Leather is a durable and flexible material created by shedding and tanning animal rawhide or animal skins. This material has stable physical and chemical characteristic. Leather keeps the good texture and flexibility of animal hide. The surface of its products is lustrous, soft, and the quality remains unchanged for many years. With these superior features, leather has a wide range of applicants in many industries. People use it to produce luxury goods or durable products, such as leather shoes, leather bags, leather garments, leather sofa or leather seats.

Traditional Leather Cutting Vs. Laser Cutting

As a durable and tough material, leather has strong resistance to many machining tools. In the traditional way, there are mainly two machining methods for leather cutting: Manual cutting and die pressing method. On the one hand, manual cut leather has the disadvantages of low speed, inefficiency, low yield, high manpower cost and lots of material waste. On the other hand, die pressing method also has some limitations. For example, users need to prepare different types of knife dies to cut leather item into different shapes. And the leather factory needs to spend a lot of money to store and maintain knife dies. In addition, knife dies easily cause wear and tear to the leather products during the machining. Both of the two machining methods can’t satisfy the high-efficiency and high-precision production requirements in modern times.

Along with the fast development of technology and higher standard of leather processing, the greater part of leather manufacturers engage in looking for a more efficient, convenient and cost-effective machining method to cut leather. DXTECH laser cutting machine is able to meet their needs. Laser cutting machine is also known as CNC laser cutter. Laser is a special type of light that has strong penetration, high brightness and high directivity. It is widely used in materials processing, no matter the material is metallic or non-metallic. Leather has poor resistance to laser. Thus, it can be cut, engraved, or marked by laser easily.


A basic laser cutter consists of laser device, mainframe, control system and other auxiliary systems and components. Laser device is the most critical part. It generates focused infrared laser beam which has high density and a lot of energy. This energy can melt and vaporize materials instantaneously. The infrared laser beam irradiates on the surface of leather, then the exposed leather part quickly melts, vaporizes, burns or reaches to the melting point. At the same time, the high-speed jet stream coaxial with the laser beam blows off the molten material. Thus, a sealed edge appears, and the cutting process is completed.

In comparison with the conventional leather cutting methods, CNC laser cutter has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision and smooth cutting effect. In addition, it doesn’t need knife dies. Over the recent years, CNC laser cutter won a great reputation in all walks of life and gained high appraisals from customers at home and abroad.

DXTECH has profound experience on researching and manufacturing laser cutting machines. The most typical laser machines for cutting work are fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine. Both of them can process multiple materials and get continuous recognition from users. As leather is a non-metallic material, CO2 laser cutting machine shows better performance. CO2 laser cutter uses CO2 gas as the main media and some rare gases as the auxiliary to conduct the cutting work in a efficient way. Leather shows high absorptivity to the CO2 laser. Thus, leather vaporizes quickly under the irradiation of laser beam. As a consequence, the cutting process is very fast. In addition to leather material, CO2 can also cut a variety of other non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, plastic, paper, foam, fabric, plywood.


Firstly, laser cut leather is contact-free. It produces a very smooth and sealed edge with little to no burr. Therefore, there is no need to do post processing. The laser beam is just 0.1 mm wide approximately, so the cutting slit is very narrow and the machining precision is high.

Secondly, laser cut leather greatly improves processing efficiency and saves labor cost. The machine runs in fast velocity and good stability. The operation doesn’t need much human intervention and the processing cost is very low. Thus, laser cut leather is a good method to increase enterprise’s revenue, strengthen production capacity, and enhance company’s competitiveness in leather industry.

Thirdly, laser cut leather is capable to handle various patterns or complex geometry with no restriction. No matter how complex the design is, the machine can finish the expected product perfectly. And it is acceptable to use any application software to design a unique vector graph. What’s more, the machine is very simple to operate. For leather crafting designers, leather laser cutting is a practical and ideal way to help them conceive creative ideas in their mind and produce consistent results.

Last but not least, laser cut leather is economical in material usage. In the process of manual cutting or die pressing, the operator needs to reserve some space on leather to ensure a accurate cutting. This causes some waste of material nonetheless inevitably. CNC laser cutter doesn’t have that problem. It can make full use of each leather item and significantly reduces unnecessary material waste.


CNC laser cutter is able to handle multifarious leather materials, such as natural leather, top-grain leather, suede leather, nubuck leather, or synthetic leather. Those leather materials cover most of the common types of leather on the market and all of them are suitable to be cut by laser. The finished products are clean, tiny and have no blemish.


For a long time, the traditional leather processing methods limit the rapid development of leather related industries including leather clothing, leather accessory, leather decoration and other leather related business. Laser cut leather brings new opportunity to the leather industries. It opens a door for leather processing factories by increasing productivity, improving profits ratio and expanding market share. The potential of leather laser cutting is tremendous and beyond measure in the near future. Nowadays, laser cutting machine is widely applicable in all walks of life and creates extraordinary value.


Leather laser cutting is popular in the clothing field without any doubt. People like to wear leather jackets, leather pants or leather dress for warm-keeping or fashion purpose. From the consumers’ point of view, high quality is the top standard for leather clothes. To be specific, the cutting edge needs to be very smooth and has no yellowing. And any wear or tear is not allowed on the surface of leather clothes. CNC laser cutter can achieve this result easily. The processing is contact-free, and the operator doesn’t need to clamp the leather pieces during the machining. Leather laser cutting can result in a smooth sealed cutting edge, and keeps the cleanness of the leather at the same time. With laser cutting machine, the finished leather clothes show high quality, perfect appearance and nice durability.

What’s more, CNC laser cutter can handle mass production. From time to time, it is inevitable to receive rush order or large order for small factories that have limited work force. It’s impossible to complete the work in a short time. Thus, they need a more productive “worker” to handle it. CNC laser cutter can keep running on 24/7, equaling to multiple workers’ productivity. This greatly improves the utilization rate of factory buildings. In the long run, leather laser cutting is a more reliable production method for leather clothes factories.

In addition, equipped with the advanced control system, CNC laser cutter cuts leather material into the required sizes with no error. Compared to manual cutting method, laser cutting machine promises a more precise cutting result and reduces leather waste.


CNC laser cutter also has extensive usage in the accessory industry. Leather is a popular raw material to make accessories. The products have high quality, soft surface and attractive grain. Leather laser cutting is an efficient way to customize elegant, delicate and practical leather goods including leather shoes, leather handbag, leather hats, leather bracelet, leather necklace, leather belt, leather key ring and so on.

In the term of leather shoes production, leather laser cutting produces perfect-trimmed edges, delicate and durable leather shoes. In the leather handbag field, leather laser cutting can make textured, colorful and non-abrasive leather handbags. What’s more, in the leather belts industry, leather laser cutting can cut thick and durable leather piece with tiny cutting edges, and produce durable leather belts.

In addition, laser cut leather provides many possibilities in the leather customization world. With laser cut, it’s getting easier to realize the customers’ requirements on personal leather customization. For leather DIY hobbyists or leather stylists, combining laser cut leather and leather designing opens a door for them to come up with more leather designs and get nice product sample as quickly as possible. With CNC laser cutter’s support, they can produce perfect leather products which have high quality and are full of the designer’ passion. Laser cut leather has a broad application and prospect in the leather designing world.


In the decoration industry, leather plays an irreplaceable role. When it comes to leather, that means top quality and expensive price. This mainly reflects in the house decoration and car interior decoration. In the house decoration, laser cut leather can produce high quality leather pieces which are used to make sofa. The leather pieces have tiny and smooth edges, which lays a stable foundation for the follow-up sewing work. Laser cut leather also has wide usage and get good popularity in the car interior decoration. The processed leather products retains its high dirt-resistant and abrasion-resistant properties. And laser cut leather produces smooth edged leather and the leather has no fraying or yellowing.


Here are some points for your attention to laser cut leather:

  1. Avoid line overlapping when you design the pattern, so that the processed leather product has smooth slit and no fraying.
  2. Test your laser machine with a small leather piece before using. This is because different laser powers are suitable for different thickness or characteristics of leather materials. If it’s your first time to laser cut a type of leather material, test the machine with a small leather piece to see how it works. If there is deformation on the leather product, that indicates the laser power is too high and you need to reduce the power.
  3. To ensure your safety, please bear in mind that do not put any objects or your hands under the laser machine before and during the machining.
  4. Some leather materials contain PVC compounds and they are not suitable to use laser cut. Harmful gases may release out.


Except for the laser cut leather, laser engrave leather also plays an important role in the leather processing industry. Laser engrave leather has wide applications in leather products including leather clothes, leather bags, leather hats, leather necklace, and so on.


CO2 laser engraving machine is the main tool to laser engrave leather item. Similar with the principle of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine generates high-density laser beam and hits the surface of leather, then the leather evaporates precisely and exposes a regular pattern. And the debossed area reflects an obvious different color in contrast with the other area.


Laser engrave leather produces a smooth and clean effect. The operation is in high speed and high precision, and there is no loud noise. Laser engrave leather can make colorful patterns and there is no restrictions on the pattern’s complexity. For example, it can engrave flowers, plants, animals, English letters, famous landmarks or any other beautiful patterns or complex graphics. For the leather engraving designers or lovers, laser engrave leather helps them to design innovative leather products more effectively and easily. Moreover, laser engrave leather is a good way to carry out design activities and promote interpersonal communication. All of children, elders and youngsters will fall in love with laser cut leather to design interesting and beautiful leather products.


Laser cut leather has high processing efficiency and high precision. It greatly saves the labor cost and material cost and is eco-friendly. With the flexible ability to handle complex patterns, laser cutting machine is an ideal choice for enterprise who engage in leather products manufacturing. Also, it is a good partner for the people who like to design unique and exquisite leather products.

As an experienced and professional CNC laser machine manufacturer, DXTECH not only devotes to the manufacturing of CNC laser cutter, but also delves into the researching of laser engraving machine. If you want to know additional info about laser cut leather, laser engrave leather, or laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine, you can search in our official website to explore more details and surprise.

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