Foam is a multi-functional product used in many different industries. Now, more and more companies of foam possessing for packaging materials use laser machine to produce laser cut foam products. For example, people often use the laser cut EVA foam as an insert for luggage or equipment cushions. Regardless of the purpose, the laser cut foam is very useful and economical in many professional applications.

Foam materials are made by interlacing the materials with gas bubbles. The laser cut foam is usually made of polymer, but can also be made of ceramic or metal materials. Almost all types of foam can be processed by laser cutting, engraving and marking machines. Moreover, to ensure the cutting specifications, using a foam board laser cutting machine can complete precise foam cutting every time.

Laserable foam materials

The laser beam is an ideal tool for cutting foam, because of the flexible application of the laser cut foam board laser cutting machine. The laser beam can eliminate the users’ worry about distortion or warping of foam. The foam board laser cutting machine equipped with a filter system does not emit carbon dioxide into the air. This effectively reduces many typical hazards in these industrial applications. The foam board laser cutting machine has neither contact nor mechanical stress on laser cut foam board. This process ensures that any thermal stress comes only from the laser energy. Generally, the edges of laser cut foam are smooth and tidy. And after laser cutting, the laser cut foam board can be completed without secondary processing.

Why choose laser cutting machine for processing laser cut foam?

Foam has various densities and hardness, and is very suitable for laser cutting. There are a lot of laserable foams. For example, there are laser cut eva foam, laser cut styrofoam, laser cutting polyurethane foam, and laser cutting polyethylene foam. The laserable foam that contains EVA is light and elastic. Therefore, the laser cut EVA foam becomes the of first choice material for indoor decoration, car interiors and sound insulation. When the modelling manufacturing materials are required, the laser cut styrofoam can perform well.

For the packaging, sealing and insulation purpose, the laser cutting polyethylene foam is the material of choice due to its higher density. And the electronics and food packaging companies usually choose laser cutting polyethylene foam. The laser cutting polyurethane foam is widely used in industrial packaging industry. The polyurethane has relatively light weight and high stability. Therefore, the laser cutting polyurethane foam a hot option for the companies looking to obtain high-quality foam materials.

Features of laser cut foam

During the laser cutting process, the laser does not apply any pressure to the foam. Therefore, there is no need for clamping or any other type of fixing. The users just need to load the foam work-piece and start laser processing. This will save the time and cost of material preparation.

Laser cutting has outstanding advantages over traditional cutting tools. Taking EVA foam as an example, the perfect laser technology is reflected in the process of cutting EVA foam with laser. As the foam is very soft, when people use mechanical tool to cut it, the foam is easy to deform. When the temperature of mechanical tool is higher, the foam is easy become yellow. While the processing of laser cut EVA foam is safe, and non-contact processing ensures a clean incision. And there is no burrs, burned or yellowing edges appearing on laser cut foam board.

In addition, the laser cut foam board has narrow cutting seam and very small foam deformation. There is no tool wear and no need to consider the problem of tool changing while using foam board laser cutting machine. No matter the laser cut styrofoam or the laser cut eva foam has high processing precision and good repeatability. And the laser machine will not damage the surface of the foam material. Furthermore, there is no need to open the mold, which is economical and time-saving.

Laser cut foam processing

The laser cut foam, especially the laser cut styrofoam or laser cutting polyurethane foam, is generally cut by using a laser foam cutting machine with CO2 laser source. This CO2 laser machine is mainly for the processing of non-metallic foams. For example, the laser cut eva foam and laser cutting polyethylene foam are both processed by CO2 laser cutting machine. The laser beam of the foam board laser cutting machine directly heats the foam material on the working table. And the foam under the laser irradiating path will vaporize thereby. If the laser power is high enough, the laser beam will penetrate the foam board completely. When cutting with a laser beam, the foam vaporizes quickly, resulting in a smooth edge with a small heat-affected zone. For metal foam, the fiber laser machines work best. The fiber laser also cuts through the foam board (maximum 3 mm).

Typical applications of laser cut foam

Currently, many companies in different industries use laser cut foam in various ways. Because the lasers have precise cutting capabilities for various materials including laser cut foam, more and more industries have incorporated laser cutting into their manufacturing processes. For example, the packaging industry often uses laser cut tool foam and laser cut foam inserts for preventing damaging items. The automobile processing industry and the interior decoration industry use laser to cut internal and external foam profiles. And the laser cut foam can meet the required precision and specifications. When cutting the irregular-sized sealed packaging tools, the laser foam cutting machine is an ideal processing machine. And it has the features of non-contact cutting and high precision. The companies in packaging industry knows the importance of laser cut foam board to match the precise profiles of items and boxes.

Laser cut foam for the packaging industry

The foam can be processed to be laser cut tool foam or laser cut foam inserts for packaging industry. The laser cut foam inserts and laser cut tool foam are processed according to the shape of precision instruments or fragile products. Therefore, they can fit with the items in package very well. For example, the laser cut tool foam through laser processing can be specially used for packing hardware tools. In the hardware manufacturing and laboratory instrument industries, it is very suitable to use the laser cut tool foam for packaging. The shape of the laser cut tool foam perfectly matches the profiles of the tools to be packaged.

There is also a kind of laser cut foam inserts to use for the cushion packaging of glass, ceramics, and household appliances. And such laser cut foam inserts avoid the collision of fragile products and keep them in tact during transportation. The laser cut foam inserts is mainly used for packaging products such as jewelry, handicrafts, porcelain, and red wine.

Additionally, there are various laser cut foam boards also play an effective role in protecting products, preventing damage and shock. The laser cut eva foam can not only protect the product from collision, but also make the product more high-end when matched with the product. Especially the laser cut EVA foam is an ideal choice for packaging valuable products. And the laser cutting polyethylene foam is used as the laser cut tool foam for packaging the precision instruments. Because the laser cutting polyethylene foam is soft and has a certain density.

Laser cut foam for molding manufacturing

The laser cut styrofoam is light in weight and easy for processing and shaping. The laser machine can easily cut and engrave the needed shapes of models precisely, and saves time and mold cost. And the laser cut styrofoam can be used for the building model, mechanical model, vehicle and ship models. The foam models through laser cutting show the design scheme of various machines, vehicles, ships and architectures.

Besides, the sales of the real estate industry requires a large number of models for representing and showing the houses. It cannot leave the laser cut foam board and the laser cut styrofoam. At present, in order to make the model manufacturing be more precise and efficient, the laser cut styrofoam has become the best helper for making models in various industries.

Laser cut foam for shoes making

One of the most important applications of the laser cut EVA foam is the show making industry.

In the shoe processing process, when using traditional mechanical shear processing, it needs to use clamps. This is very easy to leave marks on the foam material, and sometimes it is necessary to open the mold separately. And during the cutting process, the tool head directly contacts the material. When the temperature of the tool is high, it will produce smoke and smell, resulting in battered edges and yellowing. Using a laser cutting machine, the cutting precision is high, the efficiency is high, and the cutting arc is exquisite.

Furthermore, there is no pollution, and the laser foam cutting machine is more environmentally friendly. The users can also design and change the curves of soles in the computer according to processing demand timely.

The laser cut EVA foam soles have the functions of softness, precise curves, more ergonomic good elasticity, and chemical resistance. Therefore, they are widely used in the soles of the middle and high-end tourist shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, and sandals. The laser cut EVA foam board also owns the characteristics of shock resistance, water proof and anti-static performance. Besides, the laser cut EVA foam board is also used in the production of acoustic panel, exercise mat and sealing materials.

Laser cut foam for automobile design and manufacturing

In the automobile industry, foam is a kind of necessary material. Many large-scale automobile manufacturers begin to invest in laser cutting machines now. The use of laser cutting machines in the production of automotive interiors saves prototypes and tooling equipment. It also greatly reduces production preparations cycle. The laser foam cutting machines change the traditional cutting process and improve the accuracy of the processing technology and production efficiency. In the processing of auto interior parts, laser processing technology gives full play to its advanced, fast and flexible processing characteristics.

Because the laser beam is very fine, the processing precision of laser cutting machine is very high when cutting foam. The users can flexibly and quickly design drawings and cut foam according to the interior sizes of different car models. It improves the flexibility and efficiency of foam processing , and accurately processes foam matching with automobiles.

The laser foam cutting machine can be used to engrave and cut graphics on interior materials of automobiles. For example, the seat covers, linings, ceilings, steering wheels, foot pads can be made from foam. The laser cut foam board has the highly precise cutting shapes and sizes, and no material deformation. And it also remains high heat resistance, high impact absorption capacity, good rebound resilience.

Especially the laser cutting polyurethane foam increases the decorations of the product, and creates a more refined and stylish car interior experience. More and more foam interiors use laser cutting technology for design and production, and their applications are becoming increasingly widespread. Compared with foams made by traditional technology, the laser cutting polyurethane foam plays an increasingly important role in automobile design and manufacturing.

Advantages of DXTECH’s laser machines on laser cut foam processing

The laser foam cutting machine produced by DXTECH is widely used in construction industry, advertising, foam molding and packaging industries. The foam products through laser processing can be used for producing aerospace model, stage scenery, and film and television properties. It can be said that one laser machine has multiple uses. This machine achieves good cutting effect for the processing of laser cut EVA foam, styrofoam, and polyethylene foam laser cutting. And its processing speed is also fast.

At the same time, DXTECH strictly follows the production process, implements operating standards, improves the quality of laser machine. It is committed to improving the quality of after-sales service, and effectively safeguarding the rights and interests of customers.

In addition to laser cutting, DXTECH’S laser machines can also complete the laser engraving and laser marking foam processing. And DXTECH supplies the solution of the combination of laser laser cutting, laser engraving and marking processes without moving or clamping the foam. This combination processing of foam can enlarge the processing range, produce more foam products and improve the efficiency.

Through manufacturing high-quality laser foam cutting machine, it wins the trust, recognition and support of customers. And DXTECH continuously improves customer satisfaction, and realizes the common growth of the company and customers.

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