Do you know what kind of equipment frequently used in the fabric processing industry? The fabric laser cutting machine is the equipment people often use in textile fabric cutting and engraving. Sometimes, people call it a small fabric laser cutting machine or smaller size laser fabric cutter.

Through the processing of the fabric laser cutting machine, the laser cut fabric with various cutting graphics is produced. The laser cut fabric products will have flat and smooth edges and are flat without focal edges or burrs. And the CO2 laser cutting machine is the most suitable one for cutting and hollowing processing of laser cut fabric. The laser cut fabric through the processing of laser cutting machine will not need secondary processing.

Why choose the laser cutting machine to process fabric?

The textile laser cutting machine is multifunctional, the operators can complete the cutting, hollowing, and engraving process in one laser textile cutter machine. Now let’s check how the fabric laser cutting machine cut fabric firstly. And then find out its features by comparing them with traditional fabric processing methods.

How do fabric laser cutting machines process fabric materials?

The laser cutting machine refers to the working method of connecting laser equipment to the computer with laser cutting and engraving software, and engraving or cutting materials automatically.

At present, the fabric laser cutting machine is the most widely used process method in the industry of fabric processing. Using this processing method, any types of complicated or even messy graphics can be carved on the fabric. The textiles can be cut through and hollowed out or not penetrated, and then carved out a variety of peculiar design patterns with different depths and transitional colors. With these advantages, the laser fabric cutting and engraving process fit the new trend of international clothing processing.

The principle of the laser cutting machine is to use a computer for pattern design, layout design, and make PLT or BMP files. and then use the CO2 laser fabric cutter. The laser beam of the laser cloth cutting machine performs high-density-energy on the surface of the fabric in accordance with the computer design instructions. The fabric yarns under the high-density-energy laser are vaporized to form different depths of engraving and cutting patterns. The laser cut fabric with different patterns can be modified with decorations such as embroidery, sequins, and metal ornaments to enhance the artistic effect.

Comparisons of fabric laser cutting machine and traditional mechanical tools

The fabric laser cutting machine price is low, and the laser cutter for fabric has high-cost performance and low consumption. And this laser cutter for fabric has no mechanical pressure on the textile fabric. And the laser cutting machine has stable operation, can work continuously for 24 hours, and is easy for maintenance. Therefore, the laser cutter for fabric can achieve a good cutting effect, high precision, and fast cutting speed.

If using the traditional electric cutter to cut cloth, the labor cost and production cost will become relatively high. In addition to the long production cycle longer, the traditional cutter is not convenient to change dimensions or cutting patterns. Sometimes it cannot cut complicated geometric shapes on textile fabric.

And meanwhile, the traditional electric cutter often causes loose thread at the edges due to rough incision. It will seriously affect the quality of the cloth and reduce market competition. While the laser cut fabric through the processing of laser fabric cutter has smooth edges without yellowing, deformation, or burrs.

The fabric laser cutting machine used in the clothing industry solves the problems of traditional manual and electric cutters. The laser cutter for fabric machine can cut the whole piece of fabric material into the finished product without using a cutting tool and mold. The laser cutting is non-contact processing, which is simple and fast.

The textile laser cutting machine and laser cutting machine for clothes can also be used in leather, luggage, and shoes manufacturing enterprises. The laser textile cutter integrates the functions of cutting, carving, and hollowing out, and is suitable for processing all kinds of cloth materials.

From the perspective of the processing efficiency:

The traditional fabric processing technology is more complicated, has a long production process, and complicated procedures for changing patterns. Furthermore, the production cost is relatively high. However, the fabric laser cutting machine has a relatively simple cutting process and fast cutting speed. Some complicated design patterns will be completed in just a few minutes.

The application of a fabric laser cutting machine greatly saves time and cost. And the laser cut fabric patterns can be designed in real time according to the needs of users. Using a laser fabric cutter truly achieves customized production. In addition, the use of laser cutting machine and computer-aided design technology for the artistic treatment of textile fabrics.

Features of laser cut fabric by fabric laser engraving machine

Using a laser fabric cutter to cut fabric not only improves efficiency but also adds market value to the laser cut fabric.

Compared with traditional fabric processing technology, the fabric laser cutting machine has higher efficiency, wider application range, and better processing effect.

1) Compared with the ordinary cloth cutting machine, the processing efficiency of the garment laser cutting machine is increased by 25-30%.

2) Compared with the traditional methods, the laser cutting and engraving process are quite accurate and clean, and avoids wearing and tearing. And the laser cutting textiles are also full of modernity. 

In addition, due to the characteristics of the laser itself, there is no material limitation for laser cutting. Whether it is silk, nylon, cotton, or polymer fibers, the fabric laser cutting machine can process them all. Besides, the cloth laser cutting machine price is cost-effective.

Furthermore, laser cutting does not produce any pressure on clothing. And there is no need to worry about unnecessary marks left during cutting. This advantage is especially suitable for silk and lace fabrics.

The fabric laser cutting machine has a better processing effect. And the incision of laser cut fabric will not turn yellow, black, and not have burnt Using laser fabric cutter for processing small round holes will make it rounder and tiny characters and graphics more clearly.

It is characterized by the high-grade, automatic fusion of the trimming and no fraying phenomenon. The laser cutting textiles made by laser fabric cutter own very natural and vivid patterns.

The stable control system of the fabric laser cutting machine cooperates with the galvanometer optical lens with a large spot to achieve a finer and more consistent beam quality in the working area. The beam quality is finer and the processing effect is better.

Typical applications of fabric laser cutting machine

The laser cut fabric processed by fabric laser cutting machine is mainly used in garment processing and home textile industries. For example, the pillows, curtains and bedspreads, and clothing fabrics such as lace wedding dresses often use laser cutting textiles. Nowadays, the products of laser cut fabric or laser cutting textiles are very welcomed by consumers in daily life.

Fabric laser cutting machine in the Clothing industry

Fabric laser cutting machine mainly includes cloth cutting laser machine, laser cutting machine for fabric & leather, laser cutting machine for textile garment, felt laser cutting machine and laser fabric cutter for quilting. 

Clothing embroidery

Regarding the application of laser cutting, the cutting equipment in the clothing embroidery process is shifting from the traditional die cutting method to the laser cutting machine which is easy to control the cutting process.

Currently, most textiles and fabric manufacturers use fabric laser cutting machines to create clothing embroidery and various digital patterns. Traditional textile fabric manufacturing skills require secondary processing and other treatment such as hot stamping and embossing. Compared with cutting with a die cutting tool, laser fabric cutting has the advantages of fineness, no yellowing cutting edges, and arbitrary design of patterns.

The adoption of a laser fabric cutter can increase the manufacturing convenience and create clear clothing embroidery and three-dimensional patterns easily. And the clothing embroidery by laser fabric cutter can remain the same delicate effect even after a long time. Besides, the laser cutting textiles also sufficiently express the feature and texture of various fabrics. If laser cut fabric is combined with hollow processing, it is even more icing on the cake, complementing each other.

The laser fabric cutter or laser cloth cutting machine is very suitable to use in fabric deep-processing factories, tailor-made garment factories, surface accessories, and supplied materials processing companies. These companies usually need to process a large number of fabrics every day. Using the laser machine can process laser cutting textiles and laser engraving fabric with delicate embroidery and cutting patterns efficiently.

Denim processing

The traditional denim fabric printing methods have problems such as long production processes, single patterns, and complex pattern change procedures. The production process is also involved in environmental protection restrictions. In view of the shortcomings of traditional finishing technology, the use of fabric laser cutting machine and computer-aided design technology to artistically finish denim fabrics and give them special engraving effects.

The laser fabric cutter numerically controls the laser to irradiate and vaporize the dye on the denim fabric. And then the unfading impression pictures, flower shapes, and frosted effect are created on various denim fabrics. This processing technology of laser engraving fabric adds new beauty to the fashion of denim cloth.

Using fabric laser cutting machine can perform artistic finishing on denim, and produce artistic patterns on the fabrics. These patterns on laser engraving fabric of denim include letters, numbers, signs, and images. And the denim can also be cut by a laser cloth cutting machine to produce the effect of whiskers, tatters and wearing, etc.

The denim processing of laser fabric cutter is a new type of processing technology with abundant profit and market space. It is very suitable for denim garment factories, washed denim processing plants, and other companies to carry out value-added deep processing of denim products. The effect of laser engraving fabric of denim meets people’s needs for personalized artistic effects of apparel fabrics.

Household textiles industry

In the home textile industry, the laser fabric cutter is mainly used in laser cutting textile products such as pillows and bedspreads. Laser cut fabric and laser engraving fabric truly fulfill the customers’ “private customization” requirements. For laser cutting textiles with unique patterns or a small amount of fabric, a laser fabric cutter can complete processing immediately.

While traditional printing and jacquard that commonly used in the home textile industry require mass production and long processing time. In addition, in terms of the characteristics of traditional fabric patterns, the printing is plane, the jacquard process is too complicated, and the embroidery is easy to hook thread.

However, the fabric laser cutting machine can combine with printing, embroidery, and jacquard technology to produce laser engraving fabric with a relief effect.

Compared with traditional fabric products, laser engraving fabric has many advantages. The patterns are as exact as the design image, and there are no extra burrs. The traditional process is complicated, the labor process is long, and the cost is high. While the processing of laser engraving fabric can complete a work in several minutes, which saves time, effort, and low cost.

Advantages of DXTECH laser fabric cutter

The laser cut fabric processed by DXTECH laser cloth cutting machine, such as the non-woven fabric and the dust-free cloth do not have burrs or hard edges, no deformation, and has consistent and accurate dimension. The repeated accuracy is high (±0.05mm), and the engraving speed reaches up to 60000mm/min. And the cutting and engraving effect of DXTECH’s laser machine for fabrics is exact and precise.

DXTECH’s laser cutting machine for cloth can cut any complex any shape and any size of fabrics, and own high processing efficiency, low production cost, and professional computer design graphics software. Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, the users of DXTECH laser machines only need to design on the computer to achieve laser cutting output and can change design patterns and cut fabric at any time.

In addition, DXTECH considers that the single-head laser cutting machine cannot fully meet the production requirements of large-scale embroidery factories. And DXTECH has also launched the multi-head high-efficiency CO2 laser cloth cutting machine. Such a machine can not only cut materials in small-format batches but also process large-format pieces, with strong applicability.

DXTECH’s laser cloth cutting machine can not only be used in the fabric processing industry but also can process acrylic, wood, paper, and many other non-metallic materials.

fabric laser cutting machine price

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The fabric laser cutting machine is currently widely used in the fabric and garment processing industries. It can quickly cut and engrave all kinds of pictures on all kinds of fabrics. and response sensitively in operation. Furthermore, the laser fabric cutter will not cause any deformation of the leather appearance to reflect the color and texture of the fabric itself. It also has many advantages such as high cutting precision, hollowing without burrs, and arbitrary shape selection. Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser cloth cutting machine also has the advantages of low price, low consumption, convenient operation, and better effect.

The laser fabric cutter is also known as the “universal processing tool”. The laser processing speed is fast, and the surface deformation of the processed fabric is very small. Furthermore, the laser cutting process is gradually replacing the traditional manual and electric cutter processing methods. It can be said that the market prospect of laser cutting textiles application in the textile industry is unlimited.

The textile industry is a traditional and large industry with a broad developing prospect. Therefore, the continuous use of high technology such as laser fabric cutter to connect with traditional industries is an important way to improve the technical content of industry and products.

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