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CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine is also one of the commonly used laser marking machines for users. The core components include a laser tube, focusing optical system, and high-speed galvanometer scanner. It has the characteristics, such as stable performance, long life and maintenance-free.

The effect and speed of marking can meet the requirements for high efficiency, speed, and reliability in modern large-scale production.

The marking machine finds wide applications. It can engrave most non-metallic materials, such as paper, leather, wood, plastic, cloth, acrylic, wood, bamboo, rubber, crystal, jade. And the laser marking machine finds wide applications in electronic components, electrical components, medicine, food, crafts, leather products, plastic products, and other industries.


Application Laser Marking
Laser Source CO2 laser
Applicable Material Non-metal materials, such as paper, leather, wood, plastic, cloth, acrylic, wood, bamboo, rubber, and crystal, etc.
Working Area 50mm*50mm, 110mm*110mm, 150mm*150mm, 175mm*175mm, 200mm*200mm or as requested
Laser Power 10W/20W/30W/50W
Marking Speed 0-8000mm/s
Marking Depth ≤0.4mm
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Working Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Rated Power < 500w
Operating Temperature 0-45℃
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Cooling Mode Air cooling
Controller Computer with marking software
Certification CE, ISO, GS, SGS, UL, CCC
How to buy a CO2 laser marking machine

1. Identify processing demands

Firstly, the buyers can determine their processing demands, the materials, and the dimensions, etc. And don’t expect that buying one marking machine can do everything. The manufacturers divide the marking machines into various models in order to deal with various processing tasks. If the machine model cannot match the processing demands, it will cause huge waste and will not achieve good effect.

Therefore, before purchasing the marking machine, the buyers must fully explain the processing contents and requirements to the suppliers. The contents include the size of work-pieces, the quality, thickness and weight of materials, and the marking effect, etc.


2. Understand the performance of important parts of the marking machine

1) The quality of the laser is the most important factor affecting the quality of the marking machine. It is recommended to choose a marking machine with a well-known and well-configured laser as much as possible to ensure your marking effect.

2) The optical lens of the marking machine directly determines the quality of the marking effect. The good optical lens can effectively increase the marking speed of the laser machine and ensure the accuracy of the graphics.

3) Check the quality and performance of screws and guide rails, which are also an important part of the marking machine. Good screw and guide rails guarantee the accuracy and performance of the marking machine during long-term use.


3. Good after-sales service

No matter how well a marking machine is made, the users will encounter various problems during the operating process. When the users encounter the unsolvable problems, whether the company can provide timely solutions is particularly important. This is also an important factor that the users need to consider while purchasing a marking machine.


The cost of machine and maintaining combines the integrated CO2 laser marker price. A responsible CO2 laser marking machine manufacturer provide low cost laser marking machine with considerations of the two aspects. The low cost machine may have not low CO2 laser marker price, but it has high-quality and low-cost expend, and it is also easily to maintain, and long time to use. All of these factors compose the low cost laser marking machine.

How to maintain a CO2 laser marking machine

In order to guarantee the working efficiency and extend the service life of the machine, the users must maintain the CO2 laser marking machine regularly.

1. Cleaning of optical lens

The lens of the laser marking machine is easy to be stained with dust or other contaminants. It needs to clean the lens every day.

For the cleaning of lens, the operators shall wipe the lens gently, and not damage the surface coating. The process of wiping the lens should be done gently to prevent falling. When installing the focusing lens, the operators need to make sure to keep the concave surface down.

2. Cleaning of the guide rail

During the operation of the machine, a large amount of dust and smog may be generated. And the smog and dust may accumulate on the surface of the guide rail for a long time. It will have a great impact on the accuracy of the machine. It can form corrosion spots on the surface of guide rails, which shortens the service life of the machine. Therefore, it needs to clean the guide rail of the machine every half a month. And turn off the machine before cleaning.

1. Fastening of screws and couplings of CO2 laser marking machine

After the motion system has been working for a period of time, the screws and couplings will become loose. It will affect the stability of the mechanical motion. Therefore, during the operation process, the operators observe whether there are abnormal noises or phenomena in the transmission parts. And then, if finding any problem, it needs to fasten or maintain in time. In addition, the operators shall use tools to tighten the screws one by one regularly. The users shall tighten the screws and couplings for the first time after operating the machine for about one month.


4. Checking the optical path system

The optical path system mainly consists of the reflecting lens and the focusing lens. There is no deviation problem of the focusing mirror in the optical path. But three reflecting lenses are fixed by the mechanical parts. Generally, there is no deviation under normal conditions. But it is better for the user to check the optical path before the operation each time.

How to use a CO2 laser marking machine

The operation of the CO2 laser marking machine is relatively simple, without complicated procedures. The following briefly introduces the operation steps of the laser marking machine for reference.

1. Steps of starting up  

The operators must turn off the machine after checking and confirming the water pipeline and electric circuit in a normal state.

The steps of starting up the marking machine are as follows:

  • Check the power line of the marking machine, and make its connection accurate and reliable.
  • Switch on the main power. And the power indicator turns on.
  • Confirm that the emergency stop button is pressed down.
  • Turn on the computer and the computer monitor.
  • Screw the emergency stop button in the direction of the arrow, to make it pop up. And turn on the laser power, adjust the laser power to the working current.
  • Take off the lens cap; and at the moment, the operators can start the marking process.

2. Steps of turning off the machine

After the operators complete the marking process, it needs to turn off the laser marking machine according to the turning-off steps.

  • Adjust the working current of the laser power supply to the minimum.
  • Turn off the computer.
  • Turn off the power of the galvanometer.
  • Press the stop button.
  • Turn off the key switch.

6) Disconnect the incoming power supply.



  1. Do not use the CO2 laser marking machine in a humid working environment to avoid electric leakage. When using the laser machine, the operators must maintainit frequently. In case of finding any electric leakage, the operators must stop the operation immediately and carry out inspection and maintenance.
  2. When using a CO2 laser marking machine, pay attention to the current. Under the condition of the lower current,the machine can work continuously for about 4 hours. If the current is high, it needs to shorten the operating time as much as possible. This is to avoid damage to the machine.
  3. 3.When using a CO2 laser marking machine, the ground connection of the machine shell must be done.
  4. 4.Ifit needs to repair the machine, the power supply must be cut off first And it also needs to discharge the high voltage of the machine.
How does a CO2 laser marking machine work

Working principle:

The CO2 laser marking machine uses the infrared light band and CO2 gas laser. The CO2 gas is charged into the high-voltage discharge tube to generate glow discharge and release the laser. After the amplification of laser energy, through the galvanometer scanning system and the focusing lens, the laser beam is formed. Under the control of the marking control system, the laser beam will mark images or letters on the work-piece according to users’ requirements.


· Working features:

Integrated machine body

The integrated and compact design of the machine body saves floor space and protects the internal parts of the machine. And the marking machine is not easily damaged by external forces. There are also the universal sliding wheels at the bottom of the machine for easy movement.

High-speed galvanometer

The digital high-speed scanning galvanometer can meet high-speed marking demands. It has the characteristics of small size, fast speed, high precision, and good stability. And its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level.

The high-quality optical lens

The optical lens of the marking machine adopts new technology and new materials. It has the characteristics of accurate positioning, good light transmittance, and precise marking.

In addition, the marking machine adopts the special marking control system with excellent performance and easy operation. The machine also has a convenient operation interface and powerful control system. And it can meet the marking processing requirements of most industries in the market.

The users can edit the graphics, text, serial numbers, or other parameters through the software, and make changes easily.

What is a CO2 laser marking machine

The CO2 laser marking machine is the laser equipment that uses CO2 as a working medium for marking on non-metallic materials. This marking machine can meet the marking needs of users without the high purchase cost and training cost. So this is also a low cost laser marking machine.

This marking machine mainly consists of the CO2 laser, control computer, laser machine frame, and circulating cooling system.

CO2 laser marking machine adopts the enclosed-type CO2 laser, equipped with a high-speed galvanometer scanning system and the focusing system. It has high marking accuracy and fast speed. The height of the laser can be adjusted. The machine is easy to operate and can work continuously for a long time. The marking effect is clear and beautiful.

The optical system adopts a fully sealed structure, and has the preview and focus indication functions. Therefore, the operation becomes more convenient. The marking machine is equipped with the latest water cooling system. It has low operating noise and high-temperature adjustment accuracy. All of these functions provide a reliable guarantee for long-term operation of the machine.

· Applications of the CO2 laser marking machine:

Applicable materials:

The CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking on various kinds of non-metallic materials. The materials applicable to CO2 laser marking include bamboo, wood, paper, rubber, acrylic, plastic, leather, glass, ceramic, and epoxy resin.

Applicable industries:

Medicine industry: medicine paper packaging, medicine glass packaging, and so on.

Cosmetics industry: such as paper boxes, glass boxes, and plastic boxes.

Food and beverage industry: marking on the packaging.

Electronics industry: certification marks on capacitors, various instruments, and control panels.

Building materials industry: marking on PVC water pipes.

Other industries: Craft and gifts, furniture, leather and clothing, advertising, model making, printing, and shell and nameplate marking industries.

The marking machine can also be used for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and brand promotion, to increase brand recognition.

The CO2 laser marking machine also has mini laser marking machine. The mini laser marking machine is flexible and very suite for mini marking objects. The handheld laser marking machine can be used for marking a large object. With the handheld laser marking machine, you can make a high-contrast mark on the surface of the object.

CO2 laser marking machine can deal with different materials, and most materials are non-metal, such as laser marking plastic, laser marking glass, etc.

Laser marking plastic: CO2 laser marking machine creates contrast non-burn marks on laser marking plastic. With this technology, you can create your own logo on the laser marking plastic.

Laser marking glass: CO2 laser can create marks on very friable materials like glass. The laser marking glass has a high-contrast pattern on the smooth surface, and usually, the mark is clear and elegant.

After-sales service and the CO2 laser marker price

Nowadays, our professional after-sales service includes the installation, operation, and maintenance of the CO2 laser marker. And we all know that the laser tube and reflective lens of the CO2 laser marker are consumables. And they all have a certain life span and need to be replaced after a period of use. This requires the manufacturer to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee to provide these consumables in a timely manner. Therefore, the CO2 laser marker price with more complete after-sales service is relatively high.

The influence of processing demand and CO2 laser marker price

The user's processing requirements include processing materials, processing effects, etc. The processed material generally refers to the attribute of the processed material and the thickness of the material. The processing effect usually refers to the level of processing quality requirements. Therefore, the stricter the user's processing requirements, that is, the higher the machine configuration requirements, the higher CO2 laser marker price. In addition, for laser welding machines that must be customized, it may be accompanied by improvements in machine technology, so the price is higher than ordinary machines.

Other factors on CO2 laser marker price

In addition to the core components mentioned above, processing requirements and after-sales service factors have a great impact on the CO2 laser marker price. The machine brand, processing function, assembly process, etc. also have a great influence on the CO2 laser marker price.