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Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This is an entry-level fiber laser cutting machine, which can achieve arbitrary cutting in metal materials without high purchase and purchase costs. With the features of easy operation and convenient use, this type of metal laser cutter is widely welcomed by users at home and abroad. If you need simple processing of metal materials, this entry-level metal cutting machine will be a good choice for you.

• Laser power: 500w-12000w

• Work area: 1300 x 900 mm up to 2500 x 8000mm

• Max material thickness: 6 mm-35 mm

• Certification: ISO9001,CE, FDA, ROHS

This entry-level metal fiber laser cutting machine has multiple configurations for users to choose to meet their diverse processing needs. The laser power can be upgraded from 500W to 10000W, so it can realize arbitrary processing of most metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet and so on. All core components are imported from international brands to ensure the machine with a long service life to the greatest extent.


1. Equipped with the cast iron bed, and it’s heavier bed ensures more stable operation of the laser cutting machine.
2. Adopting cast aluminum beams, the laser cutter has the characteristics of high strength, strong stability, light weight, fast speed, etc.
3. Manufactured with the imported motor, it has the advantages of long service life and strong cutting ability.
4. Support customization. Whether it is the bed working area and the choice of various accessories, we can customize it according to the user’s processing needs.

Components of sheet metal laser cutting machine

Cast iron bed

The cast iron bed is made of gray cast iron, which has a high carbon content and is not easily deformed by heat. Therefore, it can ensure that the machine has a long service life. In addition, compared with the ordinary bed, the cast iron bed is much heavier and has high stability, so it can ensure that the machine is more stable when the machine is running, and has higher processing accuracy and quality.

Aluminum beam

The cast aluminum beam has the advantages of high strength, strong stability, light weight, fast speed, strong impact resistance, safety and reliability. Therefore, it ensures higher machining accuracy when ensuring high-speed operation of the machine. In addition, the cast aluminum beam can also realize the rapid cutting of various graphics while satisfying the accuracy.


This motor is known for its stability and speed, high cost performance, and is the world’s largest sales brand. It has the characteristics of high speed and stable performance. The rated speed can reach 3000 rpm, which can ensure high speed and high efficiency while ensuring stable operation.

The Past Work


What are the common fiber laser cutting machine consumables?

Protective lenses, nozzles, ceramic rings.

What are the factors that affect the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machines?

There are many factors that affect the accuracy of laser cutting, including the equipment itself, such as the accuracy of the mechanical system, the degree of vibration of the table, the quality of the laser beam, the influence of the auxiliary gas and the nozzle, and the attributes of the processing material.

How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine?

Choosing a fiber laser cutting machine that suits you need to comprehensively consider the hardware configuration of the fiber laser cutting machine, the professionalism of the manufacturer, the price acceptance, after-sales service and derived added value, etc.


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