In the laser cutting process, designing beautiful laser cut templates is the first step to make a perfect product. Laser cut 3D animals are ideal decorations for our houses and also fun 3D puzzles for children and craft lovers. Here we prepared ten beautiful laser cut templates of 3D animals for you to try. Some of them are very easy to make for beginners. Some are a bit complicated, but the finished 3D animal models will surprise you. You can take these animal laser cut templates as references and try to make exquisite models by yourself with the suggested materials and laser cutting machines.

Laser Cut Templates No.1: Elephant

Cutting complexity: ★☆☆☆☆

This laser cut elephant template is the easiest one to make among these ten laser cut templates. It is suitable for laser-cutting beginners to practice by themselves. You can design this pattern on CAD and then laser cut it with a laser cutting machine at one time. In the drawing process, it is necessary to ensure that the elephant is symmetrical on both sides so that the folded elephant can remain stable. After you design the pattern according to this template, fold the symmetrical parts in half and then you can get a three-dimensional elephant.

Materials for Elephant Laser Cut Template: Paper Board

Since we need to fold the symmetrical parts of the elephant template, it is required to select a material that has a certain strength and can be folded easily. Therefore, paper board is the best material to make this laser cut elephant. Paper board (or cardboard) is often used to make building mock-ups and other 3D models. This material can be cut by a laser cutting machine very easily. And the cut template is easy to be folded and assembled to make a 3D elephant.

Laser Cut Templates No.2: Butterfly

Cutting complexity: ★★☆☆☆

laser cut template of butterfly1

Butterflies are beautiful in appearance and are usually used to make decorations, ornaments and models. Brightly colored laser cut butterfly models can decorate the houses and bring people a good visual experience. This laser cut butterfly design can be a good attempt for laser-cutting beginners. The main parts to assemble this 3D butterfly include the antennas, head, torso, wings and legs. This laser cut butterfly model is very easy to make, and the parts are easy to assemble. The finished laser cut butterfly model has a beautiful appearance and is an ideal decoration.

Materials for Butterfly Laser Cut Template: Brass, Wood, Acrylic

When making any insect models such as butterflies, it would be great if you choose materials with shiny surfaces. Brass is an ideal material to make laser cut butterfly models. Brass is a kind of non-ferrous metal material with unique luster. The brass butterfly model has a shiny surface and corrosion resistance, making it suitable to decorate various places. In addition, if you have difficulty obtaining any brass materials, you can also choose wood or acrylic as an alternative. Wooden butterflies and acrylic butterflies are very suitable for home decoration and will bring an aesthetic effect to the place.

Laser Cut Templates No.3: Bee

Cutting complexity: ★★☆☆☆

laser cut template of bee

Just like the laser cut butterfly template, this laser cut bee template is also easy to make. It requires you to laser cut the antennas, head, torso, wings and legs of the bee model, and then assemble the parts to make the bee. In the design process of this 3D bee model, it is necessary to ensure that the cut size of the joint of each part is consistent. This laser cut bee model is very beautiful and can be used to decorate offices or museums. In addition, the cut parts can be manually assembled as children’s toys.

Materials for Bee Laser Cut Template: Wood, Acrylic

Wood and acrylic are suitable for this laser cut bee model. The best design is to use transparent acrylic for the wings and wood for the bee’s head and torso. The bee model produced in this way is more vivid. Wood and acrylic are easily cut by laser cutting machine. During the acrylic laser cutting, the surface of the acrylic sheet can be kept clean without scratches, and the bee model made will be very delicate and clean.

Laser Cut Templates No.4: Dinosaur

Cutting complexity: ★★★☆☆

This laser cut dinosaur template is very popular among children. You can cut the parts of dinosaurs according to this template and assemble 3D dinosaur models. Assemble the spine, head and limbs of the dinosaur in sequence. The made dinosaur model can be used to decorate children’s bedrooms or be played as a 3D dinosaur puzzle. Children will love to play with this kind of 3D dinosaur puzzle. This template is for making tyrannosaurus. You can also design other dinosaur models with similar structures, such as triceratops, velociraptor, pterodactyl, etc.

Materials for Dinosaur Laser Cut Template: Wood, MDF, Plywood, Acrylic

It is recommended to choose wood, MDF, plywood or acrylic to make this laser cut dinosaur model. All of these materials are suitable to be cut by laser. Laser cutting wooden materials and laser cutting acrylic materials can make the cutting edges smooth without leaving burrs on the materials. In addition, acrylic is transparent and inexpensive. If you laser cut some colored acrylic sheets and assemble them together, you will get beautiful dinosaur models.

Laser Cut Templates No.5: Rabbit

Cutting complexity: ★★★☆☆

This is a 3D rabbit template that is easy to make with laser cutting. Laser cut rabbit is an important element to celebrate Easter. Many people like to buy rabbit ornaments to decorate their houses and offices. In addition, children like to play 3D rabbit puzzles. And this laser cut rabbit can be a meaningful gift for craft lovers.

Material for Rabbit Laser Cut Template: Wood

Since you may want to make this laser cut rabbit and give it to others as a meaningful gift, it is recommended to choose natural materials. Wood is the best choice. Wood is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material. Laser cut wood rabbit will be a cool toy for children or someone who loves puzzles.

Laser Cut Templates No.6: Horse

Cutting complexity: ★★★☆☆

laser cut template of horse

Horses are also popular animal models to make with laser cutting machines. Horse is the symbol of courage and freedom. This animal template is very popular in many countries, and many people like to decorate their offices with horse models. You can also design other horse templates and make awesome horse models.

Material for Horse Laser Cut Template: Steel, Wood

To make beautiful laser cut horse models, steel is the ideal material. Steel has black color and can well represent the meaning of horse. Laser cut steel horse has a beautiful appearance and can be displayed as an office decoration or a home decoration. In addition, you can also cut with wood material and a wooden horse will be loved by many people.

Laser Cut Templates No.7: Bear

Cutting complexity: ★★★★☆

This laser cut bear template is very creative. It is made of multiple flat boards glued together. In the design process, you need to pay attention to the consistency and gradual change of each board. When you assemble the bear model, it is necessary to drill holes on the boards and connect them together with wooden strips to prevent weak adhesion. In addition, you don’t need to glue the bear’s limbs and torso together. Instead, connect them with cylindrical wooden strips so that the limbs can be rotated freely. If you want to save production time, you can leave a certain gap between the boards and then insert some boards in the vertical direction to fix the main body.

Materials for Bear Laser Cut Template: Wood, MDF, Plywood

You can choose wood to make this laser cut bear. Wood is environmentally friendly, has no special smell, and will not deform. Unlike mechanical knife cutting, laser cutting wood does not leave any burrs on the material. It leaves a black cutting edge on the wood, making the final product more unique. Laser cut wooden bear is suitable for various decoration occasions. In addition, you can choose MDF or plywood to make this laser cut bear model. MDF and plywood are cheaper and can be a good choice.

Laser Cut Templates No.8: Peacock

Cutting complexity: ★★★★☆

This laser cut peacock model is very suitable for indoor decoration. The peacock model made according to this design is very delicate. Although this laser cut peacock template requires a lot of parts to be cut, the size of the feather parts is all the same. It only takes half an hour to assemble the peacock.

Materials for Peacock Laser Cut Template: Wood

In the design of animal models, wood has become one of the most popular materials by virtue of its special color and natural characteristics. The peacock model made of wooden material has a better appearance and stable assembly.

Laser Cut Templates No.9: Golden Carp

Cutting complexity: ★★★★☆

laser cut template of golden carp2

This laser cut golden carp design is a little complicated, but it represents good luck and everything goes well. The 3D golden carp model is very beautiful. It is suitable for desktop decoration in the living room. It can also be used as an assembling toy for children. To make this 3D golden carp model, you need to cut the carp’s skeleton, base and scales. Then, push the cut parts out of the board and assemble them. And remember to assemble the skeleton parts, head and dorsal fin in sequence. Finally, install the scales on the fish and place the fish on the base.

Materials for Golden Carp Laser Cut Template: Brass, Wood

Brass has a smooth surface and bright color. It is very suitable to make 3D golden carp models. If you can get some brass plates, cutting a brass golden carp will be a great attempt. Laser cut brass golden carp can be a good decoration for indoor spaces. In addition, if you want to make laser cut golden carp as an assembling puzzle, you can choose wood as the raw material. Wood material has a yellow color and is also suitable to make golden carp models. And it is lighter and easier for children to assemble.

Laser Cut Templates No.10: Phoenix

Cutting complexity: ★★★★★

This is the last laser cut template that we want to share with you. Phoenix is a beautiful bird in myths and legends. It represents rebirth, strength and renewal. Phoenix has amazing beautiful golden colors. Making a beautiful laser cut 3D phoenix model is a little challenging but it’s worth it. The finished phoenix model can decorate the space and amaze visitors.

Material for Phoenix Laser Cut Template: Brass, Wood

Brass is the best material to make 3D phoenix model since it has a golden color and can be cut with laser cutting machines. If you want to save costs, you can choose wood to make the phoenix. The wooden phoenix model is also beautiful and can be used as a good decoration.

What Kind of Laser Cutting Machines Can Do These Laser Cut Templates?

Now you have known the details about these ten laser cut templates of 3D animals. Next, we will introduce what kind of laser cutting machine is suitable for these laser cut templates.

  • Laser cut templates for non-metallic materials and thin metal plates:

To make the laser cut templates with cardboard, acrylic, wood, MDF, plywood and other non-metallic materials and thin metal sheets, you can choose CO2 laser cutting machine. CO2 laser cutting machine has excellent cutting performance to make cuts on non-metallic materials. Also, it can cut thin metal plates with high efficiency. If you want to cut any 3D animal templates with a CO2 laser cutting machine, remember to set proper laser power to cut different thicknesses of materials. For example, an 80W CO2 laser cutter can cut 3-30mm acrylic, 5-12mm plywood, or 6mm MDF. If you need DXTECH’s suggestion, you can check the CO2 laser cutting machines below to find a suitable one.

  • Laser cut templates for metal materials:

To make the laser cut templates with aluminum, brass, steel and other metal plates, fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice. Fiber laser cutting machine can cut various metal materials with different thicknesses (1-30mm). In the laser cutting of thick metals, fiber laser cutting machine keeps a smooth cutting edge and perfect cutting effect. Below listed machines are some high-quality fiber laser cutting machines for your reference.


These ten laser cut templates of 3D animals are just some examples for your reference. There are still a bunch of interesting 3D animal laser cut templates waiting for you to explore. Go ahead to try these 3D animal designs with your laser cutting machine!

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