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Metal Laser Engraving Machine

A metal laser engraving machine is a kind of engraving machine. It mainly finds wide applications in processing metal thin plates and some non-metallic materials, such as acrylic, glass, cloth, leather, paper, bamboo products, film, canvas.

Adopting the latest design concept, this type of metal laser engraving machine features advanced laser components and a multi-function laser processing system. Therefore, it is easy to operate and maintain and has more complete production safety protection. The open working platform facilitates the placement of the processed materials, and can work with the assembly line to meet the processing of large-format materials.

At the same time, equipped with a large-sized honeycomb platform, blade platform and partial lifting platform makes this metal laser engraving machine not only suitable for large-scale processing industries such as shoe industry, clothing industry, advertising industry, but also small models such as model industry, handicraft industry, bamboo product industry, etc. Industry needs. In short, this laser engraving machine truly achieves a wide range of processing material with the advantages of smooth incisions without burrs, automatic closing, no deformation.


Application Laser Engraving
Applicable Material All the metal materials like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, iron, aluminum alloy, etc.
Laser Source Fiber laser
Laser Power 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 70W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Working Area 100mm*100mm, 110mm*110mm, 200mm*200mm or as requested
Laser repetition frequency 20KHZ-80KHZ
Marking Depth 0.01-1.2mm
Engraving Speed 0-12000mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.012mm
Minimum Letter 0.15mm
Repeated Precision ±0.003mm
Focus Spot Diameter <0.01mm
Working Voltage AC 220V / 50HZ or 110V / 60HZ
Operating Temperature 15℃~35℃
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Cooling Mode Air cooling
Supportive Graphic Format PLT, DXF, DST, AI, SDT, BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, TIFF,CAD, CDR, DWG and ETC
Controller Computer with engraving software
Package Standard export wooden cases
What is the laser engraver for metal?

The laser engraver for metal refers to the metal engraving machine that uses laser technology to engrave metal materials. Suitable metal materials include stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, iron, aluminum alloy, and various metal alloys. And this machine is also known as the laser engraving machine for metal or metal laser engraver.

This laser engraving machine for metal is based on numerical control technology. And the laser serves as the processing medium. The material is instantaneously melted and vaporized under the irradiation of laser during the engraving process. And thus, the laser engraver for metal achieves the purpose of metal engraving processing.

The laser engraver for metal mainly engraves text, graphics, two-dimensional codes, logos, trademarks on stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The letters or graphics engraved by this technology have a high definition. The surface of the materials is still smooth, and the engraving marks will not wear out. And the logo, graphics, or letters will not fade or wipe off.

The laser engraver for metal has an incomparable advantage over traditional crafts. It does not touch the product itself for engraving. And the metal laser engraver requires no consumables and is safe and environmentally friendly. 

As the fiber laser engraver for metal is widely used in metal engraving, most manufacturers regard the fiber laser engraver as the best laser engraver for metal. This kind of metal laser engraver can deal with various metal materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. With the best laser engraver for metal, you can create a smooth, elegant, and high-contrast pattern on the surface of the object.

Applications of the fiber laser engraver

Applicable materials:

The metal laser engraving machine is mainly used to engrave on metal materials. 

General metallic materials and alloys: iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and other metal materials.

Non-ferrous metals: gold, silver, and titanium.

Unique metal surface treatment: aluminum anodizing treatment, electroplating process surface.

The metal laser engraving machine can also be used for engraving some non-metallic materials.

ABS materials: household appliances and household appliances

Epoxy resin: Packaging of electronic components, and cable sheath.


Applicable industries:

The laser engraving machine for metal can be widely used in the industries of electronic components, hardware processing, and household appliances. Other industries include mobile communications, special tool parts, high-precision equipment, and auto parts. There are many users from the industries of building materials, decorations, plastic function keys, PVC pipe, and medical machinery.

There are different types of CNC laser engraving machine. A small laser engraver for metal is flexible to deal with the little objects with more specifics. As a kind of mini laser engraver, the small laser engraver also carries laser technology like fiber laser technology. Portable laser engraver is also known as a handheld laser engraver. This kind of CNC laser engraving machine for metal can deal with enormous, immovable objects because it can take on hand and engrave anywhere of the surface where you want to create a pattern. The desktop laser engraver is more suitable for personal laser engraving, so it is also regarded as DIY laser engraver.

Nowadays, more and more metal processing and manufacturing plants pay attention to the branding of metal products. Engraving the trademarks, two-dimensional code, and logo on metal products can promote the brand communication of the companies.

How does the laser engraver for metal work?

The laser engraver for metal is also called as a fiber laser engraving machine.

It mainly consists of the laser, the galvo scanning system, and the computer and working table.  

The user inputs the text and pattern for engraving through the engraving software. And they can set the size, the total engraving area, the traveling speed of the laser beam, and the repetitions. And then they can convert the information into instructions for controlling the galvo scanning system through the interface circuit.

The laser outputs laser light and projects it on the Galvano scanner. The computer controls the Galvano scanner to rotate rapidly and the fast scan of the laser. And the laser is focused on an ultra-fine spot to irradiate on the work-piece through the focusing lens. The materials will vaporize due to the high temperature of the laser. In this way, the engraving marks will be formed.

The users can input various design information for engraving on the computer. Therefore, the laser engraving machine for metal has great flexibility.

Advantages of laser engraver for metal

1. Wide range of engraving materials

The best laser engraving machine can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials. And it can even engrave hard and brittle materials, such as ceramics, glass, and heat-resistant alloys, etc.

2. Fast processing speed for metal engraving

The speed of laser engraving is much faster than general engraving methods. And it can guarantee the accuracy and precision of repeated engraving.

3. High quality metal engraving effect

The engraving effect on the metal product has a high resolution. The laser metal engraving machine can achieve fine engraving. and the whole processing is clean and pollution-free. After the laser engraving, the area affected by oxidation, deformation, and thermal expansion of the material is relatively small.

4. Less energy consumption

The engraving process is simple, there are few conversion links. And it is the engraving process with less raw material loss. Therefore, the laser metal engraving machine can also improve work efficiency.

5. The high degree of automation

The integration of laser engraving and automatic control technology makes it easy to realize the automatic control process. The users can quickly and easily learn to operate the machine.

How to use a laser engraver for metal?

When using the laser engraver for metal, the users must strictly follow the operation manual or instructions. And the operators shall also accept professional training and be qualified to operate the metal laser engraver. This is to avoid incorrect operations during use and increase the service life of the product. The following briefly gives some instructions on how to use the laser metal engraving machine.

1. Steps of starting and turning off machine must be correct

The sequence of starting the laser engraver for metal is as follows.

1) Turn on the general power and the key switch.

2) Wait for 5-10 seconds, press down the button on the control panel.

3) Turn on the power of the galvo scanning system.

4) Turn on the computer and open the engraving software.

5) Adjust the laser power to the working current to start engraving.

The sequence of turning off the machine is on the contrary.


2. Cooling system

The operators must start the cooling system before the laser is working. Because the fiber laser will produce a very high temperature when it is working. In addition, when the cooling water quickly flushes the laser tube, the impurities will inevitably be generated. And these impurities will accumulate on the laser tube and affect the cooling effect.

Therefore, it needs to replace the cooling water regularly. The faster the water flow rate, the better the cooling effect.


3. Ground protection

The laser power supply and the body of the metal engraving machine must have good ground protection.

This is to ensure the normal operation of the power supply and prolong the service life of the laser tube. Good ground protection can prevent the machine from jumping due to external interference. And it can also prevent accidental circuit damage caused by high voltage discharge.


4. Subjective operation not allowed

Do not operate subjectively when the users encounter something they don't understand. If anything puzzling, you can ask the technicians or refer to the instruction manual. The blind operation will cause faults and shorten the service life of the metal laser engraver.


5. Suitable temperature and humidity

Generally speaking, the range of working temperatures 5-35°C is more appropriate. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to freeze the cooling water in the laser tube. And if the temperature is too high, it is not good for cooling.

In addition, users need also to pay attention to the humidity in the workplace. If the environment is too humid, it will affect the electronic components and reduce the service life of the machine.

People operate the laser engraver for metal with a computer, and if you want to create a precise, high-speed engraver process, your computer must have an advanced laser engraver software. The laser engraver software receives your engraving files and make precise cutting route. Nowadays, you will have laser engraver software free, because most of laser engraver software is taken on the laser engraver.

How to maintain a laser engraver for metal?

How to maintain a laser engraver for metal?

Daily maintenance

  1. Keep the workplace, the working table, andthe machine surface clean and tidy.
  2. During operation, pay attention to whether the metallaser engraver has abnormal vibration or noise.
  3. Every day, before starting the machine, carefully check if any leakage of the pipeline.
  4. Check whether each operation button is damaged, and check whether the indicator light is normal.
  5. Check whether the focusing lens is stained before processingevery day. If yes, clean the protective glass of the lens.
  6. The dust in the air or smog generated during the engraving process may stain the lens. Therefore, it needs to clean the optical lens regularly.The method is to dip a small amount of alcohol with a special lens cleaning cloth. And clean the lens in one direction.
  7. Observe whether the position of the lifting mechanism is offset before processing.
  8. Check whether the software parameter settings have changed before processing.
  9. After finishing the laser processing every day, the operators shall turn off the machine according to the operation procedure And do not forget to turn off the main power supply.
  10. After completing the work every day, clean up the processing waste in time, to keep the workshop tidy and clean.


Regular or weekly maintenance

  1. Check whether the water level of the water tank meets the standard. If not, add or replace it in time.
  2. Regularly check the operation of the fan, and if abnormal, replace it with the new one.
  3. Delete junk files on the computer, organize the files in the hard disk of the computer. And clean the mouse and keyboard regularly.
  4. Clean dust on the air duct and fan regularly. After cutting off the power of the machine, clean it with an air gun along the air duct every week.
How to buy a laser engraver for metal?

In addition to the metal laser engraving machine prices, the buyers need to consider the machine performance.

1. Firstly, consider the speed of the laser engraver for metal.

In a short period of time, more products can be produced at a faster speed to generate higher profits. And the engraving speed is a top priority. 

2. Secondly, understand the machine quality from the components of laser engravers.

The users may feel that the parts of the laser engraver for metal are almost the same. But in fact, the parts of the laser engraving machine require great attention. The buyers could visit the factories to check the operation status of their metal laser engraver for sale.

1) Make a comparison of motors

The motors can affect the engraving accuracy of laser engravers. Some manufacturers will also give several options for motors to the buyer. The users can make a choice according to their processing demand and the suggestions of the manufacturers.

2) Consider the laser lens

The laser lens is one of the important parts of the laser engraver for metal. The users need to pay attention to the distinctions. And it’s better to select the lens with a good effect and long service life.

3) Compare the laser tube

This is the core of the laser engraving machine. The quality of laser tubes is uneven, and the price difference is very large on the market now. The users may compare the lifespan and working efficiency of a laser tube.

4) Consider the materials size and laser working table

Some customers may mostly plan to engrave small-size metal. DXTECH has a mini metal laser engraver, desktop metal laser engraver, and even a portable metal laser engraver. The mini laser engraving machine for metal is very suitable for small workshops.

And some may want to engrave large-size materials, DXTECH supplies the metal engraving machines for industrial use. Generally, the size of the working table can be customized.

3. Check the quality of mechanical components

In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers may use very thin steel plates to make machine casings. The laser engraver for metal must be made of high-quality steel and the frame must be welded well. When buying the machine, the users can check the quality and the thickness of the frame structure.


The users should not consider that buying a single laser engraver can process all kinds of materials. It is better to choose a machine with one specialized function. If you want to engrave metal, choose a laser engraver for metal. This can ensure the engraving effect and work efficiency. 

If you are finding affordable laser engravers, a responsible engraver manufacturer will become your best choice. The responsible engraver manufacturer will provide the best laser engraver for metal for its customers.

Nowadays, we have the best laser engraving machine for our customers, and you can find our products list from our website.