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Mixed Cutter Laser Engraving Machine for Metal and Nonmetal

This is a laser engraving machine with mixed cutting function, which can not only meet the engraving of non-metallic materials such as acrylic, plastic, rubber, etc., but also realize the cutting of thinner stainless steel, carbon steel, and other metal plates. If your processing needs include metallic and non-metallic materials, this machine is definitely your best choice.

• Laser Source: CO2 laser source

• Laser power: 40w-180w

• Work Area: 500 x 300 mm up to 1500 x 3000 mm

• Certification: ISO9001,CE, FDA, ROHS

Compared with the other CO2 laser engraving machine, this laser engraver has a more processing range, it not only can cut non-metal material such as acrylic, leather, rubber, but also can realize what you want on the metal material like about 1.2mm stainless steel and carbon steel. And it is widely used in the advertising industry, handicraft production, decoration, rubber plate furniture, and other industries. And it is the most affordable machine for customers who want to cut metal and nonmetal materials.


1. Adopting mixed cutting laser head, it can realize the process of nonmetal material and some metal material.
2.The laser head has an automatic focusing function, which guarantees the processing quality and eliminates the need for secondary processing of the workpiece.
3. Imported parts such as Taiwan guide rails, lead screws, etc. to ensure the machine has a long service life.
4. Laser tube has the advantages of long service life, low maintenance cost, etc.

Components of laser engraving machine

Mixed cutter laser head

Mixed cutting laser head is also known as metal non-metal laser cutting head. The biggest difference between this kind of laser head and ordinary laser head is that it can cut both metal and non-metal material. The mixed cutting laser cutting head is mostly used in small and medium power laser cutting machines below 500W.

Honeycomb countertop

The honeycomb platform is more suitable for soft materials such as leather, cloth, and paper. Generally, adsorption devices are equipped to absorb these soft materials to ensure the flatness of the material and to prevent protrusions and warped edges.


This motor is known for its stability and speed, high cost performance, and is the world’s largest sales brand. It has the characteristics of high speed and stable performance. The rated speed can reach 3000 rpm, which can ensure high speed and high efficiency while ensuring stable operation.

The Past Work


Can laser engraving machines process metal?

The wavelength of the laser emitted by the carbon dioxide laser engraving machine is 10.6um, which cannot be fully absorbed by metal products. Therefore, it is difficult to engrave on metal products.

Can laser engraving machines be used in the clothing industry?

Definitely. Laser engraving machine can cut and engrave various textiles such as various jeans.

Can a laser engraving machine process leather?

Yes. And you can carve logos, patterns, punches, cuts, etc.

What is the difference between a blade countertop and a honeycomb countertop?

Honeycomb platforms are more suitable for soft materials such as leather, cloth, and paper. The contact surface between the blade table and the material is relatively small, which is very suitable for cutting rigid plates such as acrylic and MDF.


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