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CO2 Laser Engraving Machine with Feeding Roller

This is a CO2 engraving machine with loading roller. This type of engraving machine can not only save manpower, but also effectively improve the processing efficiency. Especially for mass-produced enterprises or users, this engraving machine is a good choice.

This engraving machine with a feeding roller boasts advantages, such as fast feeding speed and high processing efficiency. Therefore, it is favored by more and more users. Adopting the high-quality motion control system, it is easy to operate. Moreover, each feature of the machine is strictly accord with your needs. And it fully considers how you can get the most from the laser engraving machine. You’ll find features that improve connection capabilities, simplify project setup, and much more.


1. Adopting long-life steel bearings, it can ensure the laser machine have a longer service life.
2. With the good quality drive belts, it makes the machine have a superior accuracy and carriage speeds.
3.The CO2 laser cutting machine’s laser tube power is optional from 40w to 150w and it can cut different thickness materials.
4. With the filament optical frame and the optical path is more stable, it can ensure higher engraving quality.


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