Now the plastic processing industries mostly choose laser technology to process plastic materials.  The laser cut plastic often appears in daily necessities, and also is used in the automotive, electronic, and medical equipment industries. And it is even used in aerospace and some precision industries. If the laser cut plastic is to be applied to these high-end fields, using plastic laser cutter machines can realize and guarantee the precision and cleanliness in the process of cutting and engraving.

There are lots of plastic materials suitable for the requirements of laser cutting processing. For example, the commonly used include laser cutting acrylic sheet, laser cut perspex, laser cutting polycarbonate, and laser cut plexiglass. And they are also widely used in the advertising industry, architectural material industry, and many other applications.

Why choose laser to cut plastic?

The laser cut plastic is produced by using the plastic laser cutter machine. The machine focuses the laser on the surface of the plastic, uses the high temperature of the laser to melt plastics. And at the same time, the compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam blows away the melted plastic. And the laser beam moves along a certain working route, thereby cutting plastics into the shapes and patterns as designed.

How is laser cut plastic produced?

The material of the plastic itself conforms to the characteristics of CO2 laser cutting. And the process of laser cut plastic is precise, clean, fast and efficient. The following illustrates the processing and advantages of laser cut plastic.

Advantages of using laser machine to process laser cut plastic

The traditional machining method is to directly use the cutting tool to contact and cut the plastic workpiece. This method will cause the plastic to deform and also form burrs at the cutting edges. And some plastics may require secondary treatments. The processing speed will slow down and the machining precision of plastic cannot meet the requirements.

If the plastic laser cutting machine is used in cutting plastic materials, the disadvantages of slow processing speed and insufficient precision can be avoided. And the use of plastic laser cutting technology can accelerate the speed of plastic processing. The application of plastic laser cutting in the plastics processing industry can greatly improve work efficiency. The plastic laser cutting machine is non-contact processing, and the cutting edge is less affected by heat. There is basically no thermal deformation of the plastic work-piece, and the laser cutting seam is smooth and flat. And generally, the laser cut plastic does not require secondary processing.

The processing of laser cut plastic can also increase the speed of new plastic product development. After the product drawings are formed, the users can start the laser processing immediately. And the samples of new plastic products can be obtained in the shortest production cycle.

Besides, the processing of laser cut plastic has no mold consumption, no need to repair molds. It also saves the time for mold replacement. Thereby the processing of laser cut plastic also reduces production costs. And the plastic laser cutting machine is especially suitable for processing larger plastic or small batches of plastic materials.

Which industries are laser cut plastic mainly used in?

There are many different kinds of laser cut plastic widely used in various industries. The laser cutting polycarbonate, laser cutting acrylic sheet, and laser cut plexiglass are usually used in lots of processing industries. And the laser cut plexiglass is also a good material for making sanitary ware. The laser cut polypropylene and laser cut ABS apply to household appliances. Generally, the laser cut plastic is an indispensable material in advertising, handicrafts, household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, medical equipment, and lighting appliances. Therefore, the processing application of laser cut plastic is also essential.

Laser cut plastic for the advertising industry

The laser cutting acrylic sheet, laser cut plexiglass, and laser cut perspex are the frequently used materials in this industry.

In the traditional advertising production process, some advertising products have sophisticated designs, complex structures, and long production times. The personalized advertising design and processes are complex and difficult to realize mass production.

However, the application of a plastic laser cutting machine solves the above problems. And it achieves efficient, high-quality, and precise cutting effect in the processing of laser cut plexiglass or laser cut perspex. It has greatly promoted the development of the advertising industry.

There are many types of plastic advertising letters processed by laser. The laser cut perspex, and laser cut plexiglass are often made into crystal advertising letters. Such letters after laser cutting have smooth and neat edges, no burrs, and no need for additional polishing.

It is undoubtedly the best choice to use a CO2 laser machine to produce laser cutting acrylic sheets for billboards, laser cut perspex letters, and laser cut plexiglass boxes. The advertising letters or signs made from laser cut perspex and laser cut plexiglass have exquisite shapes, concise and generous.

Features of laser cut plastic for advertising signs

The users design different fonts, shapes, and sizes in the computer, and directly cut them out by laser. The processing of laser cutting acrylic sheets, laser cut plexiglass and laser cut perspex is very flexible and environmentally friendly. They also virtually save a lot of unnecessary expenses and then expands corporate profits. These advertising signs of laser cut plexiglass and laser cut perspex effectively enhances the brand image and recognition. And the crystal letters made of laser cutting acrylic sheets are energy-saving, have a long service life, and easy to maintain.

The color of laser cut perspex is very rich and also very bright. And thus it can meet the needs of various colorful colors in the advertising industry.

The special feature of using laser cut plastic for advertising signs is that it can process different products according to customer needs. As long as the drawing is ready, it can be controlled by the computer to make a good sample immediately. The laser cut plastic greatly improves the flexibility of the advertising products making. In addition, the laser processing has fewer consumables,and is environmentally friendly, which can help companies save costs and improve production efficiency.

Laser cut plastic for craft gift Industry

The laser cutting acrylic sheet and laser cut polypropylene resin are low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic and odorless. They are new healthy and fashionable materials in craft gifts processing industry.

At present, the market prospect of using laser cutting acrylic sheet to make craft gifts is getting better and better. Laser cutting processing has won people’s recognition for its high-speed and simple processing advantages. For example, the laser cut polypropylene resin crafts can be stored for a long time, and do not change color.

According to the computer design drawings, the plastic laser cutting machine cuts out the patterns and dimensions as required. The laser cut polypropylene resin are not damp, and can be permanently bright and beautiful.

And then it produces a crystal clear laser cutting acrylic sheet which can further form simple and stylish storage box. The storage box made of laser cutting acrylic sheet has various forms and creativity. Therefore, the daily necessities are stored in an orderly and neat manner. The users can quickly find the stored items, which saves space and time.

The acrylic jewelry boxes are clearly layered and full of texture, allowing high-value jewelry to shine even in a closed box. The same is the storage box, and this acrylic storage box processed by laser cutting technology has better light transmission and crystal transparency. It is very suitable for homes, hotels, office places, and can also use laser engraving technology to engrave personality logo.

The precision of the laser cutting process can reach within millimeters. The laser cut polypropylene resin has smooth edges and corners, no burrs and no damage to the hands. The non-contact laser processing method will not damage the acrylic material, which is beautiful and practical.

Laser cut plastic for medical industry

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

One of the most important uses of laser cutting polycarbonate is to manufacture medical equipment. One example is to cut high-end medical stents, which are used in equipment such as the control of kidney stone pain.

The laser cutting polycarbonate can withstand steam, cleaning agents, heating and large doses of radiation sterilization. And the polycarbonate products after laser cutting will not turn yellow and physical properties decline. Therefore, the laser cutting polycarbonate is widely used in artificial kidney hemodialysis equipment and other medical equipment. These equipment need to be operated under transparent and intuitive conditions and to be repeatedly sterilized. For example, the production of high-pressure syringes, disposable dental appliances, blood separators requires using laser cutting polycarbonate. Another example of laser cut plastic is the high-end medical stents made from laser cutting polycarbonate. They are used in medical equipment such as the control of kidney stone pain.

Precision tube cutting

The laser cutting polycarbonate can also used as precision plastic tubes; this is a very popular product in the medical industry.

For example, plastic materials used in medical equipment are often tiny products such as vascular catheters. The inner diameter of the catheter hole is only 0.3 mm. In angioplasty, the diameter of the catheter is between 0.0076 and 0.025 mm. If other methods are used to process these tiny plastic tubes, it cannot be achieved. The laser cutting polycarbonate has precise dimension and shapes and can be used to meet the medical needs.

Laser cut plastic for automobile industry

Many parts in the automobile industry are made of laser cut ABS or ABS alloy. The main parts in cars use ABS, such as the instrument panel with PC/ABS as the framework. The upper and lower trims of the threshold, and the water tank mask are made of laser cut ABS.

Laser cutting ABS does not require mold opening, owns high precision, has different patterns and shapes and fits different vehicle models very well. Besides, the laser cut ABS is widely used in interior trim parts. For example, the glove box assembly are made of heat-resistant laser cut ABS.

Besides, the laser cut polycarbonate has good impact resistance, thermal distortion resistance, good weather resistance, and high hardness. It is suitable for the production of various parts of cars and light trucks. Therefore, the laser cut polycarbonate mainly applied on lighting systems, heating panels, defrosters and bumpers made of polycarbonate alloy.

Laser cut plastic for household appliances and office machines

Because laser cut ABS and laser cut HDPE have high gloss and easy formability, they have a wider market in home appliances and small appliances. For example, laser cutting ABS is also widely used in home fax machines, and stereos. And the laser cut HDPE parts are also used in vacuum cleaners, and the materials of laser cut HDPE are also widely used in kitchen appliances.

Furthermore, a lot of parts made by laser cut ABS is used in telephone shells, memory shells, computers, fax machines, and copiers. The office machines made by laser cut ABS has a beautiful appearance and a good hand feeling.


In general, laser cut plastic has many application advantages in various industries.

The processing of laser cut plastic sheet is flexible and fast. The automatic laser cutting meets the needs of the plastics processing industry. The laser cut plastic is not limited by the shape, and it can be cut quickly by graphic design through the software.

The processing of laser cut plastic saves materials. Through reasonable parameter and graphic setting, laser cutting can make great use of materials. Saving production materials will undoubtedly save companies a lot of money and prevent waste.

The processing of laser cut plastic also saves labor. Laser cutting plastic is different from traditional cutting. It requires less labor. When using laser cutting to cut plastic materials, there is no need to make molds. And the laser cutting produces less pollution to the environment, which can easily cope with the working environment with strict restrictions for pollution.

For the creative industries such as advertising, efficient laser cutting technology improves plastic processing production. In terms of flexibility, the advantages of laser cutting are obvious. At the same time, the whole process of laser cut plastic is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The production workshop can be kept tidy, and the cutting waste will be greatly reduced.

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