Laser cutting templates are very crucial in the cutting process for laser cutting machines. An excellent laser cutting designer has the foresight of defects at the start phase of laser cut template designing and avoids those defects with his professional template-designed capacity. Therefore, creating a perfect laser cut design template is a sophisticated work that required an amount of effort.

Nowadays we have various laser ready templates for a range of industries to help you start your uniquely, ideal, and innovative laser cutting products. This article can be a reference as architectural model laser cutting templates and provide the 5 best laser cutting model templates for you.

The Burji Al Arab (The Tower of The Arabs)

As one of the most famous buildings, the Burji Al Arab (Tower of The Arabs) definitely qualifies to be made as a model to collect. With the Burji Al Arab laser cut template, a laser cutting machine can rebuild a small Burji Al Arab that nearly features all the detail of the real one. The simple but sophisticated laser cut design template provides a perfect command to the laser cutting machine, then the cutting machine will create a precise, high-efficient laser to produce fine laser cutting products.

Laser cutting materials: Wood

The laser cutting template of Burji Al Arab can be used in different types of laser cutting machines that might have the capability to cut various materials such as metal, foam, leather, wood, and acrylic. Any material that only the cutting material can deal with can be cut and assembled. While using the appropriate certain products will make the final product more beautiful, and artistic.

Wood might be the best choice of materials for Tower of The Arabs, because of its lightweight and colorable plane. Plywood and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) are popular wood materials used in laser cutting technology. Compared with other wood laser cut materials, the Plywood and MDF are durable and hard that can support the structure of the building with the resistance of various weathers.

Recommend: CO2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutter uses CO2 as the main gas to fill in the laser tube and creates a CO2 laser that make the thermal energy to realize CO2 laser cutting. Compared with metal laser cutting, the CO2 laser cutting machine is good at cutting non-metal laser. Its high-energy CO2 laser can cut non-metal materials easily without extra wear. The smooth edge it made is very appropriate for model parts cut and assemble. Therefore, it is cost-efficient to cut the Tower of The Arabs model with CO2 laser cutting machine.

The Temple of Heaven

Located in the southeastern part of Beijing, the Temple of Heaven is one of the landmarks of this city. It features a classic Chinese architectural style and behinds hundreds of years of Chinese culture. Therefore the Temple of Heaven is very appropriate to be made as a model for collection. We prepared a fine Temple of Heaven laser ready template that creates sophisticated model parts and simple assembling. This template will create a small Temple of Heaven for you to collect.

Laser cutting materials: Metal & Wood

The model of the Temple of Heaven is the same as the real one that has a balance building structure. Therefore, the laser cut materials of this model can be made of metal and wood.

Metal laser cutting material will make the final laser cutting model more elegant and durable, besides the polished outlook make the laser cutting model precious.

The Temple of Heaven made by laser cutting material is lightweight, colorable, and durable. Customers select plywood or MDF as their wood plate because this material is most popular in laser cutting machine applications.

Recommend: Fiber laser cutting machine & CO2 laser cutting machine

As we know the CO2 laser cutting machine has a better performance in non-metal materials, while the fiber laser cutting machine is good at cutting metal materials. The fiber laser cutting machine creates high-energy and precise fiber laser to cut various materials plane. With precise and efficient cutting work, a fiber laser cutting machine can be used to cut complex patterns upon metal planes.

These two types of laser cutting machines also can be used to cut metal and non-metal Temple of Heaven models. While the fiber laser cutting machine will take cost-efficient in this situation where the metal product more than the non-mental, and to the contrary, the CO2 laser cutting machine is appropriately used in where non-metal laser cut products more than the metal.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower as the landmark of Paris, French, has well known all over the world. It was named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel and was the tallest man-made structure in the world at the time that is 324 metres(1,063 ft) tall, approximately as height as an 81-story building. The famous building was mainly made of iron, so it is easy to duplicate the same small one. The Eiffel Tower model made by laser cutting iron features the same structure and proportion as the real one, so it is appropriate to collect as the world-famous structures in your house.

Laser cutting materials: Metal

The Eiffel Tower with metallic lute is popular in the building collection. Therefore, iron and copper are good materials for the model of laser structure cutting of this building, because this kind of materials will create a elegant outlook and more durable and valuable for collective. Besides, using iron or copper as the laser cutting materials of the Eiffel Tower model will make it more same as the real one. Who doesn’t want to put the small Eiffel Tower in their house?

Recommend: Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machines can deal with all kinds of metal materials, such as carbon, stainless, aluminum, copper, galvanized, and iron. Fiber laser heat creates a precise and high-energy laser beam that penetrates the metal steel for cutting delicate metal model parts. The part cut by fiber laser cutting machine will have smooth edges and very easy to assembly as the final products. With the help of fiber laser cutting machine and the laser cutting template of the tower that we provided, you will create and assemble a perfect laser cut model.


A house model helps people to learn the structure of this real building, and laser cutting machine making the creative work easily. In the real, a house generally is made of two tiers, and a foundation, but the stability of the model is depended on the bottom board and the structure design. Creating a stable house model needs a professional house laser cut template made by professional laser cut template designers.

Laser cut material: Wood

The house model made by wood laser cut materials is the most approaching of the real building, because most living houses are made from wood. Besides, using wood as the laser cut material of house models is easy to assemble and preserve, on the other hand, it is convenient that taking apart the model, searching and designing the building structure. Plywood and MDF are popular kinds of wood used for laser cutting technology, because of its lightweight, durable, and colorable.

Recommend: CO2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutting machine is appropriately used to cut non-metal materials, such as wood, plastic, leather, etc. With the high-energy laser beam, the CO2 laser cutting machine can cut delicate model parts strictly according to the house model laser cutting template we designed. Though the laser beam of the CO2 laser cutting machine is powerless than the fiber laser cutting machine, the lower energy wear is enough to cut non-metal laser cutting machines like wood that is cost-efficient for customers.


We provide another house model laser cut template for our customers. This laser cutting template is made by our professional laser cut template designers that avoids a certain of defects which might appear in the laser cutting process. This laser cut template is different from the other that is prominent on the other types of house.

Laser cutting material: Wood

Plywood and MDF are appropriately used to make house model laser cut products, because of their lightweight, colorable, and durability. The light wood part allows customers taking part in the model to search and design the structure of the house model.

Recommend: CO2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser cutting machine is advanced in non-metal laser butting materials. This kind of laser cutting machine has a lower energy laser beam than the fiber laser cutting machine, but it is cost-efficient to be used in laser cutting technology.

Final Thought

With the development of laser cutting technology, the laser cutting machine has become more and more user-friendly and easy to operate. Only need the sophisticated laser cutting template, the operator will create a fine laser cutting product with cutting machine. An experienced laser cutting template designer can avoid lots of cutting defects in the start design phase. And nowadays, we provide some minds for you about architectural model laser ready templates that are made by our sophisticated designers.

Create the laser cut ideal with these 5 templates!

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