Lamp is an essential part in the household items with no doubt. Because it emits bright light to illuminate the room in a stunning way, and plays an important role in the house decoration and ambient mood. Lamp’s colors, styles, luminance, patterns and materials affect the overall aesthetic effects.

Nowadays, laser cut light and laser cut lampshade are the general trend in the lamp making industry. Many lamp business choose lamp laser cut method to make high quality lamp. And that is the reason for this post. If you’re interested in laser cut lamp making or laser cut lampshade designing, this article deserves reading and it will build a bridge for you between lamp laser cut and home aesthetics.

Besides, at the end of the article, we recommended several superior laser cutting machines for you to satisfy your laser cut light needs.

Laser Cut Lamp Types

Laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications in the lamp processing world. Users can design and make different types of laser cut lamp or laser cut light shade.

Pendant light and ceiling lamp in the drawing room, floor lamp for local illustration, desk lamp in the bedroom and outdoor lamp can all be made by lamp laser cut method easily and precisely.

In addition, we can design different styles of laser cut lamps, like continental-style lamp, modern minimalist lamp, idyllic lamp and so on. And there is no limits of the shapes or patterns for laser cut lamp and laser cut lampshade. Square lamp, rectangle lamp, globe lamp, cylindrical lamp and other special shapes of lamps can be made by lamp laser cut in a effective way. When it comes to materials for lamp making, lamp laser cut can process many types of materials including both metallic materials and non-metallic materials. And lamp laser cut produces a good effect and is able to satisfy your requirements.

DXTECH provides you CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine to make different types of laser cut lamps and laser cut lampshade to meet your aesthetic needs. In the following content, we will introduce laser cut lamps per different materials. Please go through them and find your favourite laser cut lamp.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp

CO2 laser cutting machine mainly works on the processing of non-metallic materials, such as paper, wood, acrylic, plastic, rubber, plywood, MDF, glass, leather, crystal and so on. Its cutting speed is very fast, and the processed laser cut lamp or laser cut lampshade has good quality. The CO2 laser cutting process is contact-free, so the cutting edge is very smooth and keeps its original characteristic.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - Wood Lamp

Laser cut wood lamp is an magnificent example for CO2 laser cut lamp. Wood is a popular material for laser cut pendant light by virtue of its strong durability and exquisite fretwork. Nowadays, people prefer simplicity-style decoration for their houses, so laser cut wood lamp is one of their best choices of household items especially laser cut pendant light or laser cut table lamp. CO2 laser cutter can produce a smooth cutting edge on the laser cut wood lamp. And the CO2 laser cutting is contact-free, so lamp laser cut has no deformation on the finished laser cut wood lamp. Laser cut wood lamp in the room can amaze visitors, illustrate the room in the warm golden glow, and form a nice atmosphere in the house.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - Plywood Lamp

Plywood is made from multiple thin wood pieces and adhesive. Its physical characteristic and appearance are similar with wood but its price is cheaper. So you can make laser cut pendant light or laser cut table lamp with plywood. If you are a DIY lover, you can make laser cut plywood lamp by yourself. Design the overall lamp shape firstly, then prepare plywood plates, measure the needed length and width. After you finish this preparation, CO2 laser cutter is ready to start work and it will cut the plywood plates into the needed shapes. And you can assemble the plywood pieces into a complete plywood lamp that has a fabulous look.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - Acrylic Lamp

Acrylic is one of the most popular materials to make laser cut table lamp. An acrylic lamp offers contemporary styling for the home. CO2 laser cutter can cut or engrave 3-30 mm thickness acrylic. And the CO2 laser cutting machine is an ideal tool to realize your unique design on the laser cut table lamp. If you want to prepare a Christmas gift for your family, you can prepare a acrylic plate. Cut it into a tree’s shape with CO2 laser cutter, then engrave people’s name and Christmas elements on it. A well-designed acrylic lamp can create an eye-catching look. With the exquisite laser cut lamp patterns, the people who receive this unique laser cut light will be very delighted.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - MDF Lamp

MDF (short for “Medium Density Fiberboard”) also can be used in lamp laser cut field especially for laser cut pendant light. Although the shape of MDF is usually 2D, but you can laser cut 2D shapes and then assemble them into a 3D lamp shade. And the finished MDF lamp has a funky looking. CO2 laser cutter gives the MDF plate sides a black color which indicates a special aesthetics style. This lamp can match all home decoration styles. And the cutting edge is very clean, so you don’t need to do any further work. Laser cut MDF lamp will be a focal point in your place and surprise your visitors.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - Plastic Lamp

Plastic is also a popular material to make beautiful laser cut lamp. The material is cheap in price and has strong dirt tolerance. Different with wood, plywood or MDF, plastic has tremendous color types to choose, and there are multiple choices for its thickness. So plastic is an ideal material to make laser cut lamp. The CO2 laser cutter doesn’t touch the surface of plastic during the processing. So the laser cut plastic lamp shows smooth cutting edge and there is no scratch. What’s more, compared to manual processing, CO2 laser cutter opens a close door for us to make complex laser cut lap patterns very quickly.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - Paper Lamp

You might say that paper is not a good material to make lamps because of its poor strength. That is not the truth. With the growing environmental protection requirement, paper is more and more popular in lamp making. Paper is biodegradable and has no pollution to the environment, and it has high light transmittance. Paper table lamp or paper night lamp can form a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Also, the light is not too bright and can protect the user’s eyes. People needs a paper lamp to decorate bedroom or living room. CO2 laser cutting machine can make beautiful laser cut lamp patterns, and there is no deformation on the surface.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - Fabric Lamp

Fabric is mainly used to make clothes or bedding items. Actually, this material can also be used to make elegant laser cut lamp. Fabric is soft and has light transmittance, so laser cut fabric lamp is suitable for night lighting or local lighting. From the aesthetic point of view, CO2 laser cutting machine can produce fashionable fabric lamp. And laser cut fabric lamp illustrates soft light to the room and protects our eyes. Fabric has different colors, so same light source can illustrate different results through different fabrics. For DIY lovers, they can make a fabric lampshade and replace the original one, then they will get a new beautiful lamp.

CO2 Laser Cut Lamp - Crystal Lamp

When it comes to expensive and high-level home decoration, many home owners will fall in love with European-style decoration. The crystal pendant lamp can represent European-style well. An exquisite crystal pendant lamp can make the living room full of romance and elegance. And it is also a symbol of the aesthetic level of the homeowner. CO2 laser cutting machine can cut crystal material and make delicate crystal lamp. To make qualified crystal lamp and achieve best illustration result, the cutting edge of acrylic needs to be very smooth. Laser cut crystal lamp can produce smooth cutting edge. The inner radiance of lamp can be released out through the smooth cutting faces.

Fiber Laser Cut Lamp

Fiber laser cutting machine specializes in metal materials’ processing, such as carbon steel,  copper, aluminum plate, stainless steel, galvanized sheet and other kinds of metal pieces. Although metal materials are electric conductive, we can use them to make unique laser cut light shade or lamp base that have no effect on the lamp’s function but can illustrate your home in a stunning way. With the fiber laser cutting machine’s support, you can make laser cut lampshade quickly and design beautiful patterns on the laser cut light shade. And your laser cut light shade will be a symbol of contemporary style for your home decoration.

Fiber Laser Cut Lamp - Stainless Steel Lamp

Stainless steel is a material that does not rust and can keep clean surface for a long time. So it plays an important role in the home decoration and household items. This material can be used on laser cut lampshade making. laser cut light shade with stainless steel material can bring elegant atmosphere for the room. And the finished laser cut lampshade has exquisite appearance and beautiful patterns. Fiber laser cutting machine can cut copper plate with high precision, and you can also design complex patterns on the laser cut light shade. The wonderfully intricate patterns on the lamp can be made by laser cutting machine. The machine can provide you a perfect laser cut lampshade that perfectly complements any style.

Fiber Laser Cut Lamp - Aluminum Lamp

Aluminum is often used to make laser cut light shade because of its good heat dissipation performance. Also, this material is suitable to design sophisticated laser cut lamp patterns. If the lamp is open for a long time, some fragile lampshades will getting hot and destroy the lamp. Aluminum lampshade dissipates heat quickly and keeps lamp safe. This obviously prolongs the service life of the whole lamp. Fiber laser cutting machine can make laser cut pendant light with aluminum material. As the laser cutting process is contact-free, so there is no deformation on the aluminum plate, and the cutting edge is clean and smooth. So when we assemble the lampshade, there is no concern of hurting the hands.

Fiber Laser Cut Lamp - Copper Lamp

Fiber laser cutter can make laser cut lamp with metal materials no matter the materials are soft metals or hard metals. A laser cut lampshade with open carvings of beautiful laser cut lamp patterns can bring thick art atmosphere to your home. Laser cut light shade with copper material is a typical type in lamp laser cut field. Copper material shows salmon pink color, and the surface is glorious. For soft metals like copper, they easily run into deformation if they are cut by knife. Fiber laser cutter doesn’t have that problem. The processing is contact-free. So you can get a perfect laser cut light that has smooth surface. And the lamp is perfect for all decoration styles.

Laser Cutting Machine Advantages

Now you have seen that you can make many different types of lamps with the assistance of laser cutting machine. No matter CO2 laser cutting machine or fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine has many advantages in the following aspects:

Firstly, laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed and its processing efficiency is high. One laser cutting machine can finish the work of multiple cutting workers or engraving workers. The processing speed is 0-40000 mm/min. With laser cutting machine’s assistance, the user greatly saves labor cost and improves processing efficiency.

Secondly, laser cutting machine can produce high-quality products and save materials. The processing is contact-free, so there is no deformation on the product, and there is little to no burr on the cutting edge. Also, the operation is controlled by computer, so it can maximize the utilization of materials. For the users who engage in fine processing, laser cutting machine can easily meet their processing needs and produce high precise products.

Thirdly, laser cutting machine is eco-friendly. Different with mechanical knife processing, laser cutting machine generates high-energy laser beam to melt and vaporize the part of material to achieve the cutting result. So there is no loud noise or obvious vibration, and there is no pollution. So it helps you to save pollution treatment cost.

Recommend Laser Cutting Machines

Finally, we would like to recommend three advanced laser cutting machines for you. All of these machines have stable operation, fast cutting speed, and high processing precision. If you are looking for a laser cutting machine, you can click below links to know the details about the machine.


Lamp laser cut is the general trend in the current world. We can make laser cut pendant light, laser cut table lamp, or other kinds of lamp. And we can design complex laser cut lamp patterns that will amaze the users. Laser cut lamp has high quality, trendy style and exquisite patterns. With laser cutting machine’s magic, laser cut lamp redefines the home aesthetics and adds many colors to the home.

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