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Nonmetal Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

This is an engraving machine with mixed cutting function. It not only can realize the cutting of non-metallic materials such as acrylic, double-color board, PVC, wooden board, density board, etc., but also the cutting of metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium and gold plate. Widely used in various industries.

This engraving machine with a mixed cutting function uses a heavy-duty welding bed to ensure that the engraving machine is more stable during processing. It uses the integrated beam to make the machine work more stable. Therefore, to a certain extent, it ensures a higher processing quality. It finds wide applications in various industries, such as the advertising industry, woodworking industry, Lianghua word engineering, furniture manufacturing.


1. Using a DSP control system which can be connected to a computer or offline USB can be used. Consequently, it is very convenient to operate.

2. According to different processing materials, it can be equipped with blades or honeycomb countertops, making the processing more flexible and efficient.

3. Imported stepper motors are used to ensure the processing quality of the machine while making the machine have a longer service life.



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