Laser cutting is one of the more modern technologies when it comes to making customized signs. The laser cut signs are getting more common nowadays due to several reasons, including the signs’ preciseness and sharp looks. Laser cut signs not only represent quality work done but can also be made within a few hours, as compared to the normal crafting work that may take several days to complete. Another major perk of going with the laser cut design is that you can provide the exact design in digital form, and the computer does the rest of the work. This guide represents all the various types of materials you can use for laser cut signs, and how they are produced.

Laser Cut Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is a popular material when it comes to making custom signs. Laser cut acrylic signs are getting more and more common due to their ease of cutting. Laser cut acrylic signs are mostly used in places where there needs to be some lamination behind the sign. Since laser cut acrylic signs are not completely opaque, adding light behind the sign makes it pretty attractive and unique. Another great advantage of using laser cut acrylic signs is that they are softer than other compounds and will not give you a tough time through those tricky edges and cuts.

Laser Cut wood signs

Laser cut wood signs is also something you should consider if you are thinking of getting a laser cut sign for your business. With the laser cut technology, you can cut the wooden signs with such preciseness and accuracy. Wooden signs are reliable and structurally sound and give a more natural look from the aesthetics point of view. Another advantage of the wood laser cut sign is there are multiple types of woods to choose from. You can create variations by choosing multiple shades of wood to create any look you want.

Laser Cut Metal Signs

If you want to go with a sign that can handle extreme abuse yet also be as sturdy as a rock, then definitely go with the laser cut metal signs. The laser cut technology has made it possible to get such precise and neat laser cut metal signs. The robust metal signs are perfect for outdoor use under extreme weather conditions. The laser cut metal signs engraved designs look cool and give a more attractive feel. The metal cut signs can also be painted in any shade to match the overall theme of the place it is designed for.

In order to make a custom laser cut metal design, the customer must be aware of the thickness of the metal that they require. It is generally recommended to go for the thicker sheet as it will last decades. You can also get laser cut metal letters to get a unique look. The laser cut metal letters can be hanged on a wall to get a more customized look. The metal is also widely used to create metal cut logo signs. The metal cut logo signs are perfect for hanging them outdoors, for business use.

Laser Cut Glass signs

Laser cut glass is quite popular in the world of custom signs. The laser cut signs of glass reflect simplicity and class. One thing that must be kept in mind is that the glass needs to be of a specific thickness to get the structural rigidity. The laser cut glass signs can also be frosted to make a cool design on the surface.

Laser cut plywood signs

Plywood is another cost-effective method when it comes to making laser cut signs. If you want the same wooden finish but have a limited budget, we recommend going for plywood. There are multiple qualities of plywood sheets available in the market. The laser cut plywood laser cut signs provide a unique and attractive look. Laser cut house signs are also made from plywood. Many durable plywood types are perfect for the laser cut house signs.

Advantages of Laser Cut Signs

Following are some of the main advantages of laser cut signs.


There nothing quite like a laser cut when it comes to preciseness. With time, the signs have become more modern looking and complex. The only way to achieve the desired shape and look for a design is through a laser cut. The laser cutting machines cut signs with extreme preciseness to give you the same look.

Repetition Laser cut metal signs

In the past, most people complained that their two same signs weren’t identical to each other. However, this isn’t the case with laser cut signs. Laser cut signs can be replicated so that no naked eye can distinguish the difference between two or more same signs.


The process of crafting laser cut signs saves a considerable amount of time for both parties. Nowadays, you get a laser cut design within hours, if not days. The reason behind this is the speed and quality with which the laser cut signs are made. The laser cut machines leave no room for error, thus not wasting any time recreating the signs.


The laser cut signs are extremely beneficial when it comes to the cost. Due to the reduced man labor and fast cutting speeds, the costs of making custom signs have significantly reduced.

How to create laser cut designs

To make a custom laser cut design, the first and foremost thing is to be clear about the message you want your sign to reflect and the type of audience it is intended for.

Following are the steps of making your custom sign

Determine the style of your sign. You should be clear whether you want a back-lit design or a flat panel etc.

The second step is choosing the material that you require e.g., Wood, Metal, etc. The choice of the material depends on the environment where it is going to be placed. It is recommended to go with laser cut metal signs if you intend to place the sign outside.

Getting the sketch drawn on the computer using which the laser machine will cut the sign.

After the final design is done, the file is sent to the laser machine, which cuts the sign with extreme precision.

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