If you search for the name Martin Tomsky, you will find that this artist from London created a lot of amazing laser cut plywood artwork. Ordinary plywood materials became exquisite layered artworks in his hands, interpreting the creator’s understanding of nature, art and aesthetics.

Laser cut plywood artwork from Martin Tomsky

This is too difficult to make, you may think. However, with the assistance of laser cutting, it is not that hard to finish a beautiful plywood product. The invention of laser cutting technology opens a door for artists and artisans, helping them to turn ideas into reality more easily. Laser cutting machines transfer the designed lines into the cutting path of the laser beam, allowing people’s creativity to be presented on the plywood perfectly and accurately.

This article will introduce the background information of laser cut plywood and introduce ten fantastic laser cut plywood products that you can try. After reading through the article, we look forward to your inspiration and your action to start a wonderful plywood laser cutting project.

Introduction of Plywood

Plywood is a common material in our daily life, but do you know how it is made? Plywood is made by coating resin between thin wooden boards and pressing them under a certain pressure. It is a kind of artificial wood material. Compared with solid wood, plywood is stronger and can resist cracking or warping. What’s more, plywood can reduce expansion and contraction, and the size is more stable.

Plywood saves the use of wood on the premise of ensuring or even improving the physical properties. This material has been widely used in all walks of life. The construction, home decoration, ships, trains, automobiles and packaging industries all need plywood for interior decoration.

Besides that, plywood is very popular among handmade designers and DIY lovers. People like to use plywood boards to design and make all kinds of art, decorations, gifts, souvenirs, daily necessities and so on. If you love DIY and want to make some ornaments, gifts or 3D puzzles, plywood can be one of your first choices.

Why Use Laser for Plywood Cutting?

Assuming this is a world without lasers, how would you cut plywood? The first thing you might think of is a knife or a saw. They really work if you are not demanding on the cutting quality. But this will take you a lot of time. If you only perform straight cuts, it is easy. However, if you want to cut a curve, it will be very hard. Thus, this highlights the importance of laser.

Whether it is plywood or other materials, such as wood, MDF, acrylic, the laser can easily deal with it. Moreover, the laser cutting head does not contact the material during the cutting process and produces smooth cutting edges on the plywood. More than that, laser cutting plywood has many advantages over knife cutting. In the cutting of wooden materials, uniform black edges will appear after laser ablation. And the black edges make the cutting surface more distinct, especially for the production of hierarchical three-dimensional works. This promotes the production of plywood artwork. In addition, the cutting seam of laser cutting is very smooth and even. You don’t need to do any subsequent processing, which saves a lot of effort and gives you more time to create better works.

If you want to mass-produce the same type of plywood products, then a laser plywood cutting machine is undoubtedly the most suitable tool. Its cutting speed is very fast. For people who rely on selling plywood handicrafts, laser cut plywood is very useful. Cutting plywood with laser can process a pattern unlimited times, thus saving a lot of production time. Moreover, it can help people quickly make products with exquisite outlines and high precision, and the high-quality products will be loved by more customers.

Laser Cut Plywood & Laser Engrave Plywood

The specific applications of laser in plywood material processing mainly include laser cutting plywood and laser engraving plywood.

Laser Cut Plywood

Watch this video to know the process and effects of laser cutting plywood. As you can see from the video, laser cutting plywood is very fast. And the laser beam leaves a narrow cutting seam on the plywood board. The laser cutting seam is very smooth and flat, which can guarantee good cutting quality. Besides, laser cutting plywood can realize the maximum utilization of plywood materials, which saves the material cost for users. Below is an example.

Suppose you want to make a 3D animal model as shown in the picture below. You need to cut out each part of the model and then assemble them. Manual cutting cannot make full use of plywood material. But laser cutting can do this. You can design the pattern through drawing software to maximize the use of materials in a limited area. This saves material costs and is more friendly to the environment.

Laser Engrave Plywood

The laser can not only cut through the plywood boards but also engrave the surface of the plywood. It ablates and removes the surface of the material, thereby forming a specific groove to achieve the purpose of engraving. The engraved lines are clear and can be touched by hand. Laser engraving plywood can process various exquisite patterns or characters. The path of laser engraving is controlled by CNC software, so even complex patterns can be finished on the plywood quickly and precisely. As long as you upload the desired pattern or draw the pattern on the computer, the laser can present the pattern on the plywood board accurately.

Ten Amazing Laser Cut Plywood Products

After learning about the advantages of laser cut plywood, are you eager to use a laser plywood cutting machine to make some meaningful handicrafts, ornaments, decorations or small gifts? Here, we have found ten amazing laser cut plywood products that you can try. We look forward to your bold attempts and hope you can make wonderful plywood artwork.

Laser Cut Plywood Lampshade

Many people who love laser cutting want to make this plywood lampshade. This laser cut plywood lampshade is beautiful and practical. A well-designed laser cut lampshade can make the lamp more beautiful as well as decorate your living room or bedroom. With the help of the laser cutting machine, making a lampshade is super easy. If you want to make a more complicated lampshade, you can make a hollow in the middle of each leaf to let more light out and make the lampshade more colorful.

Laser Cut Plywood International Chess

If you want to use plywood to make game props and like to play chess, then this kind of plywood chess is a good idea. Each piece of chess is assembled by only two simple parts, so the production difficulty is extremely low. In addition, the chess patterns are easy to draw and make. This laser cut plywood chess will be a good gift for your chess friends. Moreover, plywood chess is sturdy and durable, so you and your friends can enjoy the fun of the chess game.

Laser Cut Plywood Box

There are many practical plywood products you can make, such as this plywood box for storing items. This is easy for beginners to do. Making a plywood box requires you to draw the edge line of each board so that the final six boards can be connected. The plywood box is very practical in our daily life. We can use it to store tools, candies, snacks, etc.

Laser Cut Plywood Key Chain

If you want to make a key chain for yourself or your friend, you can choose plywood to make it. The process of making a plywood key chain requires laser cutting and laser engraving. Firstly, cut out the shape of the key chain. Secondly, engrave beautiful patterns on it. You can design any pattern you like, and the laser can accurately display the pattern on the key chain.

Laser Cut Plywood Table Ornaments

metal and wood laser cutting machine

Many people, especially those who like to decorate houses, like to put some pretty decorations on the table. If you are one of them, do you want to make some exquisite desktop decorations by yourself? Laser technology can help you do this work easily. The picture on the left shows two beautiful Christmas tree decorations. The ornament is assembled from two tree-shaped laser cut plywood parts.

Laser Cut Plywood Mother’s Day Gift

May 9th, 2021 is Mother’s Day. Do you want to prepare a special gift for your mother? Rather than buying a gift from a store, it will be more meaningful if you make a meaningful gift by yourself. Laser cutting is automated, as long as the pattern is designed, it can automatically complete the processing. A plywood laser cutter can help you to make a meaningful Mother’s Day gift to express your gratitude to your mother. Moreover, the gift made by you is full of your love.

Laser Cut 3D Plywood Animal Puzzle

Although ordinary laser cutting machines process on the panel, this does not prevent them from making amazing 3D products. The 3D animal puzzle is one of the classic 3D laser cutting plywood products. 3D animal puzzles are currently very popular in the children’s toy market and are also loved by many adults. You can try to make the parts for certain animals and then enjoy the fun of assembling them.

Laser Cut Plywood Clock

The clock is a common daily necessity that is practical and can decorate the walls of houses. Uniquely shaped clocks can add artistic flavor to the house. Making clocks with plywood and a plywood laser cutter is a good idea. With the help of the plywood laser cutter, the plywood clock can be designed into various shapes and patterns. You can design any patterns you like, such as geometric patterns, flowers, animals, cartoon characters, text, etc.

Laser Cut Plywood Wall Art

In the hands of the decorators and home decoration designers, any material can be turned into a beautiful wall decoration. Plywood is no exception. It usually costs 50-100 dollars or more to buy a beautiful wooden wall decoration in the store, so why not try to make one by yourself? Making plywood wall art is an idea worth trying. With unique wood texture and elegant colors, plywood wall decoration can be ingeniously integrated with a variety of interior decoration styles.

Best Laser Plywood Cutting Machine

At the end of this article, we would like to recommend the best laser plywood cutting machine that is very suitable for processing plywood and other non-metallic materials. This is a 1390 laser cutting machine. As the most cost-effective machine among non-metal laser machines, this plywood laser cutting machine has been widely recognized by our customers. The working size is 1300mm*900mm, which is enough for users to design various plywood products. To ensure excellent cutting quality and long machine life, DXTECH equipped this machine with world-class parts, including but not limited to Ruida controller, Taiwan guide rail, Japanese Omron electronic components, aviation aluminum beam, heavy cast iron bed, etc.

Besides, this 1390 laser cutting machine is very easy to operate. Even beginners can master the basic operation after several hours of learning. And the specialists from DXTECH will also provide users with detailed machine operation guides and technical support to help users familiarize themselves with the machine. Do you want to buy a hobby laser cutting machine to make any plywood artwork? If so, this 1390 laser cutting machine is an ideal choice. If you want to get more details about this 1390 plywood laser cutting machine, you can leave your email address and message in the comment section, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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