UV Laser Marking Machine

The ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to a product in the laser marking machine series. It adopts a cold processing method, so it has made a great breakthrough in processing quality. Due to the minimal focusing spot and the small heat-affected zone, the ultraviolet laser marking machine can perform ultra-fine marking and marking with special materials. So it is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects.

The ultraviolet laser marking machine has many characteristics, such as high electro-optical conversion rate, the long service life of a non-linear crystal, stable operation of the whole machine, high positioning accuracy, small size, low power consumption, high operating efficiency.

With the modular design and ability to easily install and maintain, it is particularly suitable for the high-end market of ultra-fine processing including the surface of packaging bottles for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glass surface drilling, metal surface plating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc.

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Application Laser Marking
Laser Source UV laser
Laser Power 3W/5W/7W/8W/10W
Laser wavelength 355nm
Applicable Material Non-metal materials, such as glass, crystal, ceramics, light-transmitting polymer materials, plastics, flexible PCB boards, etc.
Working Area 110mm*110mm, 150mm*150mm, 180mm*180mm, 200mm*200mm, 300mm*300mm
Marking Speed ≤2000mm/s
Marking Depth ≤0.1mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.003mm
Minimum Line Width ≤0.005mm
Minimum Character 0.15mm
Repetition Frequency 0~40KHz
Working Voltage 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Cooling Mode Air Cooling/Water cooling
Controller Computer with marking software
What is a UV laser marking machine?

The UV laser marking machine is the laser equipment that uses ultraviolet as a working medium for marking processing. It is also named as UV laser marker, Ultra Violet laser marking machine, or UV laser machine.

The UV laser marking machine belongs to one of the series of laser marking machines. It adopts the laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The UV laser directly breaks the molecular chain of the materials through the short-wavelength laser to show the desired patterns and text. This is different from the evaporation of the surface substance produced by the long-wave laser to expose the deep substance.

The focus point of the UV laser is very small, and there are few heat-affected areas during the marking process. Therefore, the UV laser marking system can carry out the ultra-fine marking and high-precision material marking.

UV laser marking machine is also known as UV laser printer, and use the 3d laser printing technology. With the UV laser printer, you can create unique laser products. The result of UV laser printing is plane or stereo. The UV laser printing can mark on the surface of the object or create 3d model inside. Most UV laser 3D printers combine UV laser printing and cut, so they also are known as UV printer and laser cutter.

Applications of the UV laser marking machine

Applicable materials:

The UV laser marking machine is mostly used for marking and engraving of non-metallic products. Because the UV laser has a very small focus spot, it is suitable for ultra-fine marking and engraving processing.

The UV laser marking machine is mainly suitable for the surface and internal marking on the glass and crystal products. For example, these kinds of products include mobile phone screens, LCD screens, optical devices, automotive glass, etc.

The suitable materials also include ceramics, glass, light-transmitting polymer materials, plastics, flexible PCB boards, and other high flame-retardant materials. The users can use this machine for marking on the glassware, plastic buttons, electronic components, and communication equipment.

Applicable industries:

UV laser marking machine can be used as the central machinery laser marker for marking on the packaging surface in many industries. For example, the industries include cosmetics, medicines, food, and other polymer materials processing industries.

Applicable products:

As the UV laser printer can be used in various industries, UV laser cutting machines mainly deal with products in the decoration industry, such as laser cut souvenirs. With UV laser printing technology, the laser cut souvenirs will have a smooth, high-contrast, and clean surface.

How does a UV laser marking machine work?

· Working principle:

The UV laser marking machine uses the ultraviolet laser beam to mark on the surface of various materials. The reaction principle of the marking processing of the ultraviolet laser is based on photochemical reactions. The UV laser marking machine cuts off the bonds between molecules or molecular structures under the control of computer. So that theses molecules of the materials become smaller ones, and then vaporize and volatilize. And then, the design patterns, symbols, or letters are formed on the surface of the work-piece.

· Working features:

  1. Small focus spot

Due to the extremely small focusing spot, the UV laser marking system is also named as cold laser processing. It almost has no thermal effect in processing and can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects.

  1. No material charring

The beam quality of UV laser marking technologies is very good. As its heat-affected area is extremely small, and almost no heat effect produced, there is no material charring problem occurring.

  1. Non-contact processing

The marking process is non-contact and the marking effect is permanent. The UV laser marking technologies is mostly applicable for heat-sensitive materials, and the marking edges are smooth without burrs.

  1. Fast speed and high efficiency

In addition, the UV laser marking machine has fast marking speed and high efficiency. And the whole laser marking machine has the advantages of stable performance, small size, and low power consumption.

How to use a UV laser marking machine?

The operators must operate the UV laser marking machine in strict accordance with the operation manual or instructions. Actually, the operation of the UV laser marker is relatively simple, without complicated procedures. The following briefly introduces the operation steps of the laser marking machine for reference.

1. Preparation before start-up

  • Before use, check whether there is distilled water with a proper level in the water pump.
  • The operators must be familiar with the operating instructions of the laser marking machine. They also need to prepare the corresponding test tools and products according to the specified requirements.

2. The procedures of start-up

1) Connect through the external power supply.

2) Turn on the power source of the water cooling machine.

3) Turn on the power supply of the computer.

4) Screw the emergency stop button, and make it pop up, and the laser is power on.

5) Turn on the power source of the galvanometer scanning system, to make it ready for work.

6) Take off the laser cap. And the operators can start the operation of marking.


3. Marking operation

1) Open the software of marking in the computer

2) Choose the appropriate marking file, and make necessary changes, save the file and begin the marking operation.


4. The procedures of turning off the machine

1) Turn off the power supply of the galvanometer scanning system.

2) Press down the emergency stop button to cut off the laser power supply.

  • Exit the marking software, and turn off the computer.
  • Turn off the power source of the water cooling machine.
  • Turn off the general power of the marking machine.
  • Cover the laser cap.



  1. The operators of the laser marking system must accept the training about technical knowledge and operation.
  2. The professional technicians shall install the mechanical parts of the machine and complete the test run. The unqualified staff shall not move the parts without authorization.
  3. During the normal operation of the laser marking equipment, the users shall not add any parts into the machine.
  4. The operators shall not operate the laser machine when the laser cover is open.
  5. Pay attention to the electrical safety, and guarantee the good ground connection of the power circuit.
How to maintain a UV laser marking machine?

The regular maintenance of the UV laser marking machine is an indispensable work. Maintenance can guarantee the good operation state of the laser marking system. The following gives some suggestions and precautions on maintenance, which may help the users to use the machine better.

1. Daily maintenance

  • Check the laser head, and clean the protective glass and the optical lens.
  • Confirm if the operation of the fan at the rear cover of the machine case is normal.

2. Weekly maintenance

  • Clean the computer monitor and mouse, and the surrounding area of the machine.
  • Check if the plug or screws of the machine become loose.

3. Quarterly maintenance

  • Open the rear cover of the main machine case and clean it up.
  • Check if the fan of the laser runs normally.
  • Check if the plug is firm or not.


  1. While using the laser machine, the operators shall connect with the appropriate power supply and guarantee a reliable ground connection.
  2. The operators shall not disassemble the power box at will, as there are high voltage electric parts. And it needs to pay attention to the ventilation and heat dispersion.
  3. The operators shall not look at the laser beam directly, and wear protective glasses during the operation process.
  4. Do not make the laser irritate on the human body directly.
  5. When the indicator light of the over-voltage or over-current protection turns on, it needs to turn off the machine immediately.
  6. The machine cannot be used in the inflammable or explosive environment. And there shall not be alcohol, gasoline, or other volatile solvents around the laser machine.
  7. When the machine is not on the operation, it needs to put the cover down to prevent dust entering into the laser or the optical system.
  8. When the users will not use the machine for a long time, it needs to drain off the cooling water. In winter, the temperature of the cooling water must be above 0℃. Otherwise, the glass tube will be broken.
  9. The operators shall make the operation record of the laser marking machine.
How to buy a UV laser marking machine?

Choosing a good UV laser marking machine can't just consider the laser marking machine price. It also needs to determine the materials for laser marking, the processing requirements and the services of the suppliers, etc.

1. Materials for laser marking

Firstly, the buyers may consider using what material for laser marking. Some may look for the laser marking plastic machine, and some may inquire about the PCB laser marking. Actually, as mentioned above, the UV laser marking machine is suitable for marking on the surface of non-metallic materials mostly. But some buyers may still have doubts. In this case, the buyers can ask the laser marking companies whether they can provide the proofing service. If yes, they can send the samples of the materials for the laser marking test. The supplier’s company will use their machines to mark on such samples and inform the marking effects to the users. And the buyers may make the best choice after seeing the marking effect and listening to the suggestions.


2. Specific processing requirements

The laser marking technologies can be subdivided into more specific processing techniques. For example, there are plane marking and three-dimensional marking. There is also portable laser marking machine and industrial laser marking machine for different processing demands. Before purchasing, the users must tell their detailed requirements to the supplier of the marking machine. 

The marking machines provided by DXTECH has a complete range of machine models. It can meet the marking needs of users in various industries. And the company can also customize the laser machines according to the special requirements of users.


3. Service of the suppliers

The competition in the laser industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Customers should not only pay attention to product quality and price. They need also to learn more about the services provided by laser marking machine companies. For example, whether the company will provide guidance on the installation and test run. After installation and test run, whether it provides professional training guidance and technical support for daily operation. If there is a complete set of service systems, there will be a good guarantee for the users to operate the machine smoothly.

You may see some manufacturers provide cheap UV laser marking machines, the responsible UV laser cutting manufacturers provide relatively reasonable UV laser marking machine price for their custom. The reasonable UV laser marking machine price is related to the quality, size, and functions of the UV laser printer. Nowadays, most UV laser cutting machines combine the UV printer and laser cutter, and the 3D printer UV laser technology, so the price is relatively high.