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Small Laser Engraver for Nonmetal

This is a compact engraving machine. The relatively small processing size, small footprint, and convenient transportation and use. It is more suitable for processing small workpieces.

The small CO2 laser engraving machine equipped with ultra high strength industrial steel plate, ensuring the CO2 laser engraver work more stably and smoothly. Besides, the advantages of the CO2 laser engraver include compact machine installation, small space requirement, and with the outpower from 40w to 80w, meeting the demand to cut materials of different thicknesses.


1. The co2 laser tube power is optional from 40w to 150w and different power can cut different thickness materials.
2. Adopting auto-focusing laser head, which can be calibrated by the software machine and find the focus for cutting.
3. The motion control provides higher detail engraving, even at the fastest speeds.
4. The all-metal tube design provides higher beam quality and longer life with low recharge costs.


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