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EPS Foam CNC Router with Linear Tool Change Magazine

This is an EPS engraving machine with automatic tool change. Adopting linear tool changer with 8 tools to realize the processing of complex workpieces at one time, greatly improves processing efficiency. Therefore, this machine is suitable for enterprises with large production volume and diversified processing.


  1. Equipped with linear automatic tool changer, high efficiency and low cost.
  2. Adopting HSD air cooling spindle makes machine work with high precision and long time service and stable movement.
  3. Imported brand components like motor and driver, it has big power and high precision.
  4. With a vacuum & T-slot working table, it can make the work piece fixed more stable.


Items Parameter
Model ELECNC 1825  ATC
Working area 1800 * 2500mm
Whole machine size 1800 * 2500* 1100mm
Tool magazine Linear tool magazine
Spindle HSD ATC air cooling spindle
Motor and drive Japan YASKAWA
Control system Syntec control system
Inverter Taiwan Delta
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer
Table surface Ordinary worktable with PVC protection
Voltage 380v,50hz
Pump German Becker pump
Software Artcam
Lubrication Auto Lubrication system
Transmission German WMH brand Rack and Pinion
Structure Heavy duty body

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