For laser cutting craft lovers and laser cutting entrepreneurs, continuously accumulating various types of laser cut templates is a key step to increase their laser cutting experience. Today, we share with you ten free laser cut templates for making practical and beautiful household items. These unique and creative laser ready templates can be your good references and broaden your horizons.

Laser Cut Templates No.1: Bottle Opener

Bottle opener is a must-have tool in our home. We need it to open beer bottles and drinks. Buying a bottle opener in a store is not as good as making a unique one by yourself. This laser cut template shows two patterns of the bottle opener. There is no doubt that it is very easy to make bottle openers according to these two designs. You can also design other types of bottle opener laser cut templates according to your own preferences. After you complete the laser cutting, remember to do some grinding on the cutting edge of the bottle opener to prevent scratching your hands during use.

Materials for Laser Cut Bottle Opener: Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc Alloy

Laser cut bottle opener is usually made of corrosion-resistant metal materials. Stainless steel, brass and zinc alloy are all suitable materials to make laser cut bottle opener. Choose a 10*10 cm metal plate with a thickness of 1.5 mm, and then you can make one or more bottle openers with it.

Laser Cut Templates No.2: Keychain

Keychain is very common in our daily life, and it is one of the most popular gifts and souvenirs. These are some cute laser cut templates of keychains. You can take them as references to make exquisite laser cut keychains. The yellow lines require you to engrave them on the keychains. These laser cut templates of keychain are very easy to design and process with a laser cutting machine. What’s more, as laser cutting is automatic, you can design various patterns and make multiple types of keychains on one piece of material. If you want to make money by selling laser cut keychains, you can customize unique keychains for your customers, which will definitely be very popular.

Materials for Laser Cut Keychain: Brass, Wood

Metal and plastic are suitable materials to make exquisite keychains. Among various metal materials, brass has a beautiful color and is corrosion resistant. Laser cut brass keychain is beautiful and can be given as a meaningful gift to your friends and family. In addition, wood is also suitable to make unique keychains by laser cutting. Wood has unique textures and is easy to paint. You can make wooden keychains of different colors according to your preferences.

Laser Cut Templates No.3: Ashtray

For people who have a smoking habit, the ashtray is a necessary household item. People usually design ashtrays with good-looking shapes to make them both practical and beautiful. This heart-shaped ashtray laser cut template is very simple but beautiful. It consists of two parts: the main body and the base. When you design the main body of the ashtray, remember to leave some grooves for placing cigarette butts. When making this ashtray with a laser cutting machine, you can cut two parts directly on one piece of material and then glue the parts together.

Materials for Laser Cut Ashtray: Glass, Crystal

There are many available materials to make this laser cut ashtray. If you want to make high-end ashtrays, then I suggest you choose glass or crystal as raw materials. Glass and crystal can be cut by laser cutting machine and the products have excellent visible effects and decoration effects. Laser cutting can make smooth cutting edges on glass and crystal. After the cutting, you can directly assemble the parts and make an exquisite ashtray.

Laser Cut Templates No.4: Trash Sign

Trash signs can remind us to put garbage correctly and raise people’s environmental awareness. This laser cut template of trash signs is very practical and simple. It is very easy to make it with a laser cutting machine or a laser engraving machine. When you make this trash sign by yourself, remember to cut out two holes for hanging on both sides of the sign.

Materials for Laser Cut Trash Sign: Plastic, Aluminum Alloy

Plastic and aluminum alloy are suitable to make trash signs. They are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. And both of the two materials can resist the erosion of many pollutants. Laser cutting plastic has a very small thermal effect. And there is almost no deformation on the cutting edge. Therefore, it is feasible to make plastic trash signs or aluminum trash signs with a laser cutting machine.

Laser Cut Templates No.5: Ruler

Ruler is commonly used in our daily life and industrial production. This is a laser cut template for a ruler which can measure the thickness accurately. The laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, and the maximum error is only 0.01-0.05 mm. Therefore, laser cutting is the most suitable way to make precision tools that require high accuracy.

Materials for Laser Cut Ruler: Acrylic, Stainless Steel

You can choose acrylic or stainless steel to make this laser cut ruler. Acrylic is transparent and very suitable to make rulers for measurement needs in our daily life and work. In addition, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and durable. It does not rust and is very suitable for making industrial measuring tools.

Laser Cut Templates No.6: Bookshelf

This is a simple laser cut template of a bookshelf. It consists of six plates of different shapes. You don’t have to be limited to this drawing, but design your favorite bookshelf according to your preferences. In the designing process, remember to reserve at least two convex grooves on each side of the board for easy assembly.

Materials for Laser Cut Bookshelf: Wood, Plywood

Wood and plywood are both suitable to make laser cut bookshelf. The wooden laser cut bookshelf has a good appearance and is very durable. It can well decorate your living room, study or bedroom. To make bookshelves of different sizes, you can choose boards of different thicknesses. For table bookshelves, it is better to use boards with a thickness of 3 mm or more. For large bookshelves, you need to choose thicker and harder boards to ensure that the bookshelves have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

Laser Cut Templates No.7: Hook

metal and wood laser cutting machine

Hook is a common and useful household item in our daily lives. We need it to hang some daily necessities for easy access, such as clothes, towels, keys, etc. Beautiful hooks can not only be purchased from stores but also can be made by ourselves. Here are some nice laser cut templates of hooks for your reference. After finishing the cutting work, you can bend the hook into the proper shape, and then paste it on the wall or door for actual use.

Materials for Laser Cut Hook: Metal, Plastic

In order to ensure the hook has good load-bearing capacity and durability, you need to choose metal or plastic to make it. The copper alloy has the best processing performance, bright surface, and strong adhesion. It is very suitable to make European-style hooks and other high-end hooks. If you have difficulty finding copper alloys, you can also use other metals or metal alloys to make laser cut hooks, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, etc. In addition, plastic-made hooks also have the good load-bearing capacity and are enough for daily hanging use.

Laser Cut Templates No.8: Clock

Clock is an indispensable necessity in our daily lives. When choosing a clock, people prefer clocks with beautiful patterns and unique designs. Clock dial leaves enough space for designers to outline creative patterns and increase the artistic appreciation value of the clock. Here are some simple and attractive patterns for you to try. In addition, the clock dial has a variety of shapes to make, such as circle, square, polygon, star, etc.

Materials for Laser Cut Clock: Wood

Wood is the most suitable material to make laser cut clock. Wood is a natural material and one of the most popular materials in home decoration. Laser cutting wood does not leave any burrs. It forms a narrow and smooth cutting edge. Compared with mechanical knife cutting wood, laser cutting wood has higher processing accuracy and better flexibility. And laser cutting can cut and engrave exquisite textures on the material. In addition, laser cutting is non-contact processing, and there are no scratches on the surface of the wood. Wooden clocks made by laser cutting have high aesthetic value.

Laser Cut Templates No.9: Christmas Decoration

When celebrating the Christmas holiday, we usually prepare some beautiful decorations which can create a festive atmosphere in our home. Here are some laser cut templates for Christmas decorations. You can make Christmas tree hangings, table ornaments, wall decorations, or beautiful Christmas lamps according to these designs. These exquisite Christmas decorations can bring you and your family a lot of happiness.

Materials for Laser Cut Christmas Decoration: Acrylic, Wood

Acrylic and wood are suitable materials to make laser cut Christmas decorations. Laser cut acrylic Christmas decorations can be hung on the tree or on the wall and produce beautiful effects under lighting. And wooden laser cut Christmas decorations can also decorate the house and create a warm and joyful holiday atmosphere.

Laser Cut Templates No.10: Screens

Screens are very popular in high-end home decoration, office decoration and hotel decoration fields. Beautiful screens can not only divide the space properly but also bring people a beautiful visual experience. The size of the screen is large and the pattern is usually complex. Compared with other household items, the screen is the most difficult to process. However, laser cutting has good flexibility and high efficiency in processing complex patterns. Therefore, using a laser cutting machine to make screens is a good solution. There are various screen designs to make. The most popular elements include plants, flowers, geometric shapes, wavy stripes, landscapes, animals, etc.

Materials for Laser Cut Screens: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Wood

Metal-made screens have good quality and long life, so metal materials are ideal materials to make screens. Aluminum is cheap and corrosion-resistant. And it is the most popular metal material to make laser cut screens. Besides, stainless steel and brass have wide applications in the high-end decoration field. If you would like to engrave a wood plate to make screens, that is also a great idea. Wood is environmentally friendly and is also an ideal material to make screens. You can select proper material per the decoration style of the place. For example, if there is many wooden furniture in the house, then it’s better to choose wood material to make screens. If the decoration style is European style or modern style, you can choose aluminum, brass or stainless steel to make screens.

Recommend Laser Cutting Machines for These Laser Cut Templates

So these are the ten free laser cut templates of household items that we would like to share with you. Next, you need to consider what kind of laser cutting machines are suitable to make these laser ready templates. Here we recommend two laser cutters for your reference.

Hobby CO2 laser cutting machine:

This small CO2 laser cutting machine can deal with all of the non-metallic materials to make the above laser cut templates. Its processing range includes non-metallic materials such as wood, plastic, MDF, plywood, acrylic, crystal and thin metal plates. This CO2 laser cutter can make keychains, ashtrays, trash signs, rulers, bookshelves, clocks, Christmas decorations and screens.

High-efficiency fiber laser cutting machine:

This fiber laser cutting machine mainly processes metal materials, and it has excellent performance. Its processing materials include stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, brass, galvanized sheet, iron and other metal materials. It can make bottle openers, keychains, rulers, hooks, trash signs and screens.


These ten laser cut templates of household items can bring you much creativity. You can try them and also explore other types of laser cut templates to make beautiful household items, such as flower pots, pen holders, storage boxes, coasters and so on. Laser cutting machines provide strong support in the processing of household items. And there are countless household items that you can make. This article only recommends two laser cutting machines for you. DXTECH also has many different types of CO2 laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines. You can browse our homepage and consult us according to your processing needs.

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