In the processing of metal tubes, laser cutting is a common method. Using a laser cutting machine can complete pipe cutting, pipe wall opening, and groove cutting, etc. Tube laser cutting improves production efficiency and does not cause environmental pollution. As an advanced processing technology, the steel pipe or tube laser cutting is gradually entering the metal pipe market.

Why using laser technology for tube cutting

The laser has a very high scope of application, especially for use in pipe cutting. The tube laser cutting can save most of the troubles. Comparing to traditional processing methods, the efficiency of laser cutting pipes can be increased by 8-20 times. Furthermore, the tube/pipe laser cutting machine can reduce the processing cost by 70%-90%, and save the material loss of 15%-30%. Tube laser cutting reduces the use of labor. This is more in line with the current trend of industrial automation.

With the development of the market, the requirements for pipe laser cutting are becoming higher and higher. And the processes of cutting tubes are becoming more and more complex. Due to different applications, it requires cuttimg metal tubes into parts of different and complicated shapes and sizes.

The traditional processing methods include the use of plasma cutter, mechanical punching, drilling and milling machines. By using traditional processing methods, the cutting process is complicated, the positioning is difficult, and the processing accuracy is low. Moreover, the processing quality is poor, and it requires more manpower, and the benefit is not high.

Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting methods, the tube laser cutting has fast cutting speed, good precision and cutting quality. And the pipe laser cutting machine reduces the labor intensity of the operators. In addition, the users can carry out relatively complex CNC tube cutting through software programming.

Different applications of Tube laser cutting

The metal tube is a very common materials in daily life and industrial production. And tube laser cutting and its laser cut tube products also have a wide applications in various industries.

Tube laser cutting in the household appliances

The high-end and smart home appliances have become the development trend. And the laser tube cutting machine can realize the customized and exquisite processing according to user needs. The pipe laser cutting machine has the incomparable flexibility and processing accuracy of traditional cutting, and can open special-shaped holes. As a kind of CNC tube cutting technology, it achieves high-volume customized and personalized production. Because the laser pipe cutting machine adopts “non-contact processing”, the processing of laser cut tube does not require mold. 

Thus, it can effectively improve product quality and meet the customization and differentiation needs of home appliances enterprises.

Tube laser cutting in furniture manufacturing

The tube laser cutting is gradually replacing traditional shearing, punching, drilling, and sawing methods. The pipes in the furniture industry are of stainless steel usually, which fits the advantages of pipe laser cutting. With the high efficiency and high precision, the pipe laser cutting machine plays a significant role in the furniture industry.

The characteristics of materials in the furniture industry are the small and thin stainless steel pipes. It is very suitable to use the pipe laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel pipes. It can improve the cutting efficiency by nearly 30% while bringing a better CNC tube cutting effect.

The laser cutting realizes automated batch production in the furniture industry. After the bundles of pipes are put into the automatic loader, the machine automatically loads, cut,s and unloads pipes. The laser tube cutting machine owns the automatic loading and unloading functions. Therefore, it is possible to realize the batch processing of tubes. 

Small pipes in the furniture industry occupy a smaller space. The tube laser cutting machine can load more pipes at one time, so it has more advantages in furniture processing. It is enough to assign one operator to operate the machine, this is the embodiment of efficiency.

Laser cut tube in fitness equipment

In fitness equipment products, the application of metal pipes is very common. The traditional processing method is to use band saws, drilling machines, and special milling machines. This method can neither guarantee beauty nor the accuracy. And it also takes up a lot of labor cost and time cost for material clamping and transferring.

The laser cutting machine can cut and perforate various traditional or special-shaped pipes such as round, square and elliptical pipes. And it can cut any complex curve graphics on the pipe surface. The laser cut tubes can be directly welded without further processing. This greatly shortens the production period and creates unlimited value for manufacturers.

Laser cut tube in bicycle manufacturing

The bicycle frames are made of metal pipes. Most of the pipe materials for bicycles are aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, chromium molybdenum steel, and carbon fiber. It is very suitable to use pipe laser cutting machine for cutting and other processing. Laser cut tube in bicycle industry has become popular in recent years. 

Furthermore, the laser cut tube has smoother cutting sections. In addition to reduce the procedures of bicycle manufacturing, the laser cut tube also has high efficiency. And the cutting quality and effect are much better.

Laser cut tube in bathroom products

The stainless steel tube itself is not easy to oxidize, corrosion-resistant, not afraid of collisions, and is firm and clean. One of the development trends of bathroom products is the increase in stainless steel tubes. The laser cutting can turn stainless steel tubes into a variety of kitchen and bathroom accessories in a few seconds.

Laser cut tube in the decoration industry

Metal tubes in decoration materials have strong fire resistance and durability. They are widely used for the decoration of indoor and outdoor walls, cylinders, door frames, and other parts. The tube laser cutting machine has flexibility and high precision.

These processing features meet the processing requirements of copper, aluminum, and stainless steel doors and screens.

What laser machines we can use for tube cutting?

There are mainly two types of laser machines for cutting tubes. They are respectively the fiber laser tube cutting machine and the sheet and tube laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser tube cutting machine

The laser tube cutting machine is especially suitable for cutting pipes of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper and other metals. The speed of this CNC tube cutting is fast, and the cutting precision and the degree of automation are higher. It is the optimal laser equipment for cutting various pipes.

The fiber laser tube cutting machine has a wide range of applicability and cost-effectiveness for cutting metal tubes. It can cut square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes and oval tubes of various diameters. It is especially suitable for high-efficiency and high-quality cutting of metal pipes with small diameter and thin wall thickness. According to the part drawings, different graphics can be processed arbitrarily.

This laser tube cutting machine is known for its perfect cutting function, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. It can effectively solve the problems of cutting metal tubes for users and effectively reduce the processing cost for customers. The tube laser cutting machine allows users to have powerful and efficient CNC tube cutting machines with fewer purchase costs. 

Application industries of fiber laser tube cutting machine

We can use laser tube cutting machine for metal pipe cutting, auto parts manufacturing, sports equipment, and shelf display racks. It is also applicable to agricultural and forestry machinery, household appliances, decorative lighting, and fitness equipment manufacturing.

Sheet and tube laser cutting machine

The sheet and tube laser cutting machine has the advanced optical fiber laser plate cutting system and pipe cutting system. It combines the different functions of plate and tube cutting. And the users can operate this machine easily and switch the functions as needed in production. The operation is very convenient, and this machine creates more value for customers.

This sheet and tube laser cutting machine adopts the servo motor drive, precision rack, and pinion drive. Such a CNC tube cutting process has higher positioning and processing accuracy. Therefore, it can cut high precision metal sheets and tubes. Comparing to the traditional cutting and drilling processes, the processing speed gets increased by more than 5 times. It is an ideal metal plate and tubes laser cutting equipment.

Advantages of sheet and tube laser cutting machine

Safety servo module 

The laser head keeps a safe distance from the workpiece, which reduces the risk of collision. And this machine has the function of stopping by touching the workpiece to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Integrated sheet and tube cutting

One machine with double functions, the sheet and pipe laser cutting machine solves the cutting of multiple types of workpieces. The system can automatically and reliably switch the plate and tube cutting functions.

Advantages of DXTECH Laser tube cutting machine

Laser tube cutting is a kind of CNC tube cutting technology with high production efficiency and strong productivity. The tube laser cutting machine has four major advantages.  

  • High cutting accuracy and high dimensional accuracy

The cutting face is flat and clean, without burrs, and material loss is minimal.

  • Small heat affected zone of laser cutting

The heat affect zone of laser cutting is very small, and there is almost no thermal deformation. No oxidation can produce high-quality and more consistent parts. This is especially beneficial for subsequent automatic welding.

  • High cutting efficiency, mass production

The users can complete all operations of tube laser cutting continuously, which greatly speeds up the processing. The traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping. The laser cut tube machine can easily complete the clamping and positioning, which makes batch processing possible.

  • The tube laser cutting machine adopts digital system control, which is also one of the advantages of laser cutting machine cutting pipes.

In addition to cut metal tubes, the tube laser cutting machine can also carve or bevell metal tubes. There is also a more important thing. The tubes after the processing of the laser tube cutting machine do not need for secondary trimming treatment. The operators can directly send these metal parts to the next procedure. This virtually saves a lot of useless work. For some small manufacturers, the laser tube cutting machine requires a lot of investment in the early stage.

However, one laser machine can do the work of several people, and can operate 24 hours a day. And it can complete the cutting requirements with high efficiency and high precision. The laser cutting machine for tubes actually saves money in the long term.

Final thoughts

The tube laser cutting ensures the accuracy and flexibility of metal tube processing. The laser tube cutting technology can cut and carve any shape in any direction according to the design program. The cutting shape of metal can be changed quickly without the help of any further tools. As long as the design plan can be modified at the last minute, it will not affect the entire CNC tube cutting process.

The greater advantage is that the end user does not need to manufacture a large number of templates. In this way, the pipe laser cutting machine can respond faster according to customer needs to really achieve individuality customization.

Therefore, using laser technology to cut pipes can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching or cleaning of burrs. These processing procedures often require different equipment tools. And the tube laser cutting can complete the cutting of complex pipe structures. Laser pipe cutting equipment is rapidly growing up. And the demand for CNC tube cutting talents and tube laser cutting technology is growing rapidly.

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