting machine design, and crystal laser cutting machine design.

CO2 Laser Cutting Design

By virtue of a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers and a superior laser beam, the CO2 systems are the most commonplace in the market. This laser cutting design features the unique laser beam. The laser beam is comprised of a gas mixture with the CO2 being major. From the perspective of the macroscope, CO2 is best great for handling non-metallic materials and the majority of plastics. From the perspective of the microscope, the COS laser cutting design machine is ideal to deal with such materials as wood, glass, textiles, plastics, foils & films, leather, stone.

The following are the two examples of CO2 laser cutting design machine:

Orion 80W Laser Cutting Design Machine

激光切割机购买指南的图像:Orion 80W激光切割机

Orion 80W laser cutting product design belongs to a semi-industrial laser cutting design machine that is suitable to conduct high power cuts. Such superior laser cutting design can be available at a staggering price of $2,700. The highly cost-effective outshines many rivals of the same kind. Let us take a deeper look and see other surprises hidden it other than the favorable price.


Working Table Area (mm): 700 x 500mm; Machine Size: 146 x 85 x 95 cm.

High Resolution and High Speed:

The Orion 80W laser cutting product design can achieve an outstandingly high-resolution of 1000 dpi. Hence, it can even cut the product as small as to 1.1mm in size. With such high accuracy, you can achieve the desired quality and precision for your projects.

Moreover, by virtue of a 2-phase stepper motor, this laser cutting design machine can attain an outmost cutting speed of 1000 mm/s. The advantage of high speed can spare the unnecessary physical labor of technicians. In this way, the technicians can avail high-efficiently time to devote to the patent project R&D, thus bringing more fruits and benefits for enterprises in the long run.

Wide Application Area:

This laser cutting design has a wide operating area of 500 x 700 mm. In other words, it has enough area to process materials. The processable materials include paper, acrylic, wood, double-color board, ABS board, rubber, plastic, glass, leather, and so on. The Orion 80W laser cutting product design finds wide applications in the following fields: acrylic processing, computer embroidery cutting, crafts making, advertising and construction ornament, packaging and printing, paper products industries, etc.

Mophorn 100W Laser Cutting Design

Image of Laser Cutter Buyer's Guide: Mophorn 100W Laser Cutter

With the durable materials, Mophorn 100W laser cutting machine design is ideally suitable for industrial in small-medium sized businesses. Plus, it is also favored by those individual users who take a keen interest in the fiber laser cutting design machine. But, this laser cutting product design sells at a relatively high price of 4,000. And then, let’s together learn the advantages of this machine to figure out the reason why it worthy of such a price.


Working area (mm) : 900 mm x 600 mm.

High Configuration:

Equipped with a 100w laser head conforming to the industrial-grade, the Mophorn 100W Laser Cutting Design ensures reliable and steady states while machine running. Plus, its CO2 laser tube can service up to 2000-4000 hours; Its high precise micro-stepping motor that is almost noiseless and heat-insulated.

Besides, this laser cutting product design boasts a large operation area of 900 mm x 600 mm. To some extent of sense, it can process multiple different materials, i.e. paper, double-color board wood, crystal, glass, rubber, leather. It is deserved to mention that its resolution can achieve up to 1000 dpi. That means, it is qualifiable enough for high accuracy and complicated cutting working.

Advanced Multiple Language Digital Control System:

The Mophorn 100W Laser Cutting Design features an advanced multiple language digital control system. This system supports the change between multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Such high-tech helps you to operate in a more intuitive and convenient way. In addition, this laser cutting product design can be compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and other high-class software.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Design

The uniqueness of a fiber laser cutting machine design lies in its low cost of maintenance, and even maintenance-free. This all attributes to its superior quality. Plus, its exclusive fiber system boasts a very long service lifespan of at least 25,000 laser hours. The fiber laser cutting design is ideally great for handling laser marking and metal marking ( such as engraving, annealing, and high-contrast plastic markings ). Besides, it is very suitable to process such materials as coated metals, plastics.

The following are two examples of fiber laser cutting machine design family.

Full Spectrum Laser Cutting Design


The full spectrum laser cutting design boasts the PS20 Pro-series laser system. It is extremely suitable for semi-professional users and those individuals who assume interest in the laser cutting machine.

It is originally developed for those businesses involving a batch of large-scale production. Hence, this laser cutting design machine is also ideally favorable for small to medium-sized businesses. And now, let’s have a look at its features to figure out the reason why it is favorable.


Working-area (mm):  508 x 305 mm.


Featured by the strong power of 45W, the full spectrum laser product design is more outstanding than other laser cutters by multiple functions. It has a sequential of practical parts, such as front and back pass-through doors, an LCD touchscreen, an autofocus sensor, motorized Z-table control, air compressor, exhaust fan, a rotary accessory.

Taking the component LCD touchscreen as an example, it is an advanced high-tech with the abreast of time. With it, you will get your work well done at a fast speed no matter at home or at the workplace.

The Powerful RetinaEngrave v3.0 Laser Control Software:

This browsed-based app is easy to use and lives right on your laser. You can get direct access to it with your commonly used web browser. Plus, you can even run this app by connecting a network (ethernet or wireless) without an internet connection.

STYLECNC ST-FC3015LR Laser Cutter

ST-FC3015LR is one of the brand STYLECNC fiber laser cutter product design family. It is a refined model on the basis of ST-FC3015L. In other words, it can achieve multiple purposes of usage in one machine. That means you can greatly save the cost of purchasing. Plus, it can save over 50% of the working space to increase production efficiency by one time. And now, let’s start to get into a more detailed understanding.


Working area: 1500mm x 3000mm; Laser Power 1000W (1500W, 2000W, 3000W available); Accuracy Variation Range: ±0.02mm; Max Acceleration:1G; Max Cutting Speed: 80m/min; The Occupy Space: 5345 mm x 4790 mm x 1930 mm; Machine Weight 4000 KG; The Voltage: 380V (220V also available).

Four Features:

1. Adopting Raycus 1000 Watts laser device (option: IPG) with steady performance, some key components of this laser cutter can service up to100,000 hours.

2. High-tech and advanced CNC control system, it can read directly and easily many codes, such as .ai, .plt, .dxf, .lxd and ug.

3. Equipping smart cutting head with performance to automatically adjust height. In this way, it can ensure a stable focal length and cutting quality.

4. Introducing a high precise transmission apparate that is perfectly compatible with the servo system. Thus, it can offer a precise and efficient cutting outcome.

Application Materials and Industries:

This laser cutting product design is apt for cutting multiple metals all in one. These metals include stainless steel sheet, mild steel plate, titanium plate, metal sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet, bronze plate, gold plate, silver plate.

Moreover, in a more broad sense, this laser cutting design machine finds wide applications in miscellaneous industries, i.e. billboard manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, sheet metal processing, racks & cabinets processing, elevator panel cutting.

Crystal Laser Cutting Product Design

Crystal laser cutter very ensemble with the fiber laser cutting design machine. They all belong to the solid-state systems. The crystal laser cutter is ideally suitable for marking applications. Plus, crystal laser cutting design machine is a much similar to fiber laser cutter in terms of wavelengths. Therefore, it is also suitable to mark plastics, metals, and labels.

Crystal laser cutting product design often boasts relatively expensive pump diodes, which sometimes abrade parts or components. It is deserved to mention that this pump diodes need to be replaced after using for up to 8,000-15,000 hours. In addition, compared with the fiber laser cutting product design, the crystal laser cutting design machine has a relatively shorter service life.

Crystal laser cutting product design is perfect for handling various materials, i.e. metals, wood, coated metals, plastics, ceramic.

The following are two examples of crystal laser cutting machine design family.

Perfect Laser Cutter: PE-DP-A1

The PE-DP-A1 is one of the laser cutters family of brand Perfect Laser. It sells at US$1500-$1950/set. This 3D crystal laser cutting design is mainly applicable to process the inner part of crystals or glass materials.

With the imported air cooling laser system, this crystal laser cutting design machine greatly boosts the cutting speed. Moreover, with small light points, it can carve out digital images that are characterized by distinctive characteristics and good stability. The biggest feature of PE-DP-A1 rests on a 3D portraits camera.

OK! Next, let us together have a detailed knowledge of the Perfect Laser PE-DP-A1.


Machine size: 800mm x 900mm x 980mm.

High Performance:

This laser cutting product machine design can produce the products with good cutting quality. Moreover, the finished product is exquisite, crystal cleary, and assume strong 3D sense. That all attributes to its powerful performance. This laser cutting product design adopts the imported air cooling laser system and non-touch style laser process. The 3D camera that we mentioned above is the biggest bright point of this machine. This 3D camera installs on the top of the machine. With it, the machine can take a picture of the targeted person. And then, this machine can conduct portrait cutting work and form a 3D image.

Applicable Materials and Industries:

In the applicable materials sense, this crystal laser cutting product design is ideally suitable to process crystal, acrylic, glass, and other transparent stuff.

In the applicated industries sense, this machine finds wide applications in many industries, including tourism, advertising, photo print shops, hotel, and other consumption activity industries.

Dragon Diamond 3d Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

The 3D crystal laser engraving machine belongs to one of the laser cutting design machine family of the brand Dragon Diamond. It sells at a relatively reasonable price of $835.00 – $935.00 / Set. The superior performance makes it more favorable than other rivals of the same kind. And now, let us take a deeper look and see other detailed information of this machine.


Working area: 600mm x 400mm; Dimension(L*W*H): 1400 x 750 x 650;Power Supply: 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ;Cutting thickness: 0-5mm; Laser tube(life hour):1000-1500hours; Laser Power: 60W; Cutting Speed: 0-400mm/s;

High Configuration:

1. Its machine body consists of strong and thicker materials. Hence, to some extent, it is much steady or stable than other machines of the same kind when running.

2. Its inner part is composed of the aluminum materials instead of the iron one. Such superior materials would make you free from many unnecessary troubles. Because the common iron material will be easily rustled after a certain period of usage time. More seriously, it is easily out of shape or tortured by the overhigh temperature.

3. As a relatively important part, its laser head can cut materials accuracy to 18mm with bigger power of 80-100W.

Wide Application Scope:

The Dragon Diamond 3d Crystal Laser Engraving Machine finds wide applications in processing the following materials: wood phone case, wood, metal, acrylic, fabric, leather, glass bottle, and so on.

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