Laser cutting technology has been widely using in manufacturing industries, such as furniture, jewelry, cloth and machinery part. Manufacturers prefer this cutting method because of its precise cutting process, easy operation, and elegant, no after-processed cutting result, and prefect laser cut products.

The laser cutter creates a laser beam through a special lens or a curved mirror. For making a precise cutting product, the beam must is very focus to ensure the energy in the designed cutting line, and finally provides high-quality laser cut products.

Today, we have 10 best sell laser cut products in 2020. Each of them can be regarded as a good business idea to create magnitude value.

10 Best Sell Laser Cut Porducts

1.Laser Cut LED Signs

Laser Cut Sign Letters

Laser cutting technology can cut letters of acrylic, metal or other materials. You may see the sign letters at the business store front sign or on a window. This kind of laser cut product is clear, smooth and elegant. Laser cut sign letters can be customized, customers can make selections amount different typeface and the 26 alphabets.

Most of the sign designer combine the sign letters with LEDs. The light is installed behind the letters, will lighten the pattern and enhance the influence of the letter sign. Creating special circumstances will help companies make efficient work.

Custom Laser Cut LED Sign

Custom laser cut LED sign is very suitable to present to your families or friends’ gifts. You can use a picture as the laser pattern, and the laser beam will result inside the glass and finally create the pattern of the picture. This holographic-plate-like cut product has a fashion, elegant look which is preferred by customers.

This kind of laser cut products have LED light that will lighten the part of laser cutting, while another area is still transparent. Custom laser cut LED sign is an impressive gift of birthday or some special days.

Laser Cut LED Sign

The laser cutter can also cut the letter or pattern inside to make a sign. This kind of laser cut products is very suitable as identifications in some special situations, and install LEDs inside the cut pattern will enhance the pattern and the influence.

The Laser Cutter for LED Sign

2.Laser Cut Jewellery

Nowadays laser cut  jewellry has become popular laser cut products among the youth. Except for the rare metal, other cheap materials like acrylic and non-harmful metal can be used at jewellery making, and the precise cutting and easy operation of the laser cutter is advantages to achieve complex earring designs.

Laser Cut Rings

Nowadays people prefer not only expensive rings but also innovative design rings even wooden or materials. Some of the cute design rings are used as a gift for children in special festivals like Children’s Day. And laser cutting technology can also make a delicate hollow pattern laser cut products in metal, this kind of technology can engrave or cut through thick metal with the precise process.

Laser Cut Necklaces

Laser cut necklace has become more and more popular laser cut products because of its unique, fashion design, light weightage and low price. This kind of laser cut products are innovative and customized. People can cut their names on the necklace or design a necklace template to laser cutting.

Unique design for special meaning. With laser cut necklace, you will have two necklaces with your lover as the manifestation of your close connection.

Laser Cut Earrings

Laser cutting technology make the complex earrings design possible. Acrylic and different non-harmful metal become the material of fashion earring and preferred by young people because of its lower cost and lighten weight.

With the laser cutter, you can create different types of earrings laser cut products. Fashion laser cut earrings with hollow patterns, laser engraving earrings and special design laser cut earrings can be made by leaser cutting.

Laser Cutting Machine for Jewellery

3.Laser Cut Business Card

Business card is very important for every businessman. People use the card to create the business, and preserve the card for keeping business connections. With the development of world trade, creating elegant, unique business cards is signified for companies, because of an impressive card like a demonstration of your company. A delicate business card enhances the business cooperative relationship.

If you cooperate with laser cutting manufacturers you will have a chance to design your own business card. Custom laser cut business card allows its users select the materials, colors and design patterns, and finally makes satisfying laser cut products.

May there has an expensive initial cost for custom business cards, two solutions offered for solve the problem. Using the business card template or produce an amount of business cards, because the more cards you need, the lower price you will spend. This kind of laser cut products have a smooth look and are also durable.

The Laser Cutter for Business Card

4.Laser Cut Electronics Enclosures

Laser Cut Light Enclosures

Most of the light enclosures are a kind of laser cut products. The laser cutting technology creates not only simple shapes of light enclosures but also complex, article design lightboxes. Precise cutting process and easy operation improve the efficiency of enclosures making.

Laser Cut Computer Enclosures

Laser cutting technology has widely used in various industries, including electric parts. This kind of laser cut products have magnitude market value, and the laser cut products are more precise and easier to use, so the laser cut computer enclosures are one of the best sell laser cut products 2020.

The Laser Cutter for Electronic Enclosures

5.Laser Cut Bookmarks

Laser Cut Paper Bookmarks

This kind of laser cut products occupy a large bookmark market value, because of its mass production and simple printing process. Customers by many paper bookmarks in the price of a metal bookmark. While laser cutting can make not only the simple square shape but also a hollow complex pattern as the right picture.

Laser Cut Metal Bookmarks

This kind of laser cut products are more delicate, expensive and durable. It is very suitable for private collecting and gift to send your families or friends. Laser cutting technology has an advantage in cutting metal plates, and its cutting process of metal bookmarks is precise and convenient.

Custom Laser Cut Bookmarks

You will see abundant color in this kind of this kind of laser cut products. You can design your own bookmark, spend the template to laser cutting manufacturers. Custom laser cut bookmarks can be made for gifts of some special days like National Day or Children’s Day. If your design is attractive enough, it has the value of the collection

The Laser Cutter for Bookmark

6.Laser Cut Furniture

This kind of laser cut products have an advantage in costs and can be mass products. While laser cutter can only produce splits of furniture, there need other skill workers combining them up. Manufacturers can choose wood, metal or plastic as the material of their laser cut products.

The laser cutter can also cut sofa leather like the right picture. Precise cutting process and friendly operation make it become the popular manufacturing method in the furniture industry.

The Laser Cutter for Furniture

7.Laser Cut Mirror

Laser Cut Mirror Glass

Lasers can conjunct with surface cooling systems, as one of the systems, glass is a kind of material as laser cut products in a very precise line. The laser cutter can engrave or mark glass for making a unique design. If you want to cut a complete thick glass sheet, your laser should be more powerful.

Laser Cut Mirror Acrylic

The laser cutter can deal with mirror acrylic sheet. This kind of material has a plastic film on the glossy side. This kind of laser cut products need us to leave the plastic film on and cut the reflective side up. Put the protective paper on the reverse side will protect the surface of the plate from scratches.

The Laser Cutter for Mirror

8.Laser Cut Art

Nowadays, laser cutting technology can be used to cut arts and create artistic laser cut products. Precise cutting process makes your innovative design ideas possible. Whatever complex your article design has, the laser cutter will become it as laser cut products and create a mass production for your article ideas.

Most artistic laser cut products can be used as decorations, and some of the design for commemorating special days. Laser cut art has smooth adage and clear cut line, which is the reason why more and more young people want to decorate their house with this kind of laser cut product.

There has the flexible material selection for artistic laser cut products. Wood, metal, acrylic and glass can become the material of the product.

The Laser Cutter for Art

9.Laser Cut Clothes

Compare with traditional clipped clothes, laser cut clothes have more efficient and precise work. Laser cutting technology makes many pieces of cloth as the pattern you designed. There just need a process to sew these pieces of cloth as finished clothes.

The laser cutter helps its user save time and costs, and can deal with other hard materials like leather. This kind of laser cut products have no row adage and rigorously cut according to the design pattern. Therefore, the laser cutter has widely used in the clothes industry.

The Laser Cutter for Clothes

10.Laser Cut Coasters

The cutter can make different shapes and complex patterns of coasters. As one kind of laser cut products manifest their users’ taste. It is not only a product but also a decoration.

This kind of laser cut products are preferred by people for their delicate design. Hexagon or rounded are the common shapes of coasters. With laser cutting technology, coaster manufacturers can engrave and mark their laser cut products.

Most of the coasters are made of heat barrier materials like wood and resin.

The Laser Cutter for Coasters

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