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Mini Laser Engraver

Mini laser engraving machine belongs to a laser engraving machine that mainly process the relatively small parts. Like other engraving machines, this mini engraving machine uses non-contact processing, so it can guarantee a high processing quality. The same applies to the processing of most non-metallic materials.

The difference is that this mini engraving machine is small in size, highly integrated. Moreover, it is more convenient to use and maintain. The difference is that this mini engraving machine is small in size, highly integrated. Moreover, the mini engraving machine is more convenient to use and maintain.

This type of the laser engraving machine finds wide applications in various aspects, such as the engraving of handicrafts and gift boxes, crystal production, portraits and picture engraving, two-color version, seals, and printing plate making, leather decoration and cutting, garden stone portrait engraving, etc.


Application Mini Laser Engraving
Laser Source Fiber laser; CO2 laser
Applicable Material Fiber laser All the metal materials, metal alloys, and metal oxides materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, steel, gold, silver and titanium, etc.
CO2 laser Non-metal materials like glass, wood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, rubber, paper, leather and fabric, etc.
Working Area 70mm*70mm, 100mm*100mm, 110mm*110mm, 300mm*200mm, 400mm*300mm, 400mm*500mm, 500mm*300mm or as requested
Laser Power Fiber laser 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 70W
CO2 laser 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W
Engraving Speed Fiber laser 0-10000mm/s
CO2 laser 0-30000mm/min
Engraving Depth Fiber laser 0.01-1.2mm
CO2 laser 0-5mm (depends on materials)
Repetition Precision 0.01mm
Working Voltage 110v/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Cooling Mode Air cooling, water cooling (depends on power)
Supportive Graphic Format BMP, HPGL (PLT), JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCS, TGA, DST and DXP
Software CorelDraw/AutoCAD
Package Packing in export wooden cases
What is the mini laser engraver

The mini laser engravers are also known as the portable laser engravers, and small laser engravers, and desktop engravers. It has the characteristics of small size, being easy to carry, and more practical, and can work in a small space.

The common laser engravers are generally heavy, bulky, and not easy to move in the workshop. The operators need to move the materials or work-pieces to the workshop for laser engraving. If the work-pieces are too heavy to move, it is more convenient to use the mini laser engravers. The mini laser engraver is small in size, light in weight, and flexible in use. It is very easy to move the laser engravers to any place at any time the users want. The users only need to put this small laser engraver near to the work-pieces and turn on the power. And then they can set up parameters on the computer and begin engraving graphics or letters on materials.

· Categories and applications of the laser engravers:

The following mainly introduces the categories and applications from the aspect of the laser sources. According to the laser sources, the mini laser engravers are mostly divided into CO2 mini laser engravers and fiber mini engravers.

1. CO2 mini laser engravers:

The CO2 mini laser engraver is the marking equipment using carbon dioxide laser technology for marking non-metallic materials mostly.

The CO2 mini laser engravers can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials and some metal products. The most common materials include paper, leather, cloth, epoxy resin, acrylic materials, plastics, ceramics, bamboo, and wood.

This small laser engraver can be widely used in advertising, packaging and printing, plastics, textiles, leather, wood, and crafts industries. And the applicable industries also include electronic components, watches, glasses, and other industries.

2. Fiber mini laser engravers

The fiber laser engraver is the mini laser engraving machine for metal, and use fiber as the working medium. And it can be mainly used to engrave on the stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and many metal alloy materials.

The applicable industries are generally the hardware machinery processing, tool accessories, and precision equipment industries. There are also many users in the auto parts, plastic buttons, medicine, and electrical appliances processing industries.

In addition, there is another kind of mini laser engraving machine for metal, that is, fiber handheld laser engraver. The users can hold the laser head of such a handheld laser engraver to engrave or mark on the metal parts of the large machinery.


Other types of mini laser engraver like desktop laser engraver can also be regarded as DIY laser engraver. It can be used at home, and people only connect it with their computer that the control of the desktop laser engraver happened. You can use the mini engraving machine to create wood engraving or glass engraving for personalized laser engraved gifts. The DIY laser engraver will satisfy all the requirements you want.

According to the manner of application, the small laser engraver can be divided into these types:

Desktop laser engraver: The desktop laser engraver is mini engraving machine. It has equal fundamental function with common laser cutter and smaller volume. Because of its convenience and flexibility, the desktop laser engraver has become the popular type of home laser engraver.

Portable laser engraver: If you want to engrave for enormous, unmovable objects, the portable laser engraver is your best choice. This type of engraving machine can be hold, and very easy to create high-contract pattern on the surface. Therefore, the portable laser engraver has another name Handheld Laser Engraver.

Home laser engraver: Most mini laser engraving machine can be used as home laser engraver, but the more strict requirement of home laser engraver is about the safe. You must ensure the safe of your self and families when you use home laser engraver.

No matter what kind of small laser engravers, they are easy to carry, and take up a small place. The users can also carry the mini engravers to the exhibition or market stall for laser engraving business. And they can serve as a home laser engraver, hobby laser engraver, or personal laser engraver to meet individual hobbies.

How does the mini laser engraver work

The working principle of the CO2 mini laser engraver and the fiber mini engraver is similar. The difference lies in their laser source. CO2 mini laser engraver adopts CO2 gas as the medium to generate laser. And the fiber mini laser engraving machine uses the fiber as the laser medium.

After the laser is generated, it is transmitted to irradiate on the work-piece through the optical lens. And the surface of the work-piece is under the strong heat energy of the laser. The temperature increases sharply and the materials at such a point rapidly melts or vaporizes due to the high temperature. And the laser head moves according to the working path in the computer to engrave the graphics or letters.

The users can connect the small laser engraver with the computer through the data cable. And there is the mini engraving machine software. The users can input and set the graphics for engraving into the control system of the laser engraver through software.

  • Advantages:
  1. The mini laser engraving machine belongs to the portable design. As a compact laser engraver, it has a highly integrated equipment structure, small size, lightweight, and easy to move. The mini engraver also saves power and energy, and meet the demand for small workshops. It is very suitable for using as the hobby laser engraver or home laser engraver.
  2. With a fine laser beam spot, it is more suitable for precision processing.
  3. The small laser engraver has air cooling, good heat dissipation, and almost no consumables. And it is suitable for integration into the industrial online production process.
  4. According to the customer needs, DXTECH can configure different power and models of the laser. DXTECH can meet a variety of high-precision and high-efficiency laser engraving and marking requirements.
How to use a mini laser engraver

After the purchase, the laser engraver manufacturers generally provide instructions and provide training. And the customers do not need to learn laser engraver knowledge by themselves. The following briefly introduces some precautions for the operation.

· Before the operation

  1. Before using this small laser engraver, the operator should be trained, and read the operation manual carefully.They must be familiar with the mini engraver to avoid unnecessary damage to the mini engraver and themselves.
  2. The operator should also pay attention to personal safety, wear protective glasses, and keep the working environment well ventilated.

· During the operation

  1. The operation of the small laser engraver must be carried out in strict accordance with the steps in the instructions. The operators need to remember not to turn off the power during the operation.And it is strictly forbidden to cut off the power supply suddenly.
  2. The protective cover of the laser head must be removed before the mini laser engraving machine is turned on. When turning on the mini engraver, it is forbidden to place anything under the laser head to avoid being burned by the laser.
  3. When using a mini laser engraver, the operations shall pay attention to safety. Be careful not to get hurt, and avoid placing hands under the laser lens to prevent being burned.
  4. Before the formal processing, the operators shall use a sample material for testing.And afterverifying the test has no problem, they can start the operation normally.

· After the operation

  1. After the operation, according to the procedures in the instructions, turn off the computer, and the power of the laser engraver.
  2. When there is a malfunction in the machine, it should stop the operation immediately.And report to the professional technicians for handling.

Most mini laser engraving machine has a laser engraver software for the user to control the mini laser engraving machine easily. The mini laser engraver software was installed in the machine, demonstrated by the control plate. Operators create the engraving work by using the mini laser engraver software.

Another effective factor of mini engraving machine is its application. The portable laser engraver also known as handheld laser engraver has a different price with desktop laser engraver. If you want to have a durable, excellent home laser engraver, considering the aspect of factors will help you find the affordable laser engraver.

According to the DIY laser engraver, if you want a homemade mini laser engraving machine, you should connect the engraver with your computer, and install the exclusive mini laser engraver software.

How to maintain a mini laser engraver

Although the small laser engraving machine is maintenance-free, the user shall regularly maintain the mini laser engraver. This is to ensure accuracy and stability during the continuous operation process. And this also helps to extend the service life of the machine.

· Ventilation and temperature

  1. If the ambient temperature of theminiengravers exceeds 30℃, the factories can turn on the air-conditioner. And the factories without air-conditioners should try their best to ventilate well.
  2. In thehumid working environment, it needs touse a hygrometer to measure the humidity near the mini laser engraver.

If the humidity level is too high, the temperature of the lens of the mini engraver is very low. In this case, the condensation is easy to occur, which seriously affects the normal operation of the laser engraver. The operators can reduce the humidity by using an indoor dehumidifier or adding the desiccant around the optical device.

  1. The small laser engraverisair cooling, and the users need to clean the dust on the fan regularly. Otherwise, the fan will produce a lot of noise, which is not good for smoke extraction and deodorization.

· Optical lens

  1. During the engraving process of theminiengraver, the gas or dust will be generated when the laser interacts with the materials. It is better to equip a dust suction device, to protect the laser lens.
  2. After the operation for a long time, the optical lens will be polluted by the smoke and dust.If not cleaning in time, the reflectivity and the laser outputwill be affected. The operators must check and clean the optical lens regularly. The operators can use absolute alcohol or special lens cleaning solution, and wipe it carefully with absorbent cotton.

6.During the operation process, do not move the mini engraver to avoid damaging the machine.

  1. 7. Do not put anything on the mini laser engraver to avoid affecting its heat dissipation effect.After the operation, the operators need to clean the working table and the appearance of the small laser engraver.
How to buy a mini laser engraver

While choosing the mini or small laser engravers, the buyers can consider three main factors. They are respectively the materials for laser processing, the power, and the laser of the machine.

· Materials for laser processing   

Different materials require different types of laser engravers. If the material is metal, such as stainless steel, iron, or electroplating materials, it should use fiber mini laser engraver. If it is non-metallic materials, such as cloth, wood, plastics, or epoxy resin, a CO2 mini engraver should be used.

· Power

The power of the small laser engraver is generally divided into 10W, 20W, and 30W. The greater the power, the faster the engraving speed. The power most commonly used on the market is 20W, and 10W is rarely used. After all, the speed at 10W is slower. And if the buyers have high requirements for engraving or marking speed, they can choose 30W. Of course, the price of 30W is much higher than that of 20W.

· Laser   

The quality and stability of the lasers are also very important. The high-quality laser can bring greater advantages to the laser engraver. First, the manufacturing technology and technical support of the high-quality laser are much better. Secondly, the good optical quality of small laser engraver can absorb the photo-electricity uniformly and automatically. The high-quality laser also has the lower environmental requirements and the higher tolerance for dust and temperature. It can be competent in a variety of environments and owns a high-quality conversion rate to save energy and cost.

Nowadays cooperate with responsible laser engraver manufacturers is an efficient method to have the best laser engravers. They will provide the best laser engraver at a reasonable price. The cost of a mini laser engraving machine also includes the maintaining of engraver. The more durable mini laser engraver the less cost for other cost like machine and accessory maintenance. Therefore, the low cost laser engraving machine price must is durable machine.