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High Power Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This is a high-power fiber laser cutting machine. Compared with other metal laser cutter, the application range of high power laser cutting machines is more extensive. Due to the high output power, this type of cutting machine can cut plates of various thicknesses.


The high-power fiber laser cutting machine is an ideal high-power laser machine for thicker metal plates. This type of high power laser cutter mainly applies for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, titanium, and other plate materials. Widely used in advertising, high pressure / low voltage electrical cabinet production, textile machinery accessories, kitchen appliances, cars, machinery, elevators, electrical accessories, spring coil pieces, metro line parts, and other industries.


1. Adopt the world’s top imported fiber laser, stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100,000 hours.
2. The excellent beam quality makes the cutting lines finer, the work efficiency higher, and the processing quality better.
3. Adopting a fully enclosed constant temperature laser working environment, it can ensure the stable operation of laser more effectively.
4. Equipped with high-precision, high-response drive, suitable for fast and precise cutting.


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